Direct Booking Summit 2017: Thanks and goodnight!

Triptease Blog - 19 October 2017
The sun will soon set on beautiful Barcelona and, sadly, on this year’s Direct Booking Summit series. But what a series it has been! We’ve had fiery debates on wholesalers, explosive stats on emails, the latest on loyalty and much, much more. Thank you to everyone who came along to share wisdom, raise questions and help us move the Direct Booking Movement forward.

Direct Booking Summit Europe: Day 1 roundup

Triptease Blog - 18 October 2017
What. A. Day. Google Analytics, wholesalers, metasearch, loyalty, OTAs, guest experience, automation and EU regulations. There isn’t much we didn’t cover on the first day of the European edition of the Direct Booking Summit. The hundreds of hoteliers that joined us here in Barcelona spent the day debating, networking and even indulging in a spot of bingo. It was tough to narrow it down, but here’s our pick of today's best moments:

trivago, IHG and Hyatt spill the beans on the Direct Booking Movement

Triptease Blog - 13 October 2017
There's still time to join us at the Direct Booking Summit in Barcelona next week! The industry's biggest hitters will be descending on the Meliá Barcelona Sarrià on the 18th and 19th October to talk marketing, distribution and a whole load more. Not content with knocking it out of the park at the Direct Booking Summit Americas in September, we're gearing up to do it all over again - this time with our European friends. Check out some of the top agenda highlights:

Spotlight on... Online Guest Experience

Triptease Blog - 11 October 2017
With so many people choosing to book travel online today, your website, not your lobby, is increasingly becoming your first opportunity to make a lasting impression. But all too often we come across hotel websites that fail to match up to the hospitality guests experience in person. Have you ever allowed a guest to wander the halls until they find what they need? Would you show them a fuzzy, decade-old photograph when they ask to see the pool? These might sound like extreme examples, but it’s not uncommon to see them replicated online.

Everyone wants a piece of the corporate travel pie

Triptease Blog - 9 October 2017
Who would have guessed that the staid old world of corporate travel would be the jumping-off point for some of the industry’s most exciting new technologies? From Lola Travel to The Guestbook, companies that first envisioned themselves as consumer-facing have proved a surprise hit amongst business travellers young and old. It’s no coincidence that the co-founders of two of consumer-facing travel’s big hitters - Kayak’s Paul English and Priceline’s Jay Walker - are venturing into the corporate arena. It’s a lucrative market (global spend hit $1.3 trillion in 2016) and one that is willing to break from tradition if the return is high enough.

What does a productive partnership look like?

Triptease Blog - 5 October 2017
Have you ever seen Snapshot's spaghetti chart? Back in January, the hotel data company sketched out the veritable smorgasbord of companies and systems that hoteliers employ to keep their operations running smoothly. From OTAs to PMSs, review aggregators to GDSs, there are a whole lot of players in the overall hotel game. For an independent hotelier, that's a lot of relationships to manage at once - so it's no wonder that really good partnerships stand out. We asked hoteliers at the Direct Booking Summit what a productive partnership meant to them.

Everybody's talking about email marketing

Triptease Blog - 4 October 2017
Which direct booking strategy you are you planning to try next? We asked the hundreds of hoteliers that very question at last week’s Direct Booking Summit in New York and we have to admit that we weren’t expecting the answer. By far the favourite was better email marketing, with over 40% of attendees picking it out. There’s no denying the power of an expertly crafted email, but that result took us aback because there tends to be a lot more noise around newer tactics like social media and metasearch.

Live chat, loyalty and incredible guest experience

Triptease Blog - 3 October 2017
"Our number one priority is always customer service." That's the view of Amy Munoz, AGM at The Whaler's Inn in Mystic, CT. Amy is one of the hundreds of hoteliers who attended our Direct Booking Summit in New York this September, where we brought hoteliers from across the Americas (and beyond!) to talk concerns, strategy and solutions for all things direct. But it wasn't just the hoteliers doing the learning. By speaking to professionals like Amy, we were given an insider insight into the state of the industry from a hotelier's point of view.

Direct Booking Summit Americas: over and out!

Triptease Blog - 28 September 2017
That's a wrap! As the curtain falls on the Direct Booking Summit in New York, it’s time to reflect on everything we’ve learned over the last two whirlwind days. Aside from the fact that hoteliers really know how to party — we have the blisters on our feet from last night’s party to prove it! — we discovered so much about an industry that feels more exciting and inspirational than ever. Here’s our pick of the learnings:

The Direct Booking Summit 2017: Day 1 highlights

Triptease Blog - 27 September 2017
Hundreds of hoteliers joined us in New York today for the return of the Direct Booking Summit, and there was one clear message — hospitality begins online. Triptease’s Chief Tease Charlie Osmond kicked off the event — the only one in the industry to focus solely on increasing direct bookings — by explaining why he believes bringing the magic of your hotel lobby onto your website is the next chapter in the Direct Booking Movement.

Where to find the hotel industry's best-kept secrets

Triptease Blog - 25 September 2017
Direct booking demigods. High-occupancy heroes. How do the best hotels do it so well? There's still time to join us at the Direct Booking Summit in New York this week, where we'll be asking some of the industry's highest-profile hoteliers to share the secrets to their success. When we were planning the Direct Booking Summit, we had one criteria for speakers. They had to bring real-life strategies to the table. If hotels are going to take time out of their jam-packed schedules to attend our event, we want to make sure we're delivering the highest-quality content that is going to make their jobs - and lives! - a whole lot easier. Luckily, both hoteliers and tech providers were more than happy to step up to the plate.

Business travel bookings are going direct - make the most of it

Triptease Blog - 21 September 2017
It’s time to show business travellers some love. Not only because Airbnb are looking to lure them away from hotels, but because, according to the New York Times, they are increasingly going ‘rogue’. That means more and more of them are shunning the corporate travel agent and the company-approved list of hotels and booking direct. It’s an emerging trend — the NYT notes that the majority still go through agents — but one we had to flag because (a) it’s another sign the Direct Booking Movement is gaining momentum and (b) it’s a potentially juicy opportunity. (Global business travel is expected to explode to $1.6 billion by 2020.)

Direct Booking Summit 2017: the countdown is on!

Triptease Blog - 18 September 2017
While there's no denying the chilly September air and leaves turning from green to red, here at Triptease we've got a spring in our step. For us, September means only one thing... It's Direct Booking Summit season. We're just over a week away from hundreds of hoteliers descending on The Westin New York at Times Square for two days of workshopping, strategising and good ol' networking at the industry's most interesting event (yes, that's official).

WATCH - Triptease lifts the lid on wholesaler undercutting

Triptease Blog - 13 September 2017
Broken contracts. Rogue rates. Parity problems. Both hotels and OTAs are reaching the end of their tether when it comes to wholesaler undercutting. Back in August, Triptease published the second report of their 'Spotlight on...' series, Spotlight on... Wholesalers. It's clear the report struck a chord - hoteliers and wholesalers alike chimed into the discussion with their views on a growing issue. So, we decided to carry on the conversation in a dedicated webinar. Tune in below to see Triptease's Charlie Osmond join report author Lily McIlwain to talk insider info, sharp practices and potential solutions. Keep watching to the end to see the lively audience Q&A that follows, where disagreements are raised and worst offenders are identified.

The last 10 years of

Triptease Blog - 12 September 2017
Ah, The site the hospitality industry loves to hate. Not a week goes by, it seems, that there isn't another flare-up between hotels and the OTA giant. Most recently, the UK Bed and Breakfast Association hit out at Booking and Expedia for, among other things, "the promotion of casual cancellation" and fostering relationships that "border on the abusive".

The importance of testing and how to get it right

Triptease Blog - 8 September 2017
A few weeks back, left some of its customers puzzled by advertising the same New York hotel as both a three-star and four-star establishment. When quizzed, explained the difference was part of a test to see if the number of stars above the door affected bookings and guest experiences. The experiment drew attention. For many that was because it appeared that the higher star rating carried with it a higher price, despite being for rooms at the same property. (The hotel said this was a mistake that was later rectified.)

Charming China: How to cater for Asia's largest market

Triptease Blog - 23 August 2017
The Great Wall, the Silk Road, the Shanghai skyline — China has something to wow everyone. But for travel companies, China’s real wow factor has been the country’s explosive growth in tourism. Industry big hitters want to crack China. Recently Marriott agreed a joint venture with Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba and Airbnb revealed plans to hike headcount and investment there. But for those who don’t see such major manoeuvres in their future, what can be done to seize upon the huge opportunity that is China? We’ve rounded up the best advice for hoteliers looking to open up a steady stream of business from Asia’s largest market.

Spotlight on... Wholesalers

Triptease Blog - 22 August 2017
We spoke to 50 hoteliers about their experiences of being undercut by wholesale rates on OTAs like Amoma. Despite being contractually obliged to sell rooms only under the terms set out by a hotel, it is increasingly common to see wholesalers 'unbundling' rates designed to be sold as part of tours or packages. Only five of those surveyed had not come across the 'Amoma problem' prior to our survey.

Free pancakes and personality: How to make $1 million with an exit intent message

Triptease Blog - 16 August 2017
We’re on the edge of our seats at Triptease towers. That's because one of our hotel partners is about to hit a huge milestone, becoming the first to reach a cool $1 million in revenue from a single exit intent message campaign. It’s a massive achievement and one we plan to celebrate. Why? Well, we do love a party, but, more importantly, because customers abandoning online bookings can be a major headache. In fact, industry stats show that 81.6% of travel bookings are eventually deserted, with the total value of those lost sales a whopping $1.78 trillion!

Free pancakes and personality: How to make $1 milllion with an exit intent message

Triptease Blog - 16 August 2017
We’re on the edge of our seats at Triptease towers. That's because one of our hotel partners is about to hit a huge milestone, becoming the first to reach a cool $1 million in revenue from a single exit intent message campaign.

Loyalty: Current trends and inventive strategies for all hotels

Triptease Blog - 9 August 2017
Some of the industry’s biggest players, typically operating points-based schemes, have put it at the heart of their direct bookings strategy and are seeing results — Hyatt said last week its new World of Hyatt scheme has recorded an influx of new members and lapsed customers are re-engaging. As direct booking champions, that’s music to our ears. But we still have to ask, will this work for everyone as well as it does for global mega-chains? After, all it costs, and there’s risk involved in getting guests accustomed to cheap rates. It’s a long-running debate and we’ll be digging into the detail of it in the coming months. For now, here’s a snapshot of what a few smaller groups have opted for and who’s trying a different approach. Lastly we’ve found a few quirkier examples that might just spark a few ideas.

A labour of love: why we created the Direct Booking Summit

Triptease Blog - 8 August 2017
That's what Steven Howe, Digital Manager at Apex Hotels, had to say after last year's inaugural Direct Booking Summit in London. It's a quote we hold very close to our communal Triptease heart: the hospitality industry is not short of events to attend, so when we heard that one, we knew we'd created something truly special.

Metasearch: A Hotelier's Guide

Triptease Blog - 4 August 2017
If you’ve found yourself asking this over the last year or so, you’re not alone. Metasearch sites are growing at a phenomenal rate, with recent research suggesting that they are now the most important advertising channel for hotels - outstripping even Google AdWords when it comes to driving traffic. It’s a compelling offering for hotels seeking to grow their direct channel.

Metasearch is growing. Google's in the lead. Where do you fit in?

Triptease Blog - 4 August 2017
The travel industry loves a buzzword. Chatbots, artificial intelligence - and, yes, direct bookings - have each had their turn as the topic du jour of hospitality newsletters and conferences over the last few years. But over the last few months, we’ve seen the steady ascendancy of a new industry darling: metasearch.

Ilio, meet Ilio: introducing the Direct Booking Platform to its namesake

Triptease Blog - 28 July 2017
Yesterday, Triptease HQ in London had the incredible honour of welcoming Ilio Chiocci to the office. Legendary among barmen and hoteliers the world over, Ilio is the true embodiment of hospitality in every sense of the word. Full of stories, humanity, and warmth, Ilio truly lived up to everything we were trying to achieve with the Direct Booking Platform: Ilio Edition.

3 ways to treat your guests like individuals [Part 2 of 2]

Triptease Blog - 27 July 2017
It's hard to underestimate the value of being treated like a guest, rather than an anonymous hotel customer. We can all appreciate when people anticipate our needs by offering extra towels, wifi password reminders, or information about local activities that matter to us. A recent study found that 68% of travellers said they saw little to no difference between hotel chains, and only slightly over half of consumers said they were willing to pay a 10% premium to stay in their favourite hotel. If guests enjoyed a more personalised experience, would they be less price-focused and more service-focused during their next booking? With increasingly capable, dynamic technology, it’s becoming easier to customize booking engines, websites and services. Here are 3 ways to do it well:


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