A Better Way: Three Questions All Hospitality Accountants Should Ask Themselves

HFTP Connect · 14 Dec

“There has to be a better way!” We hear it all the time – even in the accounting department. The truth is that we are always hardwired to want more a

Hospitality Accounting Professionals: All the Reasons to Love What You Do

HFTP Connect · 21 Nov

As the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday approaches, here is a reminder of what our accounting members should be thankful for this year. Written by: Katie Pa

Ask the Expert: Understanding Flow Through and Flex

HFTP Connect · 31 Oct

Flow through and flex are two key metrics of hotel profitability. While flow through is the percentage of extra profit that flows to the bottom line

Travel Boomed in the Summer of 2022: What About Fraud?

HFTP Connect · 17 Oct

In 2021, travel revenue was low — less than half of pre-Covid levels. But a wave of “revenge travel” in 2022 turned the tide, with customers determin

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on OSHA's New Vaccination/Testing Rule

HFTP Connect · 14 Jan

This week, the Supreme Court reinstated the stay on the new OSHA Vaccination/Testing Rule. As such, clubs no longer have to enforce the requirements

USALI 12th Revised Edition Exposure Draft: Energy, Waste, and Water

HFTP Connect · 29 Nov

In updating the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) to its 12th edition, the Global Finance Committee (GFC) and HFTP reached

Distressed Hotels Find New Ownership and Vision

HFTP Connect · 14 Jul

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the financial wellbeing of hotels around the world, especially in regions that have experienced

HFTP Connect
Ramping up Hotel Internal Controls Post-Pandemic

HFTP Connect · 14 Apr

With two major “black swan” events within 12 years of each other, we can learn from the 2008 financial crisis to help ensure internal controls and bu