• Controllers, Drive Your Professional Development: Attend CHCC 2018

    Club and hotel controllers: Do not miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel and take control of your own professional development. The Club and Hotel Controllers Conference (CHCC) — co-located with the world’s largest hospitality technology show HITEC® Houston at the George R.

  • Paycheck Checkup: The IRS Encourages Taxpayers to Review Withholdings

    April 17, 2018: Tax day in the United States has come and gone. Individual taxpayers have filed all of their paperwork, and have either paid up the amount owed to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or deposited their refunds in their bank accounts.

  • Is the Lodging Industry Ready for a 12th Edition of USALI?

    The 11th edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) went live on January 1, 2015. This edition presented multiple updates such as changes to the way customers were reported in food outlets, new rooms revenue and demand segmentation, gross versus net reporting, and the addition of a new schedule, Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems.

  • What to Expect at HITEC Houston 2018: Elite Education, Exhibits, E20X and More

    HOUSTON: A booming cosmopolitan city that is home to more than 2 million Texans, NASA’s famous Johnson Space Center, and — in just two short months — the world’s largest hospitality exhibition HITEC®.

Potential Benefits from the United States Tax Reform for Hotel Investors

Much of the discourse around this bill has been in regards to the massive reduction that it includes for the country's corporate tax rate, a reduction that critics say will exacerbate the already sizeable levels of wealth inequality that are causing major problems in the U.S. However, some tax law experts are saying that real estate investors stand to enjoy some of the largest financial benefits from these changes. With the vital role that real estate investment plays in the creation and construction of new hotels, this could mean a major impact for the North American hospitality industry.An Increase of Favorable Depreciation OptionsOne not at all insignificant benefit for real estate owners is the expansion of when they will be able to claim a "bonus depreciation." This change, experts say, amounts to a significant deduction for investors, and that significant deduction will in effect allow them to claim 100 percent of bonus depreciation on acquisitions of existing assets. By comparison, the previous tax rules limited this incentive to just new-builds.Dirk Wallace is a partner with Novogradac & Company, and in a recent interview he said that these new favorable rules are slated to remain in place until at least the beginning of 2022. That schedule means that real estate investors interested in benefiting from them should take advantage of the change as soon as possible.Wallace also went on to later note that there are new options for how to claim depreciations or also for how to prioritize an interest limitation. This mean that investors should look closely at which is more favorable for them before making such an important decision.How the Pass-Through Law Changes Can Also Help Real Estate InvestorsAnother major and somewhat controversial provision of the United States new tax code is that it creates a 20 percent deduction of pass-through income. This, experts say, is also potentially beneficial for real estate investors, depending on how said investors ultimately have their ownership groups structure.Wallace has said that there are, of course, some exceptions to who can claim this type of pass-through deductions, exceptions that may include professional service firms. But they are not likely to apply to real estate. To quality, income must go to a partnership such as a limited liability corporation or to a real estate investment trust, rather than directly to an individual.Let's take a look at a few other projects currently underway in the United States of America:Edition Hotel Times SquareThe tower, dubbed 20 Times Square, will rise 517 feet above street level and will contain 269,769 square feet of commercial space ...[READ MORE]Rosewood Miramar Beach MontecitoSpread over nearly 16 acres of prime beachfront real estate, Rosewood Miramar Beach Montecito will offer 122 guestrooms and 48 suites, many of which will be located in single-story cottages and bungalows ...[READ MORE]Andaz Hotel Palm SpringsProposed luxury hotel and retail shops at the corner of North Palm Canyon Drive and Alejo Road. The hotel will be branded as an Andaz hotel. ...[READ MORE]More information on hotel projects in the United States of America can be found in the TOPHOTELPROJECTS database. TOPHOTELPROJECTS is the specialized service provider of cutting-edge information of the hospitality industry.

Associations welcome Australian Federal Budget

hotelmanagement.com.au· 9 May 2018
The leading accommodation and tourism industry associations in Australia have welcomed last night’s (May 8) Federal Budget. The Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) said the Federal Budget taxation crackdown on offshore online travel agencies “should be supported by all states and territories so it can become a reality”, according to the organisation’s CEO, Richard Munro.

Ashford Trust sells two in Q1, focuses on renovations

hotelnewsnow.com Featured Articles· 8 May 2018
Ashford Hospitality Trust continues to focus on its existing assets—through renovations and sales—rather than acquiring new ones in the near term. When it comes to chasing new hotels, Ashford Trust President and CEO Douglas Kessler said on the company’s first-quarter earnings call with analysts Friday that the company is “active in seeking deals,” but has found that “the pipeline is thin and the market remains competitive.” For the past few years, the company has been a net seller, which Kessler said has resulted in significant debt reduction and improvement of the overall quality of the company’s portfolio. As of 31 March 2018, Ashford Trust had 119 properties comprised of 24,922 guestrooms, according to its Q1 financial release.

Is Your Hotel's Data Secure?

apaleo GmbH · 8 May 2018
Is Your Hotel's Data Secure?How To Process Payments Risk-FreeAre you taking the right actions to make sure that your hotel's data is secure? There are security measures and standards in place to ensure that you and your guests aren't at risk, particularly when processing payments. Here are the details about these standards, what they mean for your hotel, and how to ensure that you are safe.An Overview of PCI DSSWhat is PCI DSS?PCI DSS is short for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Opposed to GDPR, the PCI DSS is not a law, but a standard defined and maintained by an independent entity created by major payment card brands. Whenever you want to accept credit cards from brands like VISA and MasterCard, you are required to be compliant with this security standard. The PCI DSS can be seen as a collection of best practices or rules on how to treat the sensible payment card data entrusted to you by your guests in order to prevent data breach and fraud.Do I have to be compliant?Whenever you make a contract with a payment service provider to process credit cards on-premises or online, you will have to demonstrate your compliance. Depending on the payment provider or the acquiring bank and the size of your business you have either to fill out a self-questionnaire or might even have to conduct an on-site audit with a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).What can happen if I am not compliant with PCI DSS?If payment card data entrusted to you is leaked and misused the payment brands will penalize the acquiring bank. Those fines might be passed to you as a merchant if you are found to be non-compliant. They can be somewhere between 5,000 EUR and 100,000 EUR for every month you are non-compliant, and, in the worst case, you might lose the right to accept payment cards from the major payment card brands. In addition, you could face legal issues and a damage of your reputation. So, best is to see the rules from the PCI DSS as a guide that helps you to secure your business.Choosing Compliant Technology PartnersHotels can ensure that they remain PCI DSS compliant by choosing technology partners that are PCI DSS certified. This applies to any technology that the hotel uses to process payments, which, for most hotels will start with their PMS. As apaleo was building its PMS architecture, PCI compliance was considered from the start, so we were certified within a matter of weeks.How do technology partners get certified?Technology providers should conduct on-site audits to prove compliance. At apaleo, these audits are conducted yearly. QSA Adsigo inspects the technical implementation to identify any potential risks how sensitive cardholder data can be leaked and also checks our security policies and processes. When compliance can be validated, technology providers receive an AOC. apaleo customers can download ours here. With this AOC and the acknowledgment of responsibility from your provider, hoteliers can easily fulfill the requirement 12.8 from the PCI DSS on service provider management.A Hotel's ResponsibilitiesTechnology partners like apaleo allow hotels to run their business in compliance with PCI DSS, but there are still things you need to take care of. Full details on which requirements you need to fulfill can be found on the official website of the PCI Security Standards Council.E-Commerce and Mail Order / Telephone Order (MoTo)If you accept cards on your website and other online channels like booking.com, or you accept credit cards for mail and telephone orders, then the PCI requirements will be related to restricting user access to cardholder data, ensuring compliance of your service providers and maintaining an incident response plan at max. This also depends on your bank or payment service provider.Card-present with modern IP based card terminalsIf you also process payment cards on-premises using a modern IP based terminal connected to the payment service provider through the internet you will be exposed to additional requirements. Most banks or payment service providers will only obligate you to this high standard if you are processing a high volume of terminal transactions though. The payment service provider Adyen, which is used for payment processing in apaleo, currently only sets these high standards if you process more than 1mio transactions.If so, then you will have to clearly separate the network of the IP terminals from the other networks in your hotel and have firewall rules in place that ensure the terminals can only communicate with the payment service provider through securely encrypted connections. All systems connected to the network of the IP terminals will belong to the so-called card data environment (CDE). Only authorized persons should have access to those systems, which also implies heavier policies and documentation efforts to you. On top of that you will have to run a quarterly external vulnerability scan.

Kafnu Taipei Achieves Growth Milestone

Next Story Group · 3 May 2018
A physical social network with diverse facilities and services, Kafnu Taipei is an integrated community fulfilling the living, working, playing, learning, and resting needs of creators. Kafnu Taipei has quickly become the hub for Asia-Pacific's new generation of entrepreneurs, artists, start-ups and companies in Taiwan to come together and contribute to an innovative ecosystem. Over 300 members are currently part of Kafnu Taipei.Morris Sim, Chief Executive Officer of Kafnu said, "Kafnu is about connecting creators into a meaningful ecosystem. We're proud to be bringing together so many creative entrepreneurs and companies in Taiwan and across Asia-Pacific, giving them the space and services to interact and help each other succeed."For any ecosystem to thrive, it needs diversity of industries and perspectives. Three months after opening, Kafnu Taipei has attracted members from industries of the future, including fintech, esports, and blockchain companies. Kafnu facilitates connections with similar members in traditional industries, including consulting, media, and insurance, resulting in a dynamic ecosystem. Both local and multinational companies are already benefitting from natural face-to-face interactions in the same space. To inspire its community, Kafnu Taipei coordinates daily events, with international brands like Kiehl's, Piaget, Chanel, and Redbull hosting events over the past month."Being a part of the Kafnu family is a huge benefit to asset owners," said Andreas Flaig, Group Chief Development Officer of Next Story Group. "The lifestyle focus turns buildings into destinations, and everyone benefits from having a vibrant social network built into the property."Pioneering Technology with Kotubuki Sleep CapsulesTo further enhance the living and resting aspects of Kafnu Taipei, ultra-modern Kotubuki sleep capsules have just been installed. Originating from Japan, Kotubuki capsules create a peaceful sleep sanctuary experience blending functional space with the comfort level of a hotel. "When you're passionately pursuing your vision, working hours are unpredictable. Sometimes you need a place to nap, crash for a couple of nights, and recharge your thinking. That's why we provide facilities like this at Kafnu," said Sim.Re-Fuel at Morsel TaipeiMorsel Taipei, Kafnu's cafe serving quality light bites and drinks with fresh local ingredients, has unveiled its new menu. Morsel has recently hired Hardy Chen, Taiwan's 2016 hand drip coffee champion, as lead barista, curating the member coffee experience.Everything is ArtTo honor artistic creators of Taiwan and build bridges to the local community, Kafnu Taipei will be hosting one artist-in-residence per month beginning in May for the next three months. Each artist's work will be on exhibit in Kafnu Taipei at the beginning of every month and open to both the Kafnu community and its surrounding neighbors.About KafnuKafnu is a real-life social network, integrating the best aspects of living, working, playing, learning, and resting. Drawing inspiration from its namesake village at the foot of the Himalayas, Kafnu builds a community through empowering and connecting entrepreneurial minded individuals to accelerate personal and professional growth and achievements. For more information: www.kafnu.comAbout Next Story GroupNext Story Group designs, manages and markets hotels and urban spaces. Seeing each real estate asset as a living ecosystem, the group optimises each space's design and performance based on customer demand. With experienced leaders in design, marketing, operations and emerging technologies, Next Story Group adopts a holistic approach to each space it manages, future proofing its owners' investments. The group's brands include Next Hotels & Resorts, Kafnu, Brand Karma and Virsa. For more information: www.nextstory.com

Choice execs predict success amid growing competition

hotelnewsnow.com Featured Articles· 2 May 2018
Choice Hotels International President and CEO Pat Pacious said 2017 was a “truly transformative year” as he welcomed attendees of Choice's 64th annual brand conference. The company opened nearly one hotel per day last year, marking it the best year for development since 2007, he said. The company also awarded 704 franchise agreements in 2017, two-thirds of which came from owners in the audience. While other companies have launched a number of new brands in the midscale and upscale segments, Pacious said his company has long been working in that space, knows the segments best, and will continue to invest in its brands.

Fake hotels: the new weapon of choice for fraudsters

Tnooz· 2 May 2018
Travel fraud is escalating at an unprecedented rate. In 2017 alone 4,700 travelers were impacted by fraud. The new findings from ABTA, the City of London Police and Get Safe Online also revealed accommodation booking to be one of the main types of travel fraud.

Flood Risk America Saves Costal Hotel From Storm Surge Flooding

·23 April 2018
Flood Risk America save large coastal hotel resort from storm surge flooding. FRA installed flood panels and flood bags on the ground floor. We provided a vulnerability assessment on the Hotel and demonstrated how the storm surges would affect the coastal hotel. Our Pre - Emergency Preparedness Planning is a full-service flood risk program launched by Flood Risk America (FRA). It offers flood prevention when the need for emergency preparedness is the most significant and immediate response is critical. This program ensures that our clients are prepared for an flood emergency BEFORE it happens, and that they recover fast from emergency situations with our innovative tools and approaches. This program includes our signature 24/7 Flood Watch Program, along with the wide range of flood prevention products that can be deployed within 12 hours to meet immediate flooding threats.FRA Coastal Dune Barrier is a cost benefit approach and effective way to re-direct wave energy and turbulence and provide protection to your Hotel from wave action. It provides an effective long-term solution to coastal erosion and will withstand the force of ongoing wave energy. It is not only cost effective, but it is environmentally friendly. The Costal Dune Barrier is adaptable to changing of wave height during extreme weather.Stephen GillFLOOD RISK AMERICAP 561.578.4220 C 561.644.3311 | Esgill@floodriskamerica.comwww.floodriskamerica.com | SM My LinkedIn | Company LinkedIn 720 Lucerne Avenue, Suite 567, Lake Worth, FL 33460

PS6.7 million lost to holiday booking fraud

eHotelier.com·10 April 2018
Fraudsters stole £6.7 million from 4,700 unsuspecting holidaymakers and other travellers in 2017, a new report reveals today. ABTA, the City of London Police and Get Safe Online are once again joining forces to warn the public about the dangers posed by holiday booking fraud. The new report, compiled by the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, reveals the scale of reported crime and exposes common tactics used by fraudsters.

HNA plans to sell stake in Hilton Worldwide

4hoteliers.com·10 April 2018
HNA Group, the largest shareholder of Hilton Worldwide and owner of landmark hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria New York, has announced that it will be selling some or all of its 26.1% ($6.5 billion) stake in the US hotel operator. The announcement comes after months of speculation, and the announcement of HNA’s sale of its stake in both Hilton Grand Vacations as well as Park Hotels & Resorts earlier this year.

Hotel asset manager compensation fair, but should be higher for some, says AETHOS

Hotel Management· 9 April 2018
A new study out by AETHOS Consulting Group illustrates compensation for hotel asset managers, and high-performing, SVP-level asset managers may have a case for making more. The AETHOS study included more than 200 responses from four buckets: public real estate investment trusts, hotel owner and operators, hotel management companies and hotel advisory firms. Participation was within the past three months and annual bonus data represented the last bonus an employee received. The numbers are broken down into three categories: base salary, annual bonus and total annual cash compensation. They do not include a longterm incentive piece, which could include restricted stock, profit sharing or ownership interests.

Identifying the Right Market to Maximize your Resort Investment

Hotel Online· 6 April 2018
Gross domestic product is growing at a global scale, and travel to new and emerging markets remains strong, leading to an extended cycle of extremely positive hotel investment performance. While hotel investors are building their pipelines in highly marketable, beachfront destinations in the western hemisphere in locations like the Caribbean and Mexico, the all-inclusive sector is also continuing to grow in popularity around the world.

New Research Finds Hotels Saved $7 for Every $1 Invested in Reducing Food Waste

Hotel Online· 5 April 2018
WASHINGTON (April 5, 2018)- New research on behalf of Champions 12.3 finds there is a compelling business case for hotels to reduce the amount of food they throw away. For every $1 hotels invested in programs to reduce kitchen food waste, on average they saved $7 in operating costs. In a first-of-its kind analysis for the industry, The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste: Hotels evaluated financial cost and benefit data for 42 sites - including Sofitel, MGM and more - across 15 countries, finding that nearly every site realized a positive return on its investment to reduce food waste. Within just one year, the hotels had reduced food waste from their kitchens by 21 percent on average, and over 70 percent had recouped their investment. Within two years, 95 percent had recouped their investment. The types of investments hotels made include: measuring and monitoring the amount of food wasted, training staff on new food handling and storage procedures, and redesigning menus. Nea

When Legal Meets PR - Mounting an Offense

4hoteliers.com· 5 April 2018
In part one of this series we talked a bit about being on the defendant’s side, but what about when you’re the one on the offensive in a battle of litigation and PR? There are two scenarios where we see a need to take things into the court of public opinion most often.

Do You Have a Sexual Harassment Scandal Looming?

B3OND ·30 March 2018
Batali, Besh, Bourdain, Colicchio. Big names in the restaurant business are talking about rampant sexual harassment, either by admitting to it or calling out others for it. Hotels have fared no better, with mainstays like Omni, Marriott and even luxury grande dame The Plaza Hotel all facing lawsuits, among countless others.It's clear to see how these missteps can easily bring down the mighty, as they not only invite bad press but can result in CEOs stepping down, sinking stocks, lower profits, and worse, devastatingly expensive lawsuits.Mere weeks ago, following allegations from at least 150 current and former employees of sexual harassment against Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts' stock tumbled billions in just days and now the entire Wynn board is being sued.In response to the epidemic of sexual harassment reporting, a new female-founded venture called B3OND (pronounced "beyond") has launched a survey series project born of two established, boutique advisory agencies. B3OND's survey and consulting packages were specifically created to simply and succinctly unearth sexual harassment in businesses. General sexual harassment surveys are available for any type of company and specific surveys exist for industries where it has proven to be especially rampant, including hospitality."It is crucial for employers to root out sexual harassment in their companies and get ahead of any impending scandals or lawsuits. Our surveys and the resulting data provide important insight, effect change from within organizations and help businesses demonstrate they take these issues seriously and are willing to evolve," said Heather Yanak, J.D., B3OND CEO and co-founder. "Seeing a dearth in the consulting industry for an easily implementable remedy to this problem, we sensed an immediate need for this service."What sets B3OND's surveys apart from traditional consulting programs is set out by three cornerstones: streamlined design (all surveys are 20 questions or fewer), ease of implementation, and immediately actionable results and guidance. B3OND's unique client experience further differentiates from traditional consulting firms in time and money. Rather than committing to six or seven figure contracts and several months of interviews and observation with consultants, as is normal with larger consulting firms, B3OND's surveys are relatively affordable and produce results in mere weeks.Further, surveys are multilingual (8 major languages, so far), require no additional/special technology or software to administer and can be edited for a particular client's needs. Analysis and consultation services on the resulting data is optional to the client and can be amended according to clients' needs, as well.The survey series, which launched in October 2017, segued into sexual harassment and the hospitality industry, specifically, given the current business climate around the #metoo and #timesup movements."We are especially focused on industries receiving a disproportionate amount of media attention for being sexual harassment hotspots as this sort of misbehavior is often very much entwined with accepted business culture," says co-founder and V.P. of Data & Analytics Tracy David Bradley, Ph.D. "Although our initial surveys centered around FCPA, third party risk, and overall corporate culture, we recognized the dearth of simple but effective surveys available based generally on sexual harassment and specifically on the retail, hospitality, tech and entertainment industries, so, creating them for existing and new clients was a self-evident expansion for our firm."ABOUT B3ONDWith over 40 years of collective survey design and assessment experience, woman-owned firms Cameo Advisory Group and Illuminate Advising & Analytics launched their joint survey product line B3OND in October 2017.Co-founders Tracy Davis Bradley, Ph.D. and Heather N. Yanak, J.D. create succinct, multilingual surveys aimed at jump-starting the diagnostic and strategic efforts of an array of professionals and functions, including compliance/ethics, human resources, legal, risk, marketing, IT, and sexual harassment in the hospitality and other at risk industries. B3OND surveys efficiently establish a baseline of current gaps or potential issues across a range of risk areas, providing critical input for setting strategic objectives and targeting limited resources. The survey series was developed in response to feedback received from clients over the years who wanted shorter, reliable surveys to help them take immediate steps to address issues brought to light by the surveys."Our clients didn't want to take months to design, deploy, and analyze a survey only to be left to decipher what the data indicated they needed to do and how to prioritize their efforts," said Bradley.The name B3OND is a nod to the three cornerstones of the agency and the three women at the helm: Heather Yanak, serving as CEO, Tracy Bradley, serving as VP of Data & Analytics, and Caroline Starry, J.D., Dir. of Communications & Business Development. For more information on B3OND, please visit www.b3ond.com.

Effective Ways of Waste Management in the Hotel Industry and Its Importance

Hotel Online·29 March 2018
Hotels are chief consumers of resources, and they immensely contribute to the generation of waste. In the era of Green Economy and green strategies recycling would benefit not only the environment but also the industry. It is essential for a hotel industry to have an effective waste management system which focuses on reducing waste, reusing useful materials and recycling them. Commercial processes tend to generate a lot of waste and require regular maintenance and expensive waste disposal.

Next Story Group Leadership Team Expands and Welcomes Two New Senior Executives

Next Story Group ·26 March 2018
Formerly known as SilverNeedle Hospitality, the company transformed itself into Next Story Group in 2017 through the acquisition of Brand Karma, a pioneer in hospitality social media, digital marketing, and virtual reality; and the launch of Kafnu, a new lifestyle-oriented shared space concept that brings together aspects of live, work, play and learn integrated seamlessly under one roof.Darren Edmonstone to drive excellence at Next Hotels & ResortsOriginally from Australia, Darren Edmonstone joins Next Story Group from Outrigger Resorts where he held the role of Managing Director, overseeing Asia-Pacific and was responsible for successfully launching their brand in Asia-Pacific and growing it to success.Darren has acquired extensive expertise in operations, development, brand building, and finance over the past 30 years within the hotel industry and has worked across the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Outrigger, Darren held key positions in the Peninsula Group.As CEO of Next Hotels & Resorts, Darren will be responsible for driving highly customized guest offerings and delivering operational excellence across the Next, Sage, Country Comfort & other hotel brands within the group.Andreas Flaig to lead the Expansion of Next Story GroupAndreas Flaig joins the group with over 25 years of depth in the hotel industry with a variety of experience ranging from development & technical services through corporate strategy & asset management to investments and acquisitions.He has been responsible for driving profitable growth for a number of world-renowned international hotel groups and hospitality franchises. Most recently Andreas held executive roles at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group in Singapore, JLL Hotels & Hospitality based in China, and Aareal Bank in Germany.Following Next Story Group's successful opening of Sage Hotel Ringwood in Melbourne as well as Kafnu properties in Hong Kong and Taipei, Andreas will be accelerating the Group's growth on top of an existing strong pipeline of over 10 hotel & Kafnu properties in Bangalore, Colombo, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne, Mumbai and Sydney.Andreas and Darren will oversee their executive roles from the Singapore headquarters of Next Story Group.About Next Story GroupNext Story Group designs, manages and markets hotels and blended lifestyle spaces. Seeing each real estate asset as a living ecosystem, the group optimises design and performance for each space based on customer demand. With experienced leaders in design, marketing, operations and emerging technologies, Next Story Group adopts a holistic approach to each space it manages, futureproofing its owners' investments.The group currently owns, manages and franchises 37 Hotels & Resorts across Asia-Pacific and has recently launched two Kafnu spaces in Taipei & Hong Kong. The group has a strong pipeline of over 10 properties across the region.For more information: www.nextstory.com

HFTP Announces Exclusive CIO/CFO Event Sponsorship Agreement with Fourteen IP at HITEC Amsterdam

HFTP ·26 March 2018
AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA -- Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), an international nonprofit and producers of the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC), is pleased to announce its exclusive CIO/CFO event sponsorship agreement with Fourteen IP Communications Ltd at the upcoming HITEC Amsterdam 2018. The invitation-only event that brings together CIOs and CFOs from leading hotel and hospitality companies from across Europe will take place on 11 April to kick-off HITEC Amsterdam, which is taking place from 11-13 April at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.The CIO/CFO pre-conference event will feature a welcome and introductions from HFTP, updates on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Officer role, as well as CIO and CFO roundtable discussions. The roundtable discussions will bring together high-level, hospitality CIOs and CFOs from across Europe for a face-to-face discussion on crucial issues their companies are encountering."We are excited to have Fourteen IP as an exclusive sponsor for the CIO/CFO event at HITEC Amsterdam next month," said HFTP CEO Frank Wolfe. "As a leading systems integrator specializing in voice and data solutions, the team at Fourteen IP has been helping make hospitality communications simple and effective for 25 years. Looking forward to an innovative partnership at HITEC Amsterdam.""We are very proud to be not just exhibiting at HITEC Amsterdam, but also taking the lead sponsorship on the CIO/CFO day," said Neil Tolley, managing director at Fourteen IP. "It's a great opportunity for us to network with the people we really want to speak to and to tell them a little about our company and our solutions, as well as bringing our usual sense of fun to the evening's events. We are very grateful to the HFTP team for their superb support."For more information on HITEC Amsterdam marketing opportunities, contact HFTP COO, Europe Carl Weldon at carl.weldon@hftp.org or +1 (512) 220-4164. For more information about HFTP's global activities, contact the HFTP Meetings & Special Events Department at education@hftp.org or visit the HFTP web site.HITEC Amsterdam will be the first of three HITEC events in 2018. The larger HITEC Houston will take place 18-21 June at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas USA. HITEC Dubai will take place 5-6 December at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE.

Galaxy Entertainment to Purchase 5.3 Million Primary Shares of Wynn Resorts; Former CEO and Founder Steve Wynn to Sell Remaining Eight Million Shares

Hotel Online·23 March 2018
Galaxy Entertainment Group (HKEx stock code: 27) and Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ: WYNN) today announced that Galaxy Entertainment has agreed to purchase 5.3 million primary shares of Wynn Resorts at a price of $175 a share, resulting in $927,500,000 of gross proceeds to Wynn Resorts. Galaxy Entertainment Group Vice Chairman Francis Lui said, "This is a unique opportunity to acquire an investment in a globally recognized entertainment corporation with exceptionally high quality assets and a significant development pipeline."

21c Museum Hotels pursues 'significant growth'

hotelnewsnow.com Featured Articles·23 March 2018
21c Museum Hotels has stayed true to the concept it was founded on 12 years ago, with the opening of its first museum hotel, President and CEO Craig Greenberg said. “I think what we do is still unique and still intriguing for guests from around the world,” he said. “It’s what we’ll continue to do. We’re not chasing a new demographic or concept based on what others are doing. We’re still committed to that today.” The hotel concept is a bit nontraditional, he said. The company’s founders, Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, are avid contemporary art collectors who wanted to revitalize their hometown of Louisville and, in the process, created a great boutique hotel and F&B experience. In February, Wilson retired as chairman of the 21c Museum Hotels board of directors.

Opposition Mounts to New Hotels, Apartments in West San Jose

Hotel Online·23 March 2018
In a contentious debate that mirrors others taking place across the city, residents on the western edge of San Jose are pushing back against a series of proposed developments they worry will make their beloved neighborhood more crowded and less livable. Wedged between Cupertino to the north and west, and Saratoga to the south, most of the buildings along the San Jose stretch of S. De Anza Blvd. are low-slung shops and restaurants. To the east are quiet, tree-lined residential neighborhoods where some people have lived for more than half a century.

Judge Rules Against Miami, for Flagstone: Developer Didn't Default on Resort Island Project

Hotel Online·23 March 2018
The city of Miami has lost a lawsuit against the developer of Flagstone Island Gardens, a controversial and long-delayed development on publicly-owned Watson Island. In a major blow to city commissioners who last year defiantly declared Flagstone in breach of a contract to develop a resort on the island -- a decision made against the advice of the city's professional staff and attorneys -- Miami-Dade circuit Judge William Thomas ruled in favor of the developer on all counts of Flagstone's lawsuits. The judge found that the city breached the contract by declaring Flagstone in default, and the city did not give the developer time to cure the alleged default before demanding Flagstone vacate Watson Island.

Maxim Hotel Brokerage Announces Several California, Nevada, Arizona and Portfolio Hotel Closings

Hotel Online·19 March 2018
Maxim Hotel Brokerage is pleased to announce the sale of seven hotels and a casino in five separate transactions since December, 2017. * 97-room Courtyard by Marriott Ventura Simi Valley, California; Maxim Hotel Brokerage represented the seller and original developer, Pacifica Madera LP. The purchaser was a Chinese owned, but locally based hotel management and ownership company. * 120-room Fairfield Inn by Marriott Las Vegas Airport; Maxim represented the seller, Gan Eden LLC in the sale to a privately held ownership group. Twenty Four Seven Hotels will take over management. * 490-room portfolio of four Crossland Suites hotels located in Shreveport, LA, Memphis, TN, Albuquerque, NM, and Tucson, AZ; Maxim represented the New York and Houston based institutional seller in the sale to a Las Vegas based owner and operator of extended stay hotels. * Golden West Casino - Mesquite, NV; Maxim represented the seller in the sale of the non-restricted gaming

Wyndham Files for Planned Spin-Off

hotelbusiness.com·Requires Registration ·19 March 2018
Wyndham Worldwide has publicly filed a Form 10 Registration Statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its planned spin-off of its hotel group segment. In addition to the public filing of the Form 10, the company has posted supplemental business and financial information about each of the post-spin companies to its investor website.

HTNG Delivers GDPR for Hospitality White Paper

HTNG ·13 March 2018
The GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018; at that time, it will replace the EU's earlier Data Protection Directive (1995). This law governing PII will affect global hospitality chains, trading partners and vendors who conduct business within the European region, whether or not they are located in the European region.The executive-level white paper describes key considerations, use cases and impacts of these regulations for the hospitality industry. HTNG's GDPR for Hospitality Workgroup also produced a GDPR assessment tool to help professionals in the industry evaluate their company's ability to comply with the new regulation.Over 50 companies participated in HTNG's GDPR for Hospitality Workgroup. The group was led by Co-chairs John Bell of Ajontech, Chris Farrar of DOCOMO interTouch, Daniel Johnson of VENZA and Richard Sheinis of Hall Booth Smith, P.C.The GDPR for Hospitality White Paper and Self-Assessment can be downloaded under the "Applicable to most software systems" section on HTNG's Technical Specifications page.

CBRE Hotels is pleased to present the Limes Hotel for sale via EOI.

hotelmanagement.com.au·13 March 2018
CBRE Hotels is pleased to present the Limes Hotel for sale via EOI. by Bgrover on March 13, 2018 in What’s Hot Key investment highlights include: 4.0-star award-winning Alexander Lotersztain designed hotel which opened in 2008 21 boutique guest rooms, rooftop bar and function room with two plunge pools Offered with vacant possession – ideal for owner operators and boutique brands High profile asset with strong brand equity Operational simplicity – limited service offering with an efficient design and layout Attracts a mix of mid-week corporate demand and weekend leisure demand Located in close proximity to major demand generators including the CBD, Fortitude Valley Entertainment precinct, RNA Showgrounds and Convention Centre, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and surrounded by office and retail precincts


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