2021 Hotel Forecast
2021 Hotel Forecast — By Bob Rauch

RAR Hospitality · 2 Oct

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the hospitality industry, so when it comes to mapping a post-pandemic recovery, it's clear that we are in uncharted territory. The Lodging Conference hosted Bernard Bauhmohl, Chief Economist of the Economic Outlook Group. His remarks related to vaccines, treatments, lack of stimulus package and election results led us to believe we are in for a longer ride along the trough of this recession.

Hotel Industry 2020 – The New Normal
Hotel Industry 2020 – The New Normal — By Bob Rauch, Sarah Andersen

RAR Hospitality · 4 May

Welcome to the Twilight Zone or the surreal existence of those of us in hospitality with empty hotels. They are slowly and not so surely picking up but we will return to a "new normal" soon. What will it look like? The "light and warmth of hospitality," coined by Conrad Hilton, will not be apparent upon entrance to a hotel post COVID-19. Expect acrylic covered front desks, masks and gloves, signage advising guests to use caution, frequent disinfecting of public spaces, wide open lobbies with limited seating and restaurants and bars that have six feet of separation in every direction. The good news is that we are approaching the re-opening of the economy!