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  • HFTP Research Report: Pre-opening Expenditures in Hospitality

    A study of the pre-opening budget; the timeline for these expenditures; timeline for onboarding of staff; and the selection, installation and training of the technology component. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.

  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • Letter from the HFTP Global President: At the End of the Year, We Reflect on the Best of the Year

    As we prepare to transition to the new HFTP Global board at the 2018 Annual Convention in October, I would like to take the time to reflect on my year serving as HFTP Global president.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

Kingdom's Retail Queen Lays Out Thai Tourism Truths That Others Only Whisper - Destinations·22 January 2019
It takes a retail personality to air the dirty laundry of Thai tourism. No one will be offended; it's all an open secret. Plus Supaluck Umpujh, at least, is doing something about it, partnering with AEG to make Thailand a regional entertainment hub.

Trump's War on Foreign Visas Leads to Less Student Travel to U.S. - Destinations·18 January 2019
Fewer international college students are heading to the U.S. for their studies. This means a reduction in travel and all of the economic benefits that cities see from robust foreign visitation.

Will Saudi Arabia's Planned Futuristic City Have a Future? - Destinations·16 January 2019
Saudi Arabia said it will start building the first residential area in a proposed $500 billion futuristic city that’s become a symbol of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions for life after oil. The kingdom plans to start work on Neom Bay in the first quarter this year, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency. The area will have “white beaches, a mild climate and an attractive investment environment,” SPA said. Phase 1 will be completed by 2020, according to the agency.

Will the Nairobi Attacks Dent Kenya's Tourism Boom? - Destinations·16 January 2019
Tourism operators in Kenya are hopeful that this week’s terror attacks in Nairobi will have little impact on the country’s all-important tourism industry — but successive attacks in the past few years are causing new anxieties.

Luxury Italian Brands Fashion Travel Experiences - Destinations·15 January 2019
Given Italy’s reputation as a style trendsetter, it’s instructive to look at how the country’s major fashion houses and luxury purveyors are starting to develop exclusive travel experiences to promote la dolce vita. The aim of two of the most buzzworthy projects is to connect high-end travelers to the heart of the Italian lifestyle, and with excellence in craftsmanship, creativity and design.

China Warns Against Business Trips to U.S. - Destinations·15 January 2019
China asked some state-run enterprises to avoid business trips to the U.S. and its allies and to take extra precautions to protect their devices if they need to travel, according to people familiar with the request. In recent weeks, the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission — a regulatory body that oversees about 100 government-run companies — has told some firms to only take secure, company-issued laptops meant for overseas use if traveling is necessary, the people said.

Tropical Storm Disrupts Thailand's Peak Tourism Season - Destinations· 4 January 2019
Just as it is recovering from heavy drops in Chinese visitors, Thailand has to count more losses as a powerful storm barrels through the south, where its popular beaches at this time are usually filled with Europeans seeking sunny days.

Palau Campaign Stands Tough on Environment Despite Hit to Tourism - Destinations· 4 January 2019
The hugely celebrated campaign, Palau Pledge, has not brought in more arrivals to Palau, which is also being hit by a China ban. Nobody should expect it to. Here's why.

Central Asia's New Silk Road Offers Vast Tourism Potential - Destinations· 3 January 2019
Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan meet chicken-and-egg. An effort to revive the old Silk Road could mean huge tourism potential for those countries whose economies for so long were dependent on natural resources, especially as outbound Chinese travel grows. But how projects and the timing line up will play a huge role.

Courting a New Generation of Safari Goers - Destinations· 2 January 2019
As African countries continue to grow their tourism markets, travelers are learning that a safari doesn't necessarily have to be a luxury, once-in-a-lifetime thing. Rather, some innovators are creating reasonably priced experiences that can serve as a great entry point for a wider range of visitors.

Venice Will Start Charging an Entrance Fee to Day-Trippers to Combat Overtourism - Destinations·31 December 2018
Tourists who visit Venice for the day will be charged a fee; overnight visitors already pay a hotel tax. The fee will help defray costs and might to deter some visits. Any overall overtourism solution would have to address other issues, as well, such as the proliferation of short-term rentals.

Cairo Attack Kills Two Vietnamese Tourists - Destinations·28 December 2018
A makeshift roadside bomb struck a tour bus in Greater Cairo, killing 2 Vietnamese tourists, the interior ministry said in a statement. Another 12 people, including 10 tourists, were injured in the attack that occurred in the Mariutiya neighborhood of Giza, the statement said.

Brexit Is Costing Cornwall, England Its Hotel Bartenders - Destinations·27 December 2018
Brexit's impact is one wake-up notice after another for England's tourism industry. And the wake-up is harsh.

Egypt Says Its Giant Museum for Ancient Treasures Will Finally Open in 2020 - Destinations·24 December 2018
Egypt has a long way to go before it's back to pre-Arab Spring tourism levels. A great, new museum will help, but it's just part of the fix the country needs.

Thomas Cook's Hard Year and 10 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations·23 December 2018
This week in tourism, we reviewed the many factors that made Thomas Cook's share price fall this year. Similarly, we looked back at 25 Travel Moments That Mattered in 2018, including Royal Caribbean's stake in Silversea, a groundbreaking museum in the Deep South, and more.

Indonesian Tsunami Claims Over 40 Lives, Destroys Tourism Infrastructure - Destinations·23 December 2018
Indonesia' tourism ministry has halted promotional activities on Lampung and Banten, two popular destinations hit by a tsunami Saturday night, local time. The latest crisis also brings back painful memories of the Asian tsunami on Boxing Day 2004.

Museums Face Overtourism Problems as They Tilt Toward Blockbuster Exhibitions - Destinations·22 December 2018
It's true -- going to MoMA, the Louvre, or the Prado isn't enough anymore. The existence of blockbuster exhibitions is old news, but now it's easier than ever to discover and book these tours and activities.

Canada Pulls Tourism Ads From China as Tension Over Huawei Heats Up - Destinations·19 December 2018
Heated tension over the Huawei arrest prompts Destination Canada to stop all advertising. It will be a cold season for Canada as far as the Chinese market is concerned.

How Mass MoCA Turned a Factory Town Into an Arts Destination - Destinations·18 December 2018
No revered art center is an island, not even the rural ones like Interlochen. Many cultural and educational factors converged to allow something like Mass MoCA to thrive for decades in a not-so-unlikely spot.

Kuala Lumpur's Batu Caves Reveal Heritage Tourism's Struggles in an Instagrammable World - Destinations·18 December 2018
The ongoing investigation into the painting of the Batu Caves steps points to a greater need to appropriately preserve heritage sites. Protecting a country's history and heritage for future generations should come first; increasing the number of Instagram "likes" and "tags" a heritage site gets should come second.

South Africa's Visa Problems and 9 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations·16 December 2018
This week in tourism, we looked at the fallout from South Africa's prohibitive visa requirements for minor travelers, and how TUI survived the summer's northern European heat wave by being strategic with its cruise ships and hotels.

U.S. Customs Isn't Protecting Traveler Data After Electronic Searches - Destinations·12 December 2018
It should come as no surprise that the government isn't following its own rules when it comes to securing the traveler data it seizes from personal devices. Another reminder to take precautions, even if your chance of getting searched is rather low.

South Africa's Visa Policy Still Hurting Tourism Despite Recent Tweaks - Destinations·11 December 2018
South Africa's onerous visa regime for minor travelers continues to hobble its all-important tourism industry. Amendments published last month may look like good news, but read them closely and - industry insiders say - not nearly enough has changed.

New Skift Research Decodes Travelers Who Return to Destinations - Destinations·11 December 2018
Keeping visitors loyal is often a complex task for destinations. Understanding those travelers who are most likely to go back to places they've visited is a crucial component of this equation.

Upgrading U.S. Highways Will Require Increased Gas Tax and Tolls - Destinations· 9 December 2018
President Trump's pledge to invest in U.S. transportation infrastructure never materialized. It's going to take a sustained, decades-long investment as traffic increases and puts increased pressure on bridges, tunnels, and highways.

Senior Buddy System and 9 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations· 8 December 2018
This week in tourism news, a new matching site could help solo seniors find buddies for their next trips. The Philadelphia tourism board also looks at under-appreciated demographics, targeting Latino travelers after yearlong dividends from a black-centric campaign.


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