Gets OK to Trademark Its Name in a U.S. Supreme Court Win - Digital · 30 Jun

There's no need to tear down the signage. can stick with the brand name that it's been using for about 14 years. The U.S. Supreme Court d

Sonder to Raise $200 Million in Funding for Its Hotel and Short-Term Rental Model - Digital · 24 Jun

Sonder is now the second unicorn in the short-term rental and hotel sector after Airbnb. At this rate, Sonder will IPO before Airbnb.

TripActions Raises $125 Million for Corporate Travel: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 19 Jun

The latest batch of travel startups to raise funding has focused on themes of corporate travel, integrating mobility services like airport transfers

Expedia Shareholders Reject Proposal to Require Greater Disclosure of Company's Political Donations - Digital · 10 Jun

Regarding this particular shareholder proposal on increased transparency about political contributions, the stockholder who mattered the most was Bar

Travel Industry to Switch On More Automated Processes to Cope With Reduced Staffing - Digital · 10 Jun

Forget animatronic robots. But software that replaces repetitive tasks that white-collar workers due in back-offices, tracking devices that can alert

Travelport Receives $500 Million in Fresh Financing From Private Equity - Digital · 5 Jun

The cash injection will give the travel technology firm Travelport some breathing room as it fights payments tech firm Wex over a transaction dispute

Expedia Shuts a Short-Term Rental Biz It Created From 2 Acquisitions - Digital · 26 May

Expedia Group is trying to simplify its far-flung operations, and its multifamily, short-term rental business wasn't a core endeavor. That's especial

Hopper Raises Millions More for Its Agency Model: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 15 May

Hopper has closed an investment of about $70 million, according to a report. Investor faith in travel appears to endure.

Travelport Gets Stiffed by Coronavirus as Wex Walks Away From $1.7 Billion Payments Deal - Digital · 12 May

It is likely back to square one for Travelport, which has tried to sell its hottest commodity, payments provider eNett, for years. It's possible anot

Hostel Provider Selina's New Funding Will Allow It to Survive Crisis: CEO
Hostel Provider Selina's New Funding Will Allow It to Survive Crisis: CEO - Digital · 6 May

Selina grew up in a time when private market investors were willing to fund millions in early losses. Money papered over missteps. But managers now f

An Uptick in Fraud Is Complicating Airline Refunds for Canceled Flights - Digital · 27 Apr

The surge in requests for refunds on canceled flights has given cover for con artists to commit a few types of fraud. Airlines need to tap better way

Expedia Grabs $3.2 Billion in Private Equity Financing and Appoints Peter Kern CEO - Digital · 23 Apr

Barry Diller followed a familiar pattern and appointed someone he's known for years and feels comfortable working with as CEO. Peter Kern will have n

Expedia Close to Selling a Potential $1 Billion Stake to Private Equity to Help Shore Up Finances - Digital · 22 Apr

Two private equity firms are likely taking a minority stake in Expedia Group at vfor the investors. There will be a flood of these types of deals ins

Emadri Offers Packing Recommendations for Trips: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 17 Apr

Emadri, which makes money from packing and trip planning, and Hotel Data Cloud, which provides content distribution tools to hotels, have announced s

Hotelbeds CEO Isn't Worried About the Model of Nonrefundable Rates in a Post-Crisis World - Digital · 16 Apr

The hotel room bedbank Hotelbeds confirmed on Thursday that it had received a loan of about $435 million (EUR400 million), boosting its cash cushion.

Barry Diller Can't Retake Control of Expedia Group Just Yet, Court Orders - Digital · 11 Apr

Barry Diller's alleged right to retake control of Expedia Group, after wielding such power for 14 years, is under attack. At the least, the court-ord

Bimble Raises $1.5 Million for Trip Inspiration: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 20 Mar

This week, travel startups Bimble and Pruvo announced they had raised more than $1 million each in funding, despite the coronavirus crisis. Keep hope

What Nervous Travel Startup Investors and Founders Should Watch for Next - Digital · 17 Mar

From short-term rentals to tours and activities to corporate travel, here are pockets of the travel tech startup sector to follow closely in the week

Airbnb Loses $276 Million and 6 Other Takeaways From Its Fourth Quarter - Digital · 13 Mar

Airbnb's fourth quarter financials show it is 10 times larger than Tripadvisor. They also provide clarity that Booking Holdings has a long way to go

Trump Administration Orders Shiji to Sell Hotel Tech Firm StayNTouch - Digital · 6 Mar

This is a highly unusual action. It's unclear why the U.S. government would believe a company would compromise the sensitive personal data of U.S. ci

New Funding Will Help Colombian Hotel Chain Ayenda Push Into Peru - Digital · 19 Feb

Ayenda's Series A is notable for being led by Kaszek, a giant among Latin American venture firms. The industry will be watching to see if Ayenda can

Oracle Hospitality Takes Hotel and Vendor Gripes Seriously At Last - Digital · 6 Feb

For too long, Oracle Hospitality, a giant in the hotel tech space, has prioritized internal needs. Now it's changed its tune. It says it's making hot

Life House Raises $30 Million for Next-Gen Hotel Franchising: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 24 Jan

A few startups receiving funding this week deserve props for trying to shake up travel. Life House is targeting a brand gap left by major hotel group

Hipmunk Co-Founders Spurned by SAP Concur in Attempt to Buy Back the Company
Hipmunk Co-Founders Spurned by SAP Concur in Attempt to Buy Back the Company - Digital · 14 Jan

It isn't very unusual for a company like Hipmunk to get acquired and then to fade into oblivion in the clutches of a much larger corporation. That's

Will Marriott and British Airways Ever Pay Those Huge Proposed Data Breach Fines?
Will Marriott and British Airways Ever Pay Those Huge Proposed Data Breach Fines? - Digital · 7 Jan

Those headline fines were pretty jaw-dropping, but it seems more than likely that they will be massively reduced whenever they are finally rubber-sta

Oyo's Widening Losses and Other Financial Takeaways - Digital · 25 Nov

Oyo has disclosed a surge in losses in documents related to its $1.5 billion in new funding. The hospitality company claims it will turn profitable t