Complimentary Hospitality Financial Leadership Online Workshop - An Introduction to Hospitality Financial Leadership

Announcing Today! I have FIVE 5 - Complementary online workshops for your hotel management team.

29 July 2021
Its not accounting

Compliments of Hospitality Net I am offering the first FIVE responders via email @ a complimentary 40-minute online workshop for your team.

The lucky five will receive an email response with a link to book your workshop at a convenient time. From there all you need to do is assemble your team at the appropriate time and follow the zoom link.

Minimum 10 participants. No maximum. 

Only the first FIVE 5 respondents will receive the complimentary online workshop.

Workshop Title - An Introduction to Hospitality Financial Leadership

On the Menu in this workshop.

  • Shift Your Thinking
  • What is Hospitality Financial Leadership
  • I Was a Miserable Failure
  • Flying By the Seat of Your Pants
  • The Three Pillars
  • The How to Vs. the Want To
  • ROI - Return on Investment

Workshop Client Comments:

This was informative, enlightening, and clarifying. I was not boring or confusing which numbers sometimes can be. 

Extremely valuable content and you got the entire leadership team to understand that it’s all inter-connected. Not just an information dump, rather an effective and interactive process. Excellent pace considering the amount of content covered. 

No matter the experience level from Senior Leadership to a first-time leader, people took valuable lessons and a refreshed approach to Hotel Financials. Just a couple of short weeks later you can see the benefit of it. In our meetings, our leaders are able to truly follow the conversation and P&L revue. Our month-end process was smoother, accruals more accurate and the Forecast getting closer to that +/- 3%.

I think that I had a shift in one of my paradigms “that I am important and that I make a difference with the financial success of the hotel” that it’s not just up to my boss.

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