Accor’s European Signings Growth Stems From Thinking Like Owners

Owners Buy Into French Firm’s Moves Into Work, Entertainment

9 June 2021

Control what you can control. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, both individuals and businesses have leaned on that daily strategy.

Camil Yazbeck, Accor's senior vice president, head of development, Europe, said the France-based hotel company — and Europe’s largest hotel firm — is doing just that, while acknowledging the pain the last 16 months has brought to the entire industry.

In a Q&A with Hotel News Now, Yazbeck said 2020 has been Accor’s second-best year in terms of hotel signings in Europe and the U.K. By the end of 2020, Accor's number of signings reached approximately 18,500 rooms.

Why has Accor seen such great signing numbers in what has been a generally awful year? Is it owners looking for security, and if so, why do they want it with you?

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