4 Effective Ways to Deal with Difficult Team Members

EDUCBA - 3 November 2017
You’re looking right in the eyes of the redneck of the team. He’s been making your work life a living hell and you have no clue how to deal with this guy. He’s the best performer you +9 have had, but the work is finally breaking his cool and he’s breathing it all down your throat. There’s something that you need to do to calm off the situation. You have no idea what will make this guy just stop in his tracks and concentrate on the vision you have for your project. There’s blood boiling scenes and frustration and a lot of pent up anger.

10 Steps to Get Better Results from Marketing Cloud

EDUCBA - 1 November 2017
Online advertising has become quite popular as the traditional advertising with many businesses putting more emphasis on online promotions than electronic media (TV and radio). An organization that does both traditional (Newspapers, Magazines, Hoardings, banners) as well as online (web, social media,email) and electronic media need to interact with multiple agencies to create content, the images, creative and ensure its delivery across channels. There should be an internal marketing and advertising team to co-ordinate those activities.

Mentor vs Coach - Is There a Difference?

EDUCBA - 30 October 2017
The modern world requires human species to change, and this requirement needs to be the major transformation in human consciousness, and the way humans think, behave and relate to each other “more than the human world” ( Dr Abram). This is true in the organizational setup when coaches and mentors are required not only to expand their individual and collective capacity for responding to the current requisite needs of the company, but also to increase the human capacity for fulfilling the increased demands of tomorrow.

10 Simple Steps to Craft an Employee Feedback Survey

EDUCBA - 27 October 2017
Employee Feedback Survey – The success of every organization purely depends on its resources and how well and skillfully they are being used. One of these resources includes the most important yet the most difficult to manage resource that is the human resource. Why is the human resource different from the other resources for unlike the other resources even the human resource only contributes to the development and growth of the organization? Well that is purely because the human resource is the resource that consists of human beings and they use their brains, skills, efforts, loyalty, etc in helping the organization grow by working for it.

4 Effective to Use Twitter for Your Business

EDUCBA - 5 October 2017
Technology is a boon to the world, and internet the world of possibilities, making it easy for anyone from any part of the world to contact people thousands of miles away with just a matter of certain clicks and commands. With the increasing use of technology and social media in our daily lives, people have the internet and its applications, advantages and disadvantages, cheats and hacks, on their fingertips. Social media connects the worlds and make it a global town. It simply finishes the difference of time zones and distances, borders and continents. This has been made possible only because the Internet was born, giving birth to n number of jobs, opportunities, and possibilities that would have never been possible.

12 Ways to Promote Your Business Through Youtube

EDUCBA - 11 September 2017
12 Important Ways to Promote Your Business Through Youtube – Starting a business is one task that need imagination and lots of working and planning but don’t you think all the efforts and work would go in ruin if no potential customer will know about your business and products? The important stair to cross for a business to be called as a success is through its popularity, the larger the population will know, the more popular it would be, and this popularity can be achieved through none other way than promotion. But the main question that can put the peace in trouble is the question of money, the worry of all the expenditure that arises due to advertising. Advertising can be a costly task and not all business personnel can afford it.

8 Awesome Tips to Write a Strategic Plan

EDUCBA - 16 August 2017
A strategic plan is a systematic or a strategically oriented drive to give business or company its route towards is growth. Talk to any CEO about why a strategic planning is important, there would be no single answers: As there are limited resources it become imperative to have clear cut plan on why, how and in what quantity resources should be allocated to meet objective.

6 Steps To Conduct a Brand Audit Correctly

EDUCBA - 14 August 2017
Steps to Conduct a Brand Audit – All of us know the word Brand, heard of it a lot right? Most of us don’t really know the meaning of a brand and even brand audit. It is extremely important to know the terms before we discuss how we do it. Let us revise brand audit before we get on to the main lesson for the day. The notes below have all the answers to your questions. So let’s start

10 Ways to Conduct Effective One-on-One Meetings

EDUCBA - 8 August 2017
One-on-one meetings can really be an important time for you to get to know more about your team members and understand their working styles as well as how they deal with their everyday work problems. As project managers, we always strive to keep effective these one-on-one meetings and have them yield the results we envision for our team members and for our team, such as career development and action plans for development areas. But, somewhere down the line we always land up either missing on these meetings or worse, we don’t conduct them in the way that they are supposed to be conducted.

10 Effective Ways to Sharpen Employee Communication Skills

EDUCBA - 7 August 2017
Employee Communication Skills – Communication is the transfer of ideas, information, thoughts and one’s belief from one person to another. There are various ways of communication: oral, written, visual and non-verbal. Employee Communication skills are the life-line of a person’s life. Most interviews are based on how efficiently a candidate communicates. There are various factors that help an employee communicate effectively and efficiently.

Corporate Entrepreneurship vs Social Entrepreneurship

EDUCBA - 4 August 2017
The word entrepreneur originates from the French word, entreprendre, which means “to undertake.” The concept of entrepreneurship has varied meanings. Entrepreneur is considered to be a person with high aptitude and risk-taking ability ready to make a change; and Entrepreneur is any person who wants to work for their own self, i.e., wants to start their own business enterprise.

9 Effective Strategies to Get Feedback from Customers

EDUCBA - 3 August 2017
Customer feedback plays an important role in improving your business to a great extent. Your customers are the wealth of information for your business more than you think. To deliver good user experience to the customers you should first listen to what your customers are saying. They can help you to innovate a new product and provide better customer service. Through this way you can offer more value to the customers.

How to Present Negative Feedback to Your Team Member?

EDUCBA - 29 July 2017
Negative Feedback – You make your way through the narrow corridors of your office and set up base at a tiny meeting room, and following right behind you is your team member. He looks like a lamb ready for the slaughter, a death row prisoner waiting for the black cloth over his head. You can feel the tension in the room. In your head, you’re trying to accumulate words that will awaken but not pierce him and your team member is looking for shelter, not knowing what will befall him. In your mind, all you want to do is compliment the team member for his contribution up until now towards the organization, put across the feedback on the table, and sugar coat it by allowing him to bask in the glory of his strengths.

12 Effective Ways to Get the Best Out of Automated Emails

EDUCBA - 28 July 2017
Best ways to get the best out of Automated Emails – Millions of emails are send by businesses to customers or prospective customers every day but there are some with higher open rates and those with less. The conventional method of email marketing was focussed on sending a promotional mail, followed by another mail after an interval. With more and more email service providers sorting primary, social and business promotion mails, the users have the choice to delete without even opening a promo mail. Just as repeated cold calls from different companies turn offensive for customers so does repeated promo emails.

10 Reasons How Job Rotation is a Useful Recruitment Method

EDUCBA - 21 July 2017
Job rotation is good for both the company as well as the employees of the company. This trick of the HR team of an organization has a number of benefits for both the company and the employees. Let us start with understanding Job Rotation and what is it exactly. Only if the base of the understanding is clear will we be able to explain its advantages.

How Does Outsourcing Reduce Cost?

EDUCBA - 17 July 2017
outsourcingOutsourcing has become an easy and cost effective technique, which is used widely in today’s digitization world. The developed countries prefer outsourcing their business processes to the developing countries like India. Before going any further we first need to know what exactly outsourcing means. Outsourcing is a process in which companies and organisation hand over work to outside vendor. Any work process which can be handled from outside location of the organisation, can be outsourced. This process is also known as offshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing allows the organisation to obtain high quality services at a low operational cost.

5 Ways SMS Marketing Will Work For You

EDUCBA - 15 July 2017
SMS marketing – We have all been using the mighty service of texting that has made the life of people in general much easier. The service of text messaging has come to our aid numerous numbers of times. If we are busy somewhere and can’t take a call at the time then we could just drop a message to the caller. If we have something important to tell the other person but can’t really call the person or don’t want to get into the formalities of calling or just can’t reach the receiver that the moment then you can just drop a message for the person. But there are some other functions that the text messaging has been performing. The text messages have not only made the transfer of information easier but also helped many business houses in the promotion and the marketing of their business.

8 Important Tips to Do An Employee Appraisal

EDUCBA - 13 July 2017
After an entire year of working hard, the one day that employees wait for more eagerly than the holidays is the day of appraisal. It is like their personal judgement day when all their deeds are paid off for. The whole purpose of announcing appraisals is to show to the employees that their hard work does not go unnoticed and motivates them to work with more zeal. Appraisals are also a medium to ensure that the employees working in the organisation are kept updated about all the latest developments in the company and the skies that they might need to develop in the near future to accept the change that has happened and work accordingly.

11 Important Skills a Digital Marketing Manager Must Have

EDUCBA - 7 July 2017
Digital Marketing Manager Skills – Marketing concepts have undergone a sea change over the past few years and digital marketing has emerged as a key channel to reach out products and services to customers, cutting across geographical borders. Data and insight analysts, developers, and above all digital marketers, are in high demand, often raking in six-figure salaries. The US News and World Report have ranked “marketing manager” as the third highest paying job, only behind physician and dentist. But still, majority of the digital marketing roles in most companies remain vacant.

10 Effective Ways to Use Emojis In Marketing

EDUCBA - 6 July 2017
Best Ways to Use Emojis In Marketing – Did you know the ‘Word of the Year 2015’ selected by Oxford Dictionaries wasn’t a word at at all- it was an emoji- the one having a face with tears of joy. Oxford Dictionaries clarified that it was chosen because of the spirit, mood and ethos of the year. Emoji is basically a text-sized picture character that carries an emotion – joy, sadness, laughter, music, celebration, flight, celebration, clap, victory, love … Emojis are used in person-to-person communication as well as in brand communication by business. But the type and popularity of emojis used by people and brands have a huge difference. Emoji was created in 1990’s by an employee named Shigetaka Kurita at Japanese communications firm NTT DoCoMo. It is different from an emoticon which is a typographical display of an emotion- 😉 quite popular in messaging.

6 Top Trending Certification Training To Pursue in 2017

EDUCBA - 12 June 2017
Knowledge has no limits and learning has no boundaries. You cannot confine yourself in a particular curriculum as the world wants more in a package. The more diversified your academics and experience is the more you are favorable among the crowd. It may be tough to carry one an academic routine and pursue another parallel learning or training program. That is why the internships are done when the ongoing curriculum is at rest.

Does Social Media Make the World Bigger? or Smaller?

EDUCBA - 1 June 2017
Ten years ago how many of us were aware of what social media is all about? Only a handful isn’t? And today? The story has just reciprocated. Even Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have imagined that his social media site Facebook would become one of the most popular and active platform within few years of its inception when he initiated it on 4th February, 2004. According to the latest inputs there were about 1.59 billion monthly active users as on December 2015. Similarly, Twitter was launched a decade ago and today there are about 332 million users as per the current estimates of January 2016. Such a humongous response from the people, it’s simply unbelievable. Truly social media has converted the entire world into a small global village.

7 Home Jobs That Will Help You Make a Living

EDUCBA - 29 May 2017
The pace of change has become phenomenal over the last few years. With every new tech wave comes new opportunities. What does the future of travel technology mean for hoteliers in Australia? In line with this year’s Australasian Hotel Industry Conference and Exhibition (AHICE) theme of ‘Innovation, Productivity and Performance in an Age of Disruption’, Expedia Group’s Senior Director, Market Management – Oceania, Drew Bowering shares his insights into the ‘Future of Travel Technology’, which formed his keynote speech at the leading event.

20 Ways to Increase Productivity Of Your Sales Team

EDUCBA - 12 May 2017
The duty of a sales manager is not an easy one. They have to face a lot of challenges throughout their careers no matter which organization they are a part of. One of their main challenges is to keep their sales team motivated to produce satisfactory results all the time. Some people are in the The post 20 Ways to Increase Productivity Of Your Sales Team appeared first on eduCBA.

Mind Maps for Dummies

EDUCBA - 9 May 2017
It’s a Monday morning and you’re already looking up to the heavens, praying for the day to go on well. But, you don’t fletch a single muscle more than what you do while praying and well, of course, walking towards your office. Apart from the chanting for a great day, you have your thoughts running towards all other directions.

How To Create a Strategic Business Plan : 9 Easy Steps

EDUCBA - 5 May 2017
Strategic Business Plan – In a competitive scenario like the present one, companies are fighting with each other for even a smaller portion of market share, trying to create a space for themselves through market demand. In a quest of making profit from their business idea and market potential many new organisations are ready to enter into market every day. Among such competition there are still some organisations that perform really well and those who fail to deliver in the first six months of their existence. Did it ever occur to you why it has happened? Why two similar companies with similar product and targeting same market segments have different level of profit? If not, then this is where you may find the answer.


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