Google Maps adds new travel features, including price guarantee · 12 Aug

Google announced new Google Maps travel features and also promised to show you the best prices for that travel or your money back.

Marriott jumping into the all-inclusive resort business
Marriott jumping into the all-inclusive resort business · 7 Aug

Initially, the company is planning all-inclusive resorts under seven of its 30 brands and is expecting developers to opt for multibranded properties.

Tech-based hospitality company RedDoorz raises $45M
Tech-based hospitality company RedDoorz raises $45M · 28 Jul

Singapore-based RedDoorz has raised $45 million in a Series B round to grow its technology-based budget hospitality brand in Southeast Asia.

Expedia books $183M in profit for Q2 as it prepares to open new Seattle headquarters · 25 Jul

Expedia posted healthy revenue and earnings growth for Q2 2019. Revenues for the quarter increased 9 percent to $3.15 billion, beating analyst estima

Italy investigates over EUR150m of unpaid VAT
Italy investigates over EUR150m of unpaid VAT · 25 Jul

The move underscores growing concern among governments across the globe as to how to best adapt to an increasingly digital hospitality sector.

STR talks slowdown strategies
STR talks slowdown strategies · 23 Jul

The company's chief strategy officer, Elizabeth Randall-Winkle, offers ideas for getting ahead of challenges - including a possible slowdown - and be

Marriott goes live with new Sheraton brand identity · 16 Jul

Portland Sheraton at Sable Oaks has become the first property in the world to display the new Sheraton logo.

Marriott CEO addresses lawsuit over controversial resort fees · 15 Jul

With the long-held practice of charging customers a resort fee being investigated, the lawsuit will have repercussions across the industry.

Hotels face growing backlash against resort fees · 11 Jul

Not so long ago, you mainly encountered resort fees at actual resort hotels. But over the last few years, they've started to pop up at hotels with no

Google fear is looming on travel industry · 11 Jul

Several market experts suggest that regulatory bodies need to act proactively, otherwise it would be too late to get a hold of Google's dominance.

How the hotel industry has adapted to GDPR · 10 Jul

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation went into effect in May 2018, but many companies outside of Europe are still playing catch up

Expedia Partner Solutions gets an API upgrade
Expedia Partner Solutions gets an API upgrade · 10 Jul

EPS Rapid Version 2.3 includes three major enhancements and more than 25 additional upgrades to better meet the needs of EPS's travel partners and to

Marriott faces $124 million fine from U.K. for data hacking · 9 Jul

U.K. cracks down on privacy breaches with second major penalty notice in two days, following proposed $230 million fine of British Airways.

Marriott facing lawsuit over 'deceptive' resort fees that allegedly harm consumers · 9 Jul

The District of Columbia has sued Marriott International, alleging that the hotel company violated consumer protection laws for charging resort fees

Koddi launches advanced migration tools for Google Hotel Ads · 8 Jul

Koddi has launched a new optimization tool to help hotel brands navigate the complexity of transitioning from Google Hotel Ads to the new Google Ads

British Airways fined PS183 million over massive data breach · 8 Jul

The airline said around 380,000 transactions were affected. Data stolen included names, email addresses and some credit and debit card information.

Sizzling summer strategies: how to fill your hotel's rooms
Sizzling summer strategies: how to fill your hotel's rooms · 7 Jul

As temperatures across Europe increase, room bookings aren't necessarily following suit, they seem to be slower than usual to pick up this year.

How to change from a static to a fully dynamic distribution model · 2 Jul

As Jumeirah's hotels switched from a static to a fully dynamic distribution model, the company not only reports significant growth in direct bookings

Airbnb Adventures off to a rough start
Airbnb Adventures off to a rough start · 25 Jun

The promotional tour from Airbnb to tout Airbnb Adventures clearly backfired because of traveler outrage and difficulties in booking and paying for t

Amazon and Alibaba, the next big hotel industry threat · 19 Jun

For hotels the next wave of disruption is looming - driven by retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba that are defining a successful e-commerce experien

UK-based travel booking startup Duffel raises $21.5 million · 19 Jun

Duffel is building a platform for travel agents, agencies, and large travel management companies that'd allow them "to offer a seamless travel experi

Travel SEO: How to compete with big brands on a budget · 19 Jun

In travel, there is so much longtail traffic to be had that by creating content around the wider topical areas in your niche you can get traffic whic

What happens to rate parity when Airbnb is an online travel agency? · 12 Jun

As lines blur between platform and provider, there are some real questions around rate parity and price competitiveness in this brave new world.

OTA startup accuses Booking, Expedia of EU antitrust breaches · 12 Jun

Danish OTA Nustay claims Expedia and are trying to "kill off" the startup for offering lower prices and punishing hotels that appear on i

IHG launches 'We're there' marketing campaign · 12 Jun

The new global marketing campaign for its Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express brands, titled "We're there," focuses on connecting people in person, n

Marriott looks to redefine select-service in lifestyle · 11 Jun

Marriott's four lifestyle, select-service brands are growing at a fast pace while bridging a gap between traditional select-service and full-service.