Anbang Sells Its U.S. Luxury Hotels to South Korea's Mirae for $5.8 Billion - Hotels · 11 Sep

Anbang bought the U.S. trophy hotels for $5.5 billion in 2016 and now offloads it to Mirae for a little moseems a good price for the South Korean fir

Minor Vs. Marriott Lawsuit in Thailand Shows Risks of Chain Consolidation - Hotels · 9 Sep

This case will be watched closely by global chains and hotel owners as it addresses the contentious issue of whether brands consolidation affects the

Cox & Kings Contemplates Sale of Meininger Hotels - Hotels · 2 Sep

Given Cox & Kings' well-publicized financial struggles, offloading the Meininger hybrid hotel/hostel chain makes sense. There will likely be plenty o

Hong Kong's SHKP Hotels Stands to Lose the Most From Protests
Hong Kong's SHKP Hotels Stands to Lose the Most From Protests - Hotels · 27 Aug

Sun Hung Kai Properties has a vast hotel portfolio under SHKP Hotels, which owns the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, W, Novotel Citigate, Crowne Plaza an

Marriott Plays Catch-Up on All-Inclusives as Rivals Push Into Resorts - Hotels · 26 Aug

After years of standing on the sidelines, the world's largest hotel chain has committed to growing its all-inclusive portfolio organically. Keep an e

Why Brexit Makes Premier Inn Owner Whitbread an Attractive Takeover Target
Why Brexit Makes Premier Inn Owner Whitbread an Attractive Takeover Target - Hotels · 22 Aug

Unlike a lot of hotel companies, Whitbread has held onto its property portfolio. With Brexit making UK companies cheaper to buy, there'll be a few co

Nobu Now Sees Lodging as Its 'Speedboat - Hotels · 19 Aug

With 18 hotels signed, opened, or under construction, Nobu Hotels is growing its hotel portfolio rapidly. But the chain is focused only on major glob

Hospitality Brands Go All-In on the Sleep Movement - Hotels · 15 Aug

As our Skift Megatrend 2019 forecasted, wellness is the new hook in travel marketing, and it's been gaining speed. The rise of wellness culture has m

Marriott Taps Ritz-Carlton Brand As Part of Its All-Inclusive Expansion - Hotels · 6 Aug

This is yet another example of a large hotel chain filling in the white space in its portfolio. Bonvoy members will soon have a solid selection of al

IHG CEO Draws Line Under Latest Brand Growth Strategy - Hotels · 6 Aug

CEOs don't like ruling things out entirely but it sounds like Keith Barr is happy with his brand portfolio ... for now at least.

Hilton Being Held Back by China Trade Tussle - Hotels · 24 Jul

Luckily, Hilton has built a strong business model that should see it through any tough times.

Marriott Resort Fee Lawsuit Puts New Target on Long-Held Hotel Industry Practice - Hotels · 15 Jul

Do not think that this lawsuit only matters to Marriott. Competitors are keeping a close eye on the case, knowing they could be next. The industry ha

Marriott Is Sued by D.C. as Hotel Resort Fees Come Under Renewed Fire - Hotels · 9 Jul

Resort fees are embedded into many hotels' business models so it would take a lot to upend them. But the prospect is picking up a lot of momentum.

Marriott Handed $124 Million Fine Over Starwood Data Breach - Hotels · 9 Jul

The headline fine amount might seem pretty substantial, but as with the British Airways case, it's only an intention at this stage. Both companies wi

Regent Wants to Reclaim Its Crown Under IHG - Hotels · 9 Jul

With new hotel brands popping up every day, it can be a challenge to establish name recognition among consumers. That's one challenge InterContinenta

Blackstone May Repurchase Anbang Hotel Properties - Hotels · 22 Jun

What are hotel portfolios to the Blackstone Group if not mere commodities to be bought, sold, and reacquired. The real estate giant has done this sev

Hotels Are Reviving Nightclubs to Boost Visibility - Hotels · 21 Jun

The nightlife industry has long been riddled with fly-by-night club closures and seedy venues. Now a handful of powerful hoteliers are changing that

Lifestyle-Brand Veteran Dream Hotel Group to Expand Aggressively - Hotels · 21 Jun

It's no secret that lifestyle brands cater to a particular type of traveler, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of money still to be made in th

Oyo Plans $300 Million U.S. Expansion With Focus on Major Cities - Hotels · 19 Jun

Sometimes it's obvious when a company is growing too fast. This doesn't appear to be one of those times. You have to be everywhere customers want to

Choice Hotels Rebrand Campaign Aims to Win Back Business Travelers
Choice Hotels Rebrand Campaign Aims to Win Back Business Travelers - Hotels · 19 Jun

Choice Hotels realized years ago that Comfort Inn's look was outdated. The company has to hope that spending billions on renovations and new marketin

Hong Kong-Based Langham Is on the Prowl for Acquisitions in Europe - Hotels · 18 Jun

Langham has expanded in North America, China, and Australia, but not in Europe, where its acquisition of The Langham, London, gave it the brand. A ne

MGM Resorts Completes Layoffs in Cost-Cutting Effort - Hotels · 30 May

MGM Resorts tried to get ahead of the curve by downsizing before a potential economic downturn hits. The hospitality company can now focus on develop

Marriott Executive Takes on New Challenge of Growing Design Hotels Brand
Marriott Executive Takes on New Challenge of Growing Design Hotels Brand - Hotels · 28 May

While Design Hotels is not solely dependent on its loyalty agreement with Marriott to bolster its brand, our bet is that growing the number of hoteli

Rosewood Hotel CEO Demands 'Sense of Place' in Each Property - Hotels · 27 May

An ambitious expansion strategy won't stop Rosewood from tailoring each of its 21 planned properties to the cities they're in. CEO Sonia Cheng says l

Executive Q&A: Posadas' Meteoric Growth in Mexico and Beyond - Hotels · 24 May

Posadas has witnessed many shifts within Mexico's tourism industry over the last five decades since it first launched its Fiesta Americana hotel. The

Bidders Line Up to Buy Anbang Luxury Hotel Portfolio - Hotels · 22 May

Anbang is edging closer to selling off its collection of luxury hotels. It's buying spree now seems like a distant memory.