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The Seven Secrets to Create a Financially Engaged Leadership Team in Your Hotel

12 August 2021
Its not accounting

It's business thinking that you want your operational managers to possess, not accounting. Learning how to manage their payroll and expenses is the key.

You have the ability to increase the profits in your hotel fast by creating an environment that has your managers working together on the “business” of running your hotel.

I invite you to read my 7 secrets to grow your hotel profits fast and open up to the opportunity you have to improve the financial communication in your hotel and brand. If you do this, you will have a more engaged leadership team, your hotels will make more money, your leaders will love you, and everyone will have more fun.

Guide Book Outline:

  • Start with the End in Mind - Create an Effective Financial Communication System
  • The Third Pillar – We’re Missing the Boat
  • The Paper Can’t Talk – Give the Money a Voice
  • Talk about Agreements, Not Expectations
  • The How-To vs. The Want-To?
  • It’s A Circle – Create The Monthly Financial Circle
  • Many Hands – Lift Your Business Up
  • Bonus Secret - Hospitality Financial Leadership Recipe – We’re Looking for Owners, Not Victims Please

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