Poland Joins U.S. Visa Waiver Program and 14 Other Top Tourism Stories This Week
Poland Joins U.S. Visa Waiver Program and 14 Other Top Tourism Stories This Week

skift.com - Destinations · 10 Nov

This week in tourism, Polish nationals will soon be able to apply for extended U.S. visits as Poland joins the American visa waiver program. Meanwhil

Can a Fast-Growing Oyo Patch Up the Early Cracks?

skift.com - Destinations · 1 Nov

It's raining doubts on Oyo Hotels & Homes, a far cry from the awe that was poured on its founder and CEO Ritesh Agarwal when he came in six years ago

Blame Game in Thomas Cook Failure and 11 Other Top Tourism Stories This Week

skift.com - Destinations · 27 Oct

This week in tourism, there was a lot of finger pointing between two former Thomas Cook CEOs during an inquiry into the company's collapse. Meanwhile

Testy Times for Hotel Chains and Owners

skift.com - Destinations · 25 Oct

The love-hate relationship between chains and owners is boiling over in Asia-Pacific where the trade war and Hong Kong protests are impacting owners

Visit Florida's Fight for Survival and 8 Other Top Tourism Stories This Week

skift.com - Destinations · 19 Oct

This week in tourism, Visit Florida continues to fight for state funding as another legislative session approaches. Meanwhile, ASTA joins the battle

Thomas Cook Collapses After 178 Years and 20 Other Tourism Trends This Week

skift.com - Destinations · 28 Sep

This week in tourism marked the end of an era as UK-based Thomas Cook filed for bankruptcy. We take a look at the domino effect this collapse will ha

Saudi Arabia Loosens Strict Dress Code for Female Travelers

skift.com - Destinations · 27 Sep

Saudi Arabia has taken so few real steps to open to the outside world that even small steps like this seem like big ones.

Blackstone Looks at Buying Water-Park Operator Great Wolf

skift.com - Destinations · 19 Sep

Great Wolf Resorts has had a few private equity owners in its recent history and another one clearly thinks there is more money to squeeze out of the

Russia Is Relaxing Its Restrictive Visa Regimes for Tourists: Why Now?

skift.com - Destinations · 9 Sep

Russia wants to be seen as a global power and attract all the foreign investment that comes with that. After years of restrictive visa regimes, it se

Brand USA Finally Has a Path Forward Even as Some U.S. Airlines Oppose the Funding Plan

skift.com - Destinations · 30 Jul

Plenty of lawmakers in Washington want to see Brand Ubut it should come as no surprise that an increased passenger tax will leave some parties unhapp

Protests Against Puerto Rico's Governor Put Rebounding Tourism Industry to the Test

skift.com - Destinations · 18 Jul

Puerto Rico's tourism industry is back on track just shy of two years after Hurricane Maria, but the kind of civil unrest happening in San Juan this

Visa Policies Fail to Keep Up With India's Growing Travel Market

skift.com - Destinations · 12 Jul

Most countries are still prejudiced against the Indian passport. That's a shame. Indian travelers are a legitimate, growing source for the global tou

Lego Family Plot to Take Merlin Entertainments Private With $6.1 Billion Joint Bid

skift.com - Destinations · 28 Jun

The trend for public companies going private looks set to continue. A change in ownership might allow Merlin to boost its spending on hotels and them

Asian Tours Aggregator BeMyGuest Gets Funding Shot in Arm

skift.com - Destinations · 24 Jun

A leaner and freshly funded BeMyGuest puts it in a stronger position to harness the growth of Asia's tours and activities sector. But competition is

Theme Park Operator Parques Reunidos Gets $703 Million Takeover Approach

skift.com - Destinations · 26 Apr

With two of the company's minority shareholders on board, this bid looks like it's got a good chance of succeeding but will any of Parques Reunidos'

UK Travel Bookings Surge With Brexit Divorce Postponement
UK Travel Bookings Surge With Brexit Divorce Postponement

skift.com - Destinations · 17 Apr

UK tour operators can heave a sigh of relief at last. With the Brexit divorce being postponed to October, Brits are saying "sod it," we are going on

Destinations Say Public-Private Partnerships Help With Overtourism

skift.com - Destinations · 3 Apr

Destinations have realized that partnerships and collaboration between public and private forces is the best way to create sustainable tourism growth

The Big Fat Indian Election Is the Country's New Tourism Draw

skift.com - Destinations · 28 Mar

Politics and tourism are strange bedfellows but the big fat Indian general election next month is giving that notion a vote of no confidence. The fes

Japan Approves Rules for Resorts With Casinos

skift.com - Destinations · 26 Mar

Looking at the new rules, Japan appears to have followed in the footsteps of Singapore in ensuring resorts that integrate casinos, entertainment show

U.S. Citizens Will Soon Need Visas to Visit Most of Europe

skift.com - Destinations · 9 Mar

Overall it's not a huge deal, but we all know that the fewer hurdles put in front of travelers, the more traveling they'll do.

Malaysia's Sovereign Fund Considers Selling Legoland

skift.com - Destinations · 5 Mar

Malaysia's new government is building blocks to reduce the deficit left by the previous administration. Legoland Malaysia, owned by the national sove

Saudi Arabia Lifts Its Travel Warning for Lebanon

skift.com - Destinations · 15 Feb

Saudi Arabia has lifted a travel warning on Lebanon for its citizens. Gulf tourists used to be the biggest spenders in Lebanon, so it's hopeful news

Progress Finally Being Made on a Single African Passport

skift.com - Destinations · 29 Jan

Will 2019 be the year that the African Union passport is made freely available to the continent's 1.2 billion citizens? Probably not, but technocrats

UK Tourism Has a Europe Problem: Decline in Visitors From the Continent

skift.com - Destinations · 28 Jan

The UK might have seen a fall in tourists in 2018, but that has a lot to do with the extraordinary growth the year before. The longer-term trend is f

Brits on Holiday Face 3-Hour Entry Delays If No-Deal Brexit Occurs

skift.com - Destinations · 27 Jan

Many Brits love their summer holidays in Europe, but they may have to brandish passports that are valid for at least another six months, and face oth

Bali Mulls How to Charge $10 Tax on Foreign Tourists

skift.com - Destinations · 19 Jan

Tourism revenue accounts for a vast majority of Bali's income, but the crowds take a toll on its resources and infrastructure. Now the provincial gov