Understand Your Business Financial Scorecard in 2021

HSMAI Global · 7 Jan

As part of Recovery Connections — a key feature of HSMAI’s Road to Recovery program — HSMAI is offering On-Demand Learning, a library of short record

The Legal Outlook for COVID-19, Part 2

HSMAI Global · 18 Nov

During the early days of the pandemic, we talked to industry attorney Greg Duff about the potential legal ramifications of COVID on the hospitality i

HSMAI PFrom Revenue Strategy to Recovery

HSMAI Global · 12 Jun

When HSMAI regions around the world present ROC@Home on June 17, it will represent the hospitalistep along the path to revenue strategy and recovery.

Notes on Coming Back to Work From a Revenue Manager

HSMAI Global · 28 May

Insights from Lori Morris, CRME, CHIA, corporate revenue manager for Enchantment Group, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, which recently reopened

Revenue Predictions About Reopening

HSMAI Global · 15 May

HSMAI's Revenue Optimization Advisory Board (ROAB) met on a call May 7 to discuss further implications of the coronavirus, in particular how hotels a

HSMAI Insights: Boston Market Forecast | Phocuswright

HSMAI Global · 7 May

By teaming up with the data science team at LodgIQ, Phocuswright is evaluating a broad swath of hotel-related and other data across a variety of key

Pricing Best Practices

HSMAI Global · 30 Apr

Insights from Damiano Zennaro, Director, Global Advisory Services, IDeaS Revenue Solutions and member of HSMAI Europe Revenue Optimisation Advisory B

CURATE PRESENTS: The Legal Outlook for COVID-19

HSMAI Global · 24 Apr

It may seem that coronavirus has disrupted the hospitality industry as much as it's going to, but we're still witnessing its immediate effects. The l

Key Indicators for Hospitality Marketing Professionals

HSMAI Global · 2 Apr

HSMAI hosted a Chief Marketing Officer Virtual Roundtable on March 31 that focused on the impact that COVID-19 is having on hotel marketing. Here are

CURATE PRESENTS: How to Be a Hospitality Revenue Leader During COVID-19

HSMAI Global · 2 Apr

When you’ve been honored with one of HSMAI’s Lifetime Achievement awards, it means that you’ve had a long, accomplished career in hospitality — and t

What Key Indicators Are Hotel Management Company CROs Tracking?

HSMAI Global · 27 Mar

When it comes to determining the full scope of the coronavirus effect, hotel management companies are monitoring specific key indicators, as the thre

Force Majeure and Other Coronavirus Legal Questions

HSMAI Global · 6 Mar

To address some of the challenges facing hospitality sales professionals during this crisis event, HSMAI presented a program in its free Confronting

Where Is Google Headed?
Where Is Google Headed?

HSMAI Global · 13 Feb

By Stuart Butler, CHDM, Chief Operating Officer at Fuel, and member of HSMAI's Marketing Advisory Board Google is one of the biggest tech giants in t

20 Questions for Your External Analysis

HSMAI Global · 18 Jul

Every hotel should undertake both an external and an internal analysis on an annual basis. Here’s what you need to know about performing an external