COVID-19 Hotel Management Plan
COVID-19 Hotel Management Plan · 25 Mar

A response and solution to surviving the rugged economic downfall. As a seasoned hotelier of over 40 years, I have worked through five previous reces

California Hotel & Lodging Industry (CHLA) Advocacy Summary 2019
California Hotel & Lodging Industry (CHLA) Advocacy Summary 2019 · 6 Mar

2019 was defined by labor and the environment. The California legislature and Governor Newsom signaled a strong shift in favor of organized labor whe

Accounting - 2019 Video Series
Accounting - 2019 Video Series · 4 Mar

Accounting - 2019 HotelGuru Video Series, Bob serves as CEO of RAR Hospitality. He is an internationally recognized hotelier with over 40 years of ho

Asset Management 2020
Asset Management 2020 · 4 Dec

By Robert Rauch, CEO RAR Hospitality In the hospitality industry, asset management means dealing with all processes that allow hotel owners to optimi