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  • Letter from the HFTP Global President: At the End of the Year, We Reflect on the Best of the Year

    As we prepare to transition to the new HFTP Global board at the 2018 Annual Convention in October, I would like to take the time to reflect on my year serving as HFTP Global president.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

  • IT Spending in the Lodging Industry Three-year Analysis: 2015–2017

    By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Arlene Ramirez, CHE, CHAE; and Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. PART II: An analysis of IT spending data in the lodging industry based on reporting in the new USALI Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems.

  • HITEC Special: Revenue Strategy: Not Just a Fancy New Name for Revenue Management

    By Cindy Estis Green. A strategic view of revenue calls for proactive business mix planning and decision-making around deployed resources, well beyond reacting to what comes over the transom. Excerpt from the 2018 HITEC Bytes Special Report.

RateGain and Hotelogix join hands to help hotels with real-time distribution

Hotel Tech Report·6h
RateGain, a leader in providing cloud-based distribution solutions and Hotelogix, a globally trusted cloud-based Property Management System provider have announced a technology partnership to help hotels across the world distribute inventory in real-time.

3 tips to save on F&B at your next hotel event

Hotel Tech Report·16 October 2018
Food and beverage options can sometimes hit your budget hard. But there are ways to reduce your spend by working with your hotel for alternate F&B options. Here are 3 tips to help you save on F&B at your next hotel event.

How social media impacts guest expectation and eventually, hotel guest satisfaction

Hotel Tech Report·16 October 2018
If your end goal is hotel guest satisfaction, then your journey begins with their expectations. When booking a hotel room, guests have expectations that are determined by various factors such as the images of your property that are on the web, reviews that other guests have left you, the descriptions you have, etc. All you have to do is manage, and eventually exceed these expectations and guest satisfaction is guaranteed. And we are here to tell you how social media plays a pivotal role in determining and managing expectations as well as increasing hotel guest satisfaction.

Making your hotel property feel more like home

Hotel Tech Report·13 October 2018
The hotel trend right now is to make properties feel warm and like your home away from home. With this trend, there are several areas you may want to add to your list at your property that have that home feel to them.

Travel Tripper launches Real-Time Ads for hotels, an industry-first marketing solution

Hotel Tech Report·13 October 2018
Travel Tripper, the industry’s most innovative provider of hotel reservation and e-commerce solutions, today announced the official launch of Real-Time Ads for the hospitality industry. This award-winning digital marketing solution helps hotels to boost conversion rates and increase return on ad spend (ROAS) by dynamically updating hotel Google search ads with real-time booking engine data, such as rates, availability, and number of recent bookings.

Hospitality Technology is now second nature

Hotel Tech Report·10 October 2018
Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s changing hospitality landscape. Computing data is now more important than ever because of the weight of the data that flows for any given process, during any point of time. Hotels process a lot of data, on any given day- be it independent hotels or chains.From the number of reservations that take place to the requests raised by guests, to stocking up on inventory, the list is endless.

6 tips to increase your hotel's non-room revenue

Hotel Tech Report· 9 October 2018
Have you noticed how there is a ton of literature on the internet on Hotel revenue management strategies and how to increase occupancy, direct bookings, OTA bookings, and so on? And there should be, after all, it is a crucial aspect the industry! But what nobody talks about as much is how to increase the non-room revenue at a hotel. Hospitality, today, is no longer just about offering a room to the guest and charging them for the night. It involves so many other aspects that guests not only expect but eagerly look forward to.

Hotelogix to exhibit its suite of multi-property PMS at ITB Asia 2018

Hotel Tech Report·25 September 2018
Hotelogix, a leading cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provider has today announced its participation in ITB Asia, 2018 from 17th to 19th October in Singapore. The company plans to showcase its enterprise-grade cloud-based Property Management System for multi-property operations during this event at booth No – B37.

Why your concierge should be featured in your digital communication

Hotel Tech Report·25 September 2018
I recently had an experience with a hotel concierge where some family members were staying. I have never been to that property, yet the concierge went out of his way to assist me in getting flowers to their room. Not only that, he stayed in touch with me at each step, including letting me know when the flowers were in the room.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Raises the Bar on Workforce Communications with Beekeeper

Hotel Tech Report·25 September 2018
Employees say being aligned with ‘the hive’ is contagious; Digital app used for onboarding, scheduling, task management, employee surveys, crisis communications and more.

How to make your hotel more Instagrammable

Hotel Tech Report·19 September 2018
In the world of social media, focusing on how to make your property more “Instagrammable” (meaning, more people wanting to share a photo of your property on Instagram) can not only help with branding, but has also been shown to impact website traffic. Whether it is an art installation in your lobby by a local artist, guest rooms with interesting décor or a photo-perfect spot, encourage your guests to tag your location and share their amazing photos.

Hotel Operating Costs: How to Reduce Them

Hotel Tech Report·19 September 2018
Running a hotel is definitely not an easy task. Aside from hiring the right staff, and having exceptional organizational skills, you should also try to find a way to reduce your operating costs, in hopes of reaching the best possible return on investment.

4 super simple tips to avoid hotel mobile booking abandonment's

Hotel Tech Report·18 September 2018
The ‘mobile first’ forecast has been on for about a decade now, and interestingly, there are still businesses that haven’t embraced the mobile technology. Considering geos, demography and trends, it is not an exaggeration to say that a majority of the world now is hooked to their mobile phones. Whether it is to stay in touch with people, stay informed, browse, shop online or even play games- Mobile has transformed our lives.

How can hotels attract international tourists

Hotel Tech Report·14 September 2018
With the world becoming more and more connected, travel (especially, international travel) is no longer a luxury. As per recent statistics, the travel and tourism industry contributed over 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2016, to the global economy. This has fueled tremendous change within the hospitality sector as well, prompting more and more hoteliers the world over to open their doors to international travelers.

The Road towards a Smooth Hotel Furniture Removal

Hotel Tech Report·14 September 2018
The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving, with big brands trying to stay relevant in the wake of personalised travel and smaller hotels trying to build a reputable name in the industry. Needless to say, the interior design in your hotel will play a vital role in shaping the perception of your business, and ultimately, inspiring guests to keep coming back.

Top 5 insights to understand how Indian hoteliers are looking at new-age hospitality technology

Hotel Tech Report·13 September 2018
For every business organization, learning is a never-ending process. Only learning can help an organization to have clarity on many things – be it market demand or clients’ buying preferences. In this piece, we are going to explain how the changing time has driven hoteliers to look at the cloud. We have learned these top 5 insights about their concerns during our recently concluded hospitality industry event.

The Complete Guest Experience: How Does Your Hotel Stack Up?

Hotel Tech Report· 7 September 2018
StayNTouch, Travel Tripper, and TrustYou examine trends in guest experience in their new report, “The Complete Guest Experience: How Does Your Hotel Stack Up?”

What is Generation Z and how can hotels attract them?

Hotel Tech Report· 6 September 2018
Hotel marketing ideas are increasingly shifting from traditional (read generic) to more ‘targeted’- whether it is geo-specific marketing, catering to a specific demographic or even a tiny subset of a larger demographic. And the next big thing that every hotelier is focussing on is the ‘Generation Z or iGeneration’. A generation that may be young but has more power to influence than any other; a generation that is not just tech savvy but whose online presence is stronger than any other generation ever!

Struggling to offer convenience to your guests? Adopt a cloud PMS & see the difference

Hotel Tech Report· 6 September 2018
Today’s guests want more value for their money. They are very vocal about their likes and dislikes during their stay in a hotel. While they express their pleasure when served better, they also communicate their annoyance when you don’t offer them the “convenience” they expect. This means, offering “convenience” to guests is the key to success. And to offer that much-needed “convenience” to your guests, you must be in a better position, too. The crux is - it doesn’t matter how much you innovate in terms of adding new features to your property’s grandeur, nothing is going to work if you can’t ensure a pleasant hotel stay experience for your guests.

Here's why Instagram is the best bet if you want to attract millennials to your hotel

Hotel Tech Report· 4 September 2018
Millennial-targeted marketing has taken the business world by storm. While some brands are just testing the waters, some others have been successful in figuring out “how to market their hotels to millennials”. But invariably, one of the most influential ways to attract millennials to bring their business to you, is to connect with them via social media and a Hotel social media strategy is inevitable in this context.

5 KPI's and Reports You Need to Run an Efficient Call Center

Hotel Tech Report·29 August 2018
It’s really easy to lose yourself in gut feeling or intuition, and it’s also really easy to follow patterns that aren’t really there. In business, we’re taught to trust the numbers, and not make decisions based on those gut feelings, but do you know which numbers you should be using to make these critical decisions? And more importantly, do you have access to these numbers/can you report on these numbers? The following is a list of statistics/reports that we feel are critical for optimizing performance of your call center and reservations team.

Leverage Hotel Partners to Drive Attendee Engagement at Your Next Conference

Hotel Tech Report·29 August 2018
When you are developing items for attendee engagement, consider using the show hotels and the attendees’ room to provide engagement throughout the show.

Best Practices for Managing Your Hotel's Next Property Improvements

Hotel Tech Report·29 August 2018
A PIP, or a Property Improvement Plan, is a set of requirements that must be met so that a hotel is in compliance with brand standards. For hotel owners dealing with branded and franchised hotels, PIPs are often an unwanted, yet unavoidable part of their work. In practical terms, it prescribes the expected quality standards for all interior and exterior elements, such as lighting, faucets, etc.

How You Can use Digital to Showcase Attractions Near Your Property

Hotel Tech Report·28 August 2018
If your property has an attraction nearby, there are digital ways to showcase that attraction so your guests can be sure to add them to their itinerary. It will also help potential guests as they make decisions around which property to choose. Consider these unique ways to digitally showcase what is in and around your property to help your guests choose your property.

Automate for a More Efficient Revenue Management Operation

Hotel Tech Report·18 August 2018
The evolution in automation of revenue management has undergone a huge progress in recent years. Factors such as decentralization in distribution or price parity favor the differentiation which conveys interpreting data and being able to automate processes on business intelligence.

Hotels: Office Spaces of the Future

Hotel Tech Report·16 August 2018
In pursuit of more conductive, unconventional workspaces, business types are leaving their sterile offices in large numbers. There has been a steady increase of worker on the move in recent years, which is to say that more and more of them do not possess a steady office anymore. Parts of the hospitality sector are adapting in order to meet this new demand spike. Namely, forward-thinking hotel brands are figuring out how to accommodate a new wave of mobile workers. They are reconverting their capacities into places for both work and sleep in order to support changing work patterns and habits. And that is just the beginning.


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