How much is that one additional unit worth?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 4 Jun

Most college econ courses teach marginal economics. So, not to scare those who didn't take econ, here is a simple explanation. Let's use breakeven as

Should you cast your net where the big fish swim?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 28 May

This is one of those "My dad used to say" homilies. You've probably heard the accompanying "It takes just as much effort to sell a small deal as a bi

Let's talk about whistle-blowers
Let's talk about whistle-blowers

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 21 May

Assuming that a corporate whistle-blower is not tooting about you individually, such a class of people have been granted protections under the law an

Cash control during these strange times
Cash control during these strange times

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 9 Apr

And these are indeed strange times, especially if you haven’t lived through 2000-2002 and 2007-2008 recessions and difficulty in finding money from b

CoronaVirus and small business: A discussion about economics
CoronaVirus and small business: A discussion about economics

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 26 Feb

By Harley Kaufman, guest author Note from Dave: Harley is an old friend and avid reader of BERKONOMICS. With a background in management and technolog

Here's how NOT to define your competition

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 11 Apr

We investors see this all the time. An entrepreneur pitches using a deck with no slide for competition. When asked (as we always do,) the response is

What's the minimum information to give your investors?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 4 Apr

Every investor wants regular information from companies taking their money. And most of us investors are frustrated by the lack of regular communicat

Think ahead when raising your early investments

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 28 Mar

Some businesses just can’t fit within the angel capital or friends and family model for raising funds. Sooner or later you may need to seek venture c

How much of my business do I have to give to an investor?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 21 Mar

If you’re looking for growth capital, this one’s for you. We’ll cover what information you’ll expect to provide, your range of expected values and am

Can you overcome five risks and crate wealth?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 14 Mar

Of course, we are speaking of increased valuation of your company when we speak of “wealth.” Especially if you are in the early stage of growing a bu

Could you have created a "dirty cap table?"

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 7 Mar

Oh, I know. When you started the business, you took investments from friends and family in small amounts just to get you started. Of course, that wor

Would you sign a personal guarantee if you have investors?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 28 Feb

It’s a fact of life that a banker, lender or lessor will ask for a personal guarantee from the founder or entrepreneur most every time. But what if y

Oh, go ahead and ask for a five-million-dollar investment in your startup.

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 21 Feb

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen executive summaries of business plans in which the entrepreneur seeks $5,000,000 to build the business.

Why not share your liquidity success with those who got you there?

BERKONOMICS by Dave Berkus · 1 Nov

So, you are close to selling your company, and counting the profits a bit early. Well, that’s human nature. Here’s a thought for you to recall later