UK Tourism Industry Still Benefiting From a Brexit Bounce - Destinations - 17 November 2017
Brexit gives with one hand and takes away with the other. It's still cheaper to come and visit the UK than it was before the vote but anybody looking to escape the winter rain is finding their money isn't going at far.-Patrick

Rio de Janeiro's Neighborhood Tourism Is Taking a Hit From Rising Violence - Destinations - 14 November 2017
As authorities in Brazil tackled crime earlier this decade, opening Rio de Janeiro’s hillside favelas to tourists seemed like a winning idea. The views are breathtaking, the slum residents could cash in, and foreign visitors would see another part of the city — not just Copacabana beach. Now soaring violence in the hillside communities is rekindling a concern: Are favelas safe to visit?

Hong Kong Is Top City For International Visitors Despite China Tensions - Destinations - 8 November 2017
Hong Kong remains the world’s most visited city by international travelers in spite of strained relations with neighboring China, industry experts said Tuesday. In a report on the top 100 city destinations that highlights the growth in Asian tourism, market research firm Euromonitor International said 25.7 million arrivals are expected in Hong Kong this year.

Marriott-Starwood Is a Winner and European Hotels Are Losers Under New U.S. Cuba Travel Rules - Destinations - 8 November 2017
New regulations from the U.S. government on travel to Cuba and business arrangements will become effective on Thursday, limiting the ability of travelers to take certain flights and stay at particular hotels with ties to the Cuban government and military. Travelers will no longer be authorized for individual or educational people-to-people travel without taking the trip with an approved U.S. organization, in a shift from the previous policy.

U.S. Issues Regulations Making It Harder for Americans to Visit Cuba - Destinations - 8 November 2017
The Trump administration is imposing travel and commerce restrictions on Cuba that will make it harder for Americans to visit the island nation. New rules are coming out Wednesday that put in place President Donald Trump’s partial rollback of the Obama administration’s diplomatic opening with Cuba.

Video: Skift CEO Argues the Travel Industry Can't Disengage From the Turbulence Around It - Destinations - 8 November 2017
Can the travel industry hum along merrily on its way while social and political disruptions tormenting its customers and others come to the fore all around? Skift says the angst swirling around us creates a state of Permanxiety. “And Permanxiety doesn’t exist in a vacuum: Marry it to the hyper-connectivity we have these days, and then weaponized with the social platforms, and you have the perfect recipe for a permanent frenzy around the world …

U.S. Travel Abroad Set New Record in 2016 Because of Stronger Dollar - Destinations - 7 November 2017
U.S. travelers had plenty of reasons to take an international trip last year. A stronger U.S. dollar, the UK’s Brexit vote, and the growth of low-cost, long-haul carriers are only a few of the big reasons why U.S. arrivals in overseas destinations increased seven percent year-over-year in 2016 and grew nine percent for Mexico and Canada, according to data from the U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office and U.S. Department of Commerce.

Catalonia Tourism Forecasts $520 Million Drop in Visitor Revenue - Destinations - 6 November 2017
Catalonia’s top tourism official reckons tourism revenues in the restive Spanish region could be around 450 million euros ($520 million) lower in the final quarter of the year following August’s deadly attacks in Barcelona and the uncertainty generated by the independence referendum.

Myanmar Genocide Has the Travel Industry Grappling for Strategies - Destinations - 6 November 2017
Repressive governments are a dime a dozen. But a military campaign of ethnic cleansing against a minority population is a notch above the usual filth, and as this horrific scenario plays out in Myanmar, travel brands are weighing how to respond.

Visit Florida Faces Uphill Fight to Woo Back Canadians - Destinations - 6 November 2017
Consider Visit Florida’s challenges — the weak Canadian dollar, hurricane damage, and President Trump’s America-first rhetoric — in trying to convince Canadians to vacation in the state at the levels they did several years ago. Last year, 3.3 million Canadian travelers visited Florida, down nearly 25 percent from the 4.1 million Canadians that arrived in Florida in 2013. The Canadian dollar has fallen sharply against the U.S. dollar since 2013, and currently sits at about $1 Canadian to $1.27 U.S.

Louisiana Food Tourism Backers to Promote Cajun Cooking in New York - Destinations - 5 November 2017
Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser is heading to New York with 10 chefs to promote Louisiana cuisine. The tourism marketing trip is planned for Monday through Wednesday. Nungesser’s Office of Tourism is partnering with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board and the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association for the marketing effort.

Ski Resorts Embrace Experiences as Millennial Interest Wanes - Destinations - 5 November 2017
The ski and snowboard industry is healthy — at least for now. But there is concern throughout the snow sports industry as the baby boomers and generation Xers get older, the millennials are not picking up the slack and hitting the slopes as often as the aging generations.

Idaho Sees Dark Star-Filled Skies as Key to Driving Tourism - Destinations - 5 November 2017
The stars are aligning for Idaho — mainly because they’re visible. The International Dark-Sky Association this week named the central Idaho city of Ketchum an International Dark Sky Community, only the 16th in the world, after years of efforts to limit excess artificial light. It comes as bigger parts of the state received or are seeking rare dark-sky designations that can attract stargazers and boost home values.

South Korea Tourism Slump Raises Fears About Upcoming Winter Olympics - Destinations - 4 November 2017
In South Korea’s mountainous Gangwon province, construction workers are putting final touches on the 35,000-seat outdoor stadium that will be used for the opening and closing ceremonies for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Tennessee Invests in Welcoming Colorblind Tourists to Autumn Hotspots - Destinations - 4 November 2017
Even when the rugged expanses of the Great Smoky Mountains were bursting with their famous fall colors, they always looked dull black and tawny to Lauren Van Lew from the 3,590-foot-high (1,090-meter) perch of Mt. Harrison. For the 20-year-old Van Lew, who has been colorblind her whole life, some colors have just been left to the imagination. She loves painting, but her wife Molly has to help her pick and mix colors.

Giant Idaho Potato Replica Is Becoming an Airbnb Rental After Years on the Road - Destinations - 4 November 2017
A Boise woman plans to make a miniature rental home of the 6-ton (5.4-metric ton) replica Russet Burbank that’s traversed the U.S. since 2011 aboard the Idaho Potato Commission’s Great Big Idaho Potato Truck. Kristie Wolfe, 35, spent two seasons as a crew member on the truck, created to commemorate the commission’s 75th anniversary

Tourists Will Soon No Longer Be Able to Climb Uluru in Australia - Destinations - 3 November 2017
Climbing the dramatic rock formation Uluru will be banned in two years after visitors to the Australian scenic landmark increasingly recognize its sacredness to indigenous people. A park board made up of a majority of the traditional owners of the land where the rock stands made the decision Wednesday.

Navajo Nation Votes Down Grand Canyon Tourism Development Project - Destinations - 3 November 2017
Lawmakers on the country’s largest American Indian reservation have shot down a measure to build an aerial tram to take visitors to a riverside boardwalk in the Grand Canyon, with stores, hotels and restaurants above on the East Rim.

Video: Tourism Leaders on Planning to Avoid Overtourism - Destinations - 2 November 2017
Tourism executives have to strike a careful balance: They want to attract more visitors, but they also must be sensitive to the needs of the local environment and residents. During a superpanel at Skift Global Forum in New York City in September, tourism leaders from Colombia, Jordan, and Los Angeles spoke about their unique challenges and approaches to keeping overtourism at bay.

Bahrain Restricts Travel From Qatar Making Blockade Even Tighter - Destinations - 1 November 2017
Bahrain now requires Qatari nationals and residents to obtain a visa prior to arrival, the latest move in the ongoing diplomatic rift between Qatar and its neighbors.

Nebraska Tourism Officials Want More Money to Fight the Flyover State Perception - Destinations - 30 October 2017
Nebraska has fallen behind most other states in its efforts to attract out-of-state tourists and placed last in a recent national ranking of locations people would like to visit, according to a state’s tourism commission report. The Nebraska Tourism Commission offered a blunt assessment of its situation in a budget request last week to lawmakers and Gov. Pete Ricketts, who frequently note that tourism is the state’s third-largest industry.

Tourism Is the Biggest Loser So Far in Spain-Catalonia Standoff - Destinations - 30 October 2017
Xavier Gabriel can take some credit if the tiny Catalan mountain town of Sort is one of the most famous in Spain. He runs a lottery shop called La Bruja de Oro, or The Golden Witch, in a town whose name, aptly, means “Luck” in Catalan. Its fortune in having sold many prize-winning tickets has made it a household name and a successful online business.

Six Flags Is Making a Bigger Entry Into China With Three More Parks - Destinations - 30 October 2017
China’s appetite for theme parks keeps getting fed. Six Flags Entertainment Corp. just announced three new parks for 2020 in China, on top of four it already has in the works. The regional theme park operator will join industry rivals in the market: Disney, which opened Shanghai Disney Resort last year, and Universal Parks & Resorts, which is building a Beijing park.

9 Travel Hacks For Thrill Seekers on Long Flights or Greenland Nights - Destinations - 29 October 2017
We always want to make sure we’re doing travel right. So we’re talking to globe-trotters in various luxury fields. These are the Distinguished Travel Hackers. Iraq war veteran Akshay Nanavati joined the Marines after overcoming drug addiction in high school; his role in Iraq was to walk in front of convoys to find IEDs, or improvised explosive devices. On his discharge, Nanavati was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and considered suicide before turning to extreme sports as an answer. Since then, he has run ultramarathons, skied across the world’s second-largest ice cap, and climbed in the Himalayas.

Cuba Eases Tourist-Visa Policies to Counter U.S. Processing Suspension - Destinations - 29 October 2017
Cuba’s foreign minister on Saturday announced changes to the island’s immigration policies, seeking to strengthen ties with the 800,000 Cubans living outside the country amid strained relations with Washington following accusations that U.S. diplomats suffered mysterious sonic attacks in Havana.

Central European Travel Disrupted by High Winds That Stranded Many - Destinations - 29 October 2017
High winds knocked down trees and caused widespread travel chaos across much of Central Europe on Sunday, leaving five people dead and several injured. Storm Herwart, whose gusts reached 180 kph (112 mph), also caused electricity blackouts in hundreds of thousands of homes in the Czech Republic, Austria and other countries.


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