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  • HFTP Research Report: Pre-opening Expenditures in Hospitality

    A study of the pre-opening budget; the timeline for these expenditures; timeline for onboarding of staff; and the selection, installation and training of the technology component. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.

  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • Letter from the HFTP Global President: At the End of the Year, We Reflect on the Best of the Year

    As we prepare to transition to the new HFTP Global board at the 2018 Annual Convention in October, I would like to take the time to reflect on my year serving as HFTP Global president.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

What a Healthy Hilton Says About the Hotel Industry Now

Meetings Today Blog·13 February 2019
As we reach (or surpass) peak cycle, it seems like everyone is a bit of a hypochondriac these days when it comes to the health of the hotel industry.

Travel Policies Should Prepare for Premium Economy Expansion

Meetings Today Blog·12 February 2019
As both scope of and demand for premium class air travel rise this year, travel buyers increasingly will need to tweak premium class travel policies to reflect the choices presented to their travelers.

Cisco Calls for Privacy to be Considered a Fundamental Human Right

Meetings Today Blog· 8 February 2019
Cisco issued a call to governments and citizens around the world to establish privacy as a fundamental human right in the digital economy. Today, connectivity and technology have become the foundation for peoples' economic, social, and cultural opportunities. With IoT, 5G, and AI promising to soon reshape how we interact with technology, Cisco is urging governments to adopt comprehensive and interoperable data protection laws to secure that right.

Yangon Airport plans to boost global network

Meetings Today Blog· 6 February 2019
Yangon International Airport (YIA) yesterday hosted a reception in appreciation for its airline partners, while looking forward to updated terminal facilities and enhanced carrier partnerships to handle the increases in passenger numbers expected following Myanmar's relaxation of entry visa requirements last October.

Final flourish secures annual profit growth for UK hotels

Meetings Today Blog· 5 February 2019
A strong finish to 2018 secured a second consecutive year of GOPPAR growth for UK’s hotels, as they sidestepped challenging economic and political conditions.

Ten Marketing Questions for Q1 2019

Meetings Today Blog·30 January 2019
Now that we are making headway into 2019, it’s time to re-evaulate the budgets you devised last quarter and see if you are indeed on the best course for the year ahead. This process can be quite rewarding if you have a clear vision of where you want to take your hotel for beyond the current fiscal cycle. The key is to plan for a gradual and continuous change, and the first step towards this is to align with your team.

Air Carriers' On-Time Percentages for 2018

Meetings Today Blog·30 January 2019
Air carriers' on-time percentages for 2018: major North American carriers month by month on-time percentages & world's 20 largest carriers on-time percentages for the full year.

You Educated Your Audience with B2B Content: What's Next?

Meetings Today Blog·29 January 2019
More times than not, when a client comes to us looking for help with their B2B content marketing strategy, we notice the strategy itself is either very new, or it exists with a lack of focus (both SEO and target audiences). After spending time with these clients to learn the business inside-out, we start identifying keywords and keyword phrases that offer an opportunity for them to increase brand awareness in the online marketing space, and indirectly improve customer acquisition as a result.

Dubai's concierges welcome Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode

Meetings Today Blog·29 January 2019
Dubai’s concierges have largely welcomed the newly introduced Google Assistant feature, ‘Interpreter Mode’, which debuted at CES 2019. The Interpreter Mode allows Google Assistant to translate languages in conversations between two people, and currently supports up to 27 languages – including Arabic, Mandarin, English, and Russian.

Five Cybersecurity Practices You Need to Implement to Keep Your Data Safe

Meetings Today Blog·29 January 2019
Cybersecurity for hospitality does not have to be complicated. There are some practices that you can implement today to keep your company’s data and customer data safe from cyber exploits.

Housekeeper Sues Marriott Subsidiaries Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Meetings Today Blog·28 January 2019
Marriott has been trying to deflect the concerns of female housekeepers for years now, but things are starting to heat up for the hotel brand.

Hilton CEO Nassetta expecting 2019 to be the 'best yet

Meetings Today Blog·28 January 2019
Hilton’s CEO and President, Christopher J. Nassetta, said he expects this year to be the company’s “best yet” in a sign the accommodation industry is set for a strong 2019. Speaking at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) in Los Angeles on Monday (Jan 28), Nassetta said the best year yet was more than just revenue and growth.

What Happened to Search Marketing in 2018?

Meetings Today Blog·24 January 2019
With 2018 just weeks behind us, it is amazing to think about all the changes we have seen in the search world from big players like Google and Bing over the past year.

Further Visibility for All-Inclusive Revenue Management

Meetings Today Blog·24 January 2019
Gone are the days in which staying at an all-inclusive resort meant cheap vacations and boring food and beverage offerings. Nowadays, all-inclusives are built to target different market segments, from adults-only to families and guests of all ages, preferences and budgets.

HVS Market Pulse: Bend, Oregon

Meetings Today Blog·23 January 2019
Bend is located approximately 100 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon, situated along the Deschutes River. The city is a top leisure destination, known for its scenic setting near the Cascade Mountain Range and its year-round recreational opportunities.

Best practices: How to resolve rate audit failures

Meetings Today Blog·23 January 2019
The RFP and Rate Loading seasons are winding down. Next up on the negotiated rate calendar? Auditing season. Unfortunately, during January and February many hotels will learn they have failed a preferred rate audit.

Learn These 4 Elements of AV to Enhance Your Event

Meetings Today Blog·28 November 2018
Think about a meeting or event program you are working on and how the four key elements of audiovisual can be woven into the overall experience to create an engaging and interactive environment for your participants.

Planners: Collaborate With Suppliers to Wow Your Attendees

Meetings Today Blog·31 July 2018
When starting out in the industry and learning to source and procure, I made the mistake of always asking how much things were—often overlooking other factors. I played a tug of war with all my suppliers, forgetting we had the same goal, a happy client and repeat business. Then one day it hit me, I had a budget and its purpose was to craft the event and communicate a message to the participants.

3 Professional Development Obstacles (And Ways to Work Around Them)

Meetings Today Blog· 6 July 2018
In June 2018, I had the privilege of going to Duke University to speak at the Duke Special Events Planner Council’s Education Day. Those in attendance included people who plan meetings and events across the Duke system—for the medical and law schools, museums, hospitals and more.

Why Unions, Planners, and Suppliers Need to Get Along

Meetings Today Blog· 1 June 2018
If you were looking for a job or negotiating the conditions under which you’d work, of these, which would you not want?

A Tribute to the Memory of Arlene Sheff and Others in the Meetings Industry

Meetings Today Blog·16 May 2018
Our world moves too fast. We rush from one meeting to another. From one crisis to another. From one believed crisis to another.

Moving GMID, Meetings and Our Industry Forward

Meetings Today Blog· 4 May 2018
May 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of my first vote in a U.S. and local election in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to date, the proudest day of my life!

Travel Packing Tips for Meeting and Event Planners

Meetings Today Blog· 6 April 2018
Travel is exhausting; it didn’t used to be. My first flight was in the late ’40s, which means I’ve been a frequent flyer for more than 70 years albeit not earning frequent flyer points until the start of the programs in the ’80s, with my Dad on a prop plane from Ohio to New Jersey.

Why Would I Use a Speakers' Bureau?

Meetings Today Blog·21 March 2018
You have a big event coming up and you’ve been tasked with lining up a mix of speakers that are educational, motivational and inspirational. Most importantly, they have to know your industry. Where do you start? You may want to consider contacting a speakers’ bureau.

Don't Give Up: An Anti 'Fail Fast' Story

Meetings Today Blog· 9 March 2018
“Fail fast” has become an anthem for the business-minded everywhere. It’s a strategy that originated from lean startup methodology and it involves evaluating the performance of numerous small tests that allow the leaders of organizations to build to greater and greater success quickly. If an idea pans out, great, it’s a win!

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter to and for Hospitality, Tourism and Meetings

Meetings Today Blog· 2 March 2018
“Diversity fatigue is real,” said Greg DeShields, CEO of PHLDiversity. And it’s true. People groan when they hear the words “diversity and inclusion.” They’ve been through training at work, in their spiritual homes, in their communities. Yet, the fear of those “not like us” is great and the lessons learned are not sticking. The following was posted to the Meetings Today Twitter account from a presentation on storytelling at the MPI Northern California Chapter’s Annual Conference & Exhibition:


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