• HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Organization Flow Charts

    This document is a set of flow charts illustrating data flow scenarios, involved parties providing hospitality services, steps of the guest journey and more. Four scenarios are presented: independent hotel, independent hotel with third party agreement, branded hotel and branded hotel with independent control.

  • Job Description: Hospitality Data Protection Officer

    This document highlights the role and qualities of a hospitality data protection officer. It can be used as a guideline for an internal recruitment, the expansion of an existing position or the recruitment of a third party to assist in the compliance for the GDPR.

  • Job Description Template: Club Accounting Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club accounting positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • Members Only: A Room for Robots in Hospitality

    Realistic uses for artificial intelligence are increasing, making way for machine-based assistance in accounting, marketing, customer service and more. This feature details current scenarios where robotics is used in the business environment, such as for accounting tasks.


Tracking the Real Costs of Business Travel Takes New Types of Collaboration

skift.com - Travel Services·16 March 2018
Early in the decade, travel managers were focused on keeping costs low as business travel ramped up during the global economic recovery. But as costs have increased in recent years, many are looking for a more holistic way to understand what their organization spends on corporate travel outside of just flights, hotels, and food.

Travel Managers and Meeting Planners Need to Work Closer Together

skift.com - Travel Services·15 March 2018
Technology can empower meeting planners, but it can also lead to daunting integration problems with other aspects of corporate travel. Riding the fine line between solving problems and creating new ones remains an issue that won’t be solved soon.

What Happens When Events Grow Too Big?

skift.com - Travel Services·15 March 2018
Can an event become too successful? That’s something Germany’s largest exhibition organizer, Deutsche Messe, will put to the test in April when it combines two of its biggest events in Hanover, the Hannover Messe 2018 industrial technology show and the biannual CeMAT logistics and materials handling show.

Event Marketing and Booking Tools Are Getting Smarter

skift.com - Travel Services·15 March 2018
South by Southwest kicked off this week in Austin, and it’s sure to be pandemonium as always. We’ll see what new controversies emerge by the time next week’s newsletter drops. Maybe I should have attended this year. Anyway, this week I wrote about a pair of reports examining two areas of event technology undergoing immense change: marketing and distribution. Check out the stories below.

Travel Brands Turn to Risky Payments From the Crypto-Wealthy

skift.com - Travel Services·14 March 2018
Some people have become very rich off the back of the bitcoin boom. The problem for these crypto-affluents is that most retailers don’t accept these new forms of digital currency. Enter a small handful of companies who have either decided to take the risk and accept payment in bitcoins directly or who act as intermediaries.

Is the Crypto-Luxury Market Worth the Risk?

skift.com - Travel Services·13 March 2018
The growth of cryptocurrencies as an asset class has helped create a new type of wealthy individual. The so-called crypto-affluents are becoming more attractive to luxury brands and retailers which are experimenting with accepting these digital payment methods. Yacht dealer Denison and watchmaker Chronoswiss were two of the first luxury brands to directly accept cryptocurrencies.

The Future of Luxury Sits at the Intersection of Travel and Fashion

skift.com - Travel Services·13 March 2018
Milan has been a center of luxury since the 16th century, but a recent visit suggests that the perennial Italian destination may also represent the future of the sector – a market where luxury brands from across hospitality, fashion, and automobile sectors come together to create immersive experiences where affluent consumers can not only shop but live, sleep, and eat inside worlds created by world-class brands.

TripActions and Lola Get Creative to Fix the Business Travel Experience

skift.com - Travel Services· 9 March 2018
Every travel management company offers an online booking tool, but some are offering the tools travelers want to use instead of confusing or restricted user experiences.

Marriott Stands Alone in Its Move to Cut Meetings Commissions

skift.com - Travel Services· 8 March 2018
Last week in Montreal, I had the pleasure of chatting with executives from AccorHotels and a variety of event professionals and hoteliers from around the world. Accor’s luxury executives said they have no plans to follow Marriott’s lead on commission cuts. They’re also uncertain whether creative hotel event spaces will catch on globally, even if the outcome of a meeting in one can be so much more memorable than a traditional boring conference room.

Skift Video: Transforming an Airplane Hangar Into an Immersive Event Space

skift.com - Travel Services· 6 March 2018
Earlier this year, we created the ‘City Within A City’ video series to uncover what meeting planners are doing to create immersive event environments at The Venetian in Las Vegas. During the IMEX America conference, The Venetian® event team wanted to create an unforgettable night for a select group of guests by transforming the hotel’s privately-owned airplane hangar into a multi-sensory event space.

Luxury Travel Is Becoming Even More Specialized

skift.com - Travel Services· 6 March 2018
One way to discover what’s next in the world of luxury travel is to check in with travel advisors catering to an upscale clientele. According to those Skift recently spoke with, what appears on the horizon are trips based on creative themes, political travel and sojourns to pristine environments. “During the past 12 months, we’ve seen clients wanting to get more specialized into subjects. They are pushing boundaries in terms of exploring new regions via the lens of subject areas like architecture, design and fashion,” said Anthony Lassman, who heads up London-based luxury travel consultancy Nota Bene Global.

Accor Thinks Marriott May Lack Imitators in Meetings Commission Cuts

skift.com - Travel Services· 5 March 2018
When Marriott International announced it will slash commissions for meeting planners at the end of March in North America, many suggested that the change will lead to a wider swath of cuts across the industry. Others are not so sure. From the perspective of AccorHotels, which has a weaker position in North America than Marriott or Hilton Worldwide, following Marriott’s example would be self-defeating for hotel brands looking to grow their business and exposure in a crowded market.

Former Travel Leaders Exec Alleges Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination

skift.com - Travel Services· 3 March 2018
A former vice president at Travel Leaders Group, among the largest U.S.-based travel agencies, has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. The defendants include Travel Leaders Group, Ninan Chacko, CEO, and John Lovell, president of Travel Leaders Network and Leisure Group.

Going Global Can Be a Make or Break Affair in Corporate Travel

skift.com - Travel Services· 2 March 2018
Travel is obviously a global affair. Yet the complexity of individual markets, combined with the complex needs of business travelers, have posed a challenge to corporate travel. A few weeks ago I spoke to Jamie Pherous, who has overseen the rise of Australia’s Corporate Travel Management into a global power among travel management companies. His candid views on the complexity of the Chinese market, and why corporate travel giants have had trouble creating innovative technology, are worth a look.

Interview: Corporate Travel Management Wants to Crack the U.S. Market

skift.com - Travel Services· 1 March 2018
The race is on across corporate travel to offer a standard level of service regardless of the region a traveler is visiting. For U.S. companies, this means looking to Asia, particularly the red-hot Chinese business travel market. But for travel management companies based in Asia-Pacific, the last few years have seen continued growth in North America as the worldwide business travel has become a powerful force.

Events Need to Look Beyond Digital Gimmicks

skift.com - Travel Services· 1 March 2018
After speaking to about a dozen event tech executives in the last month, one clear thread has emerged: There is no single best approach to enhance events with digital tools. The evolution of digital platforms has empowered organizers to interact with attendees before and after an event. Increased options, however, can also create uncertainty and additional challenges from a programming perspective.

Bridging the Digital Divide for Meetings and Events

skift.com - Travel Services·28 February 2018
What’s the right balance between digital innovation and a focus on event experience or face-to-face interaction? An integrated approach can pay dividends for both event planners and attendees, yet there’s still debate on how to create the best experiences.

IHG Wants a Better High-End Offering

skift.com - Travel Services·28 February 2018
InterContinental Hotels Group might be home to one of the best-known names in luxury, but the company clearly thinks it is not enough. Last week in its full-year results announcement, IHG made a commitment to expand the luxury side of its business by establishing a new unit and most intriguingly by stating it wanted to buy one or two new brands.

Thought Leadership Conferences Target High-End Travelers

skift.com - Travel Services·27 February 2018
First came TED in 1984. Soon thereafter, in 1987, there was South by Southwest. Now, after a bit of a lull, thought leadership conferences are popping up all over the map, with Vivid Sydney, C2 Montréal, and Light City Baltimore launching in the last decade.

Skift Forum Europe: Thomas Cook Is Reinventing Mass-Market Tourism

skift.com - Travel Services·27 February 2018
homas Cook is one of the world’s oldest travel companies, but some of its recent product launches and offerings have put a new spin on group travel and mass tourism. Thomas Cook Group CEO Peter Fankhauser has said the company must keep pace in an increasingly digital world. Nearly 40 percent of Thomas Cook’s UK bookings now take place online, and that mark hit 92 percent in Scandinavian countries last year, the company said.

Airbnb Is Finally Taking Business Travelers Seriously

skift.com - Travel Services·27 February 2018
Buried among the flurry of announcements at Airbnb’s event in San Francisco last week was some good news for frequent travelers: The home and tours and activities company plans to launch a loyalty program this summer. News of the upcoming Superguest program should be a godsend for some frequent travelers who prefer the boutique experience of home rentals but can’t pry themselves away from the rich rewards offered by Starwood Preferred Guest, World of Hyatt, or Hilton Honors.

The End-to-End Luxury Travel Experience Has Never Mattered More

skift.com - Travel Services·26 February 2018
Luxury travelers today have higher expectations than ever before. While a sumptuous hotel, spa service, and fine wine with dinner used to be enough to satisfy high-end globetrotters, one-size-fits-all luxury vacation packages are now losing out to smooth, personalized, and unique travel experiences. These travelers also want to be guaranteed that the properties they’re booking live up to their expectations and that support will be available to them as they make their way through the world.

Saudi Arabia Wants Events to Put It on the Global Tourism Map

skift.com - Travel Services·24 February 2018
Known for decades as the home of the religious police and stringent public decency laws, Saudi Arabia now hopes to transform itself into an entertainment hub. With more than 5,000 live shows, festivals and concerts planned in 56 cities nationwide this year, the kingdom will invest 240 billion riyals ($64 billion) on entertainment infrastructure over the next decade to put itself on the global tourism map, the chairman of its General Entertainment Authority said.

Nashville's Convention Business is Booming Thanks to its Music Industry Branding Strategy

skift.com - Travel Services·24 February 2018
There are more than 50 hotels under construction or in development in Nashville today, driven in large part by convention business. About 40 percent of the city’s inbound visitors are convention delegates, which is significantly higher than most U.S. cities.

Holland Wants to Attract More Conventions to Dutch Cities Not Called Amsterdam

skift.com - Travel Services·23 February 2018
The "HollandCity" vision capitalizes on the close proximity of Holland's largest urban centers, much like New York City's boroughs, to provide conference organizers with a more holistic overview of the country's industry and academic clusters.

Corporate Travel Agencies Build for a More Complex Future

skift.com - Travel Services·22 February 2018
Every major travel management company is working on ways to improve the traveler experience while gaining more visibility into how people actually behave on a business trip. As these giant global companies morph into technology service providers, though, the challenge of driving deep integrations with travel companies and the usage patterns of business travelers is still a work in progress.


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