Video: Why Singapore Represents The Next Generation of Travel - Destinations - 20 October 2017
At Skift, we see the Singapore as the gateway to Asia. It’s where innovation is being tested and knowledge is being exchanged to spur what the next generation of travel is all about. That’s why Skift has chosen Singapore to be home to the first ever Skift Forum in Asia, taking place in 2018.

China Outbound Travel Spending Disparity Shows Enormous Growth Potential - Destinations - 20 October 2017
Here’s an interesting fact you haven’t heard much about the explosive growth of outbound Chinese travel: The overall Chinese population isn’t sharing that much in the trend. In other words, in China the amount spent by outbound travelers as a percentage of gross national income per capita is far lower than in the UK, France and Germany.

Cuba Tourists Wonder if They Too Were Targets of Invisible Attacks - Destinations - 19 October 2017
Chris Allen’s phone started buzzing as word broke that invisible attacks in Cuba had hit a U.S. government worker at Havana’s Hotel Capri. Allen’s friends and family had heard an eerily similar story from him before.

Taj Mahal Downgraded as Tourism Attraction by India's Hindu Nationalist Leaders - Destinations - 19 October 2017
India’s famed monument of love, the white marble Taj Mahal, is finding itself at the heart of a political storm, with some members of the country’s ruling Hindu right-wing party claiming that the mausoleum built by a Muslim emperor does not reflect Indian culture. The most recent attack came this week when Sangeet Som, a lawmaker from the Bharatiya Janata Party, called the 17th century monument “a blot on Indian culture” that was built by “traitors.”

Catalonia's Bid for Independence Is Complicating Tourism in Spain - Destinations - 19 October 2017
Last week, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont declared independence from Spain. The move, which followed a controversial referendum, was greeted with wild applause on the streets of Barcelona, where large crowds had gathered to watch the speech. The onlookers’ delight soon turned to disappointment as seconds later Puigdemont effectively suspended the quest for statehood to continue talks with the Spanish government.

Travel Industry Is Urging Tourists to Return to the Caribbean After Storms - Destinations - 18 October 2017
The travel industry is ramping up efforts to remind consumers that many Caribbean islands were unaffected by hurricanes and that their economies depend on tourism. Tourism agencies and travel companies are promoting deals, events and fundraising efforts while reinforcing the basic message that most islands were unscathed by the storms and are eager for visitors.

Video: Q&A on The Shift Toward Traveler Authenticity and Meaning with American Express Travel - Destinations - 18 October 2017
Today, travel goes beyond planning a trip, booking it, and arriving at the destination. Travelers are looking to take trips that allow them to spend time with their loved ones, gain rich, valuable experiences, and accomplish personal goals. Understanding these changing consumer mindsets—and the shifting bucket list—is key to engaging the modern traveler.

California Wine Country Hopes Tourists Will Return After Deadly Fires - Destinations - 18 October 2017
Outside one of the first shops to reopen for business on an empty central square in California wine country, clerk Rhiannon Lorenzini swept the sidewalks as the sky cleared of ash more than a week after the state’s deadliest group of wildfires ignited.

Looking at the World Through Anxious Eyes - Destinations - 16 October 2017
Travel has always been an unpredictable activity. Somewhere around the world, thousands of miles from the safety of home, the unknown becomes known and anything can happen. This can be thrilling or uncomfortable, enriching or life-threatening. Part of the fun is not knowing what will happen, yet this sort of uncertainty can mar your travel experience even if nothing goes wrong.

Emerging Markets Upended the Balance of Power in Tourism Spending - Destinations - 16 October 2017
There’s been a dramatic shift in recent years in global tourism spending by outbound travelers . In 2015, some 49 percent, or $672 billion, came from tourists heading off to explore the world from developing countries. A decade earlier, developing countries accounted for just 25 percent of these so-called International Tourism Expenditures. The development of China, and its dramatic flow of tourists heading abroad, has done much to turn the tables.

Caribbean Destinations Hope for Marketing Campaign if They Can Find the Money - Destinations - 16 October 2017
Before Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, the region was already dealing with another perfect storm — its marketing campaign funds were running on fumes. And there wasn’t an adequate emergency fund for calamities that were soon to become sad realities.

Disney-Universal Theme Park Wars Are Going to the Dogs - Destinations - 16 October 2017
For decades, dog lovers have had a bone to pick with Disney. Hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando have not been dog-friendly, leaving visitors who wanted to stay near Mickey Mouse no option but to board Pluto.

Las Vegas Tourism Braces for Changes After Shooting - Destinations - 15 October 2017
The Las Vegas tourism sector is bracing for changes in the aftermath of the massacre that killed 58 people at an outdoor music festival. Analysts who closely track the finances of the city’s casino companies say Las Vegas will see a short-term dip in visitors in response to the shooting. Casinos and police may have to impose new security measures after gunman Stephen Paddock brought more than 20 rifles into his hotel room and drove a car filled with explosives into the parking garage.

First Commercial Flight Arrives at One of World's Most-Remote Islands - Destinations - 15 October 2017
One of the world’s most remote places became a little less isolated on Saturday when the first commercial flight arrived in St. Helena, a South Atlantic island that until recently was only accessible by boat and where Napoleon Bonaparte spent his last years in exile. The SA Airlink plane left Johannesburg on a six-hour journey to the British-ruled territory, which hopes to draw more tourists to the deposed French emperor’s final abode, Longwood House, as well as rugged landscapes, marine life and the novelty of visiting a spot far off the beaten track.

Paris Intends to Ban Gas-Powered Cars by 2030 - Destinations - 14 October 2017
In the future, the noise of car engines revving around the streets of Paris might become just a memory. In its latest initiative to reduce air pollution, Paris City Hall wants gasoline-powered cars off the roads by 2030. The controversial move announced Thursday follows Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s plan to ban all diesel cars from the city by 2024, when Paris will host the Summer Olympics.

Trump Won't Release Secret Report He Argues Justifies Travel Ban - Destinations - 14 October 2017
President Donald Trump says those challenging the latest version of his travel ban in court can’t see a report explaining why he targeted immigrants from seven nations because it’s secret. The government on Friday told a Hawaii federal judge who demanded disclosure of the report that it’s classified and should remain off-limits as evidence in the court battle. That judge blocked a previous version of the president’s immigration restrictions amid a fierce debate over national security and discrimination.

Paris is Debating Investments in Infrastructure Projects for Tourists Versus Locals - Destinations - 13 October 2017
President Emmanuel Macron is facing the stark choice of whether to help frustrated Parisian commuters or prepare for the 2024 Olympic games as costs spiral upwards on a 35 billion-euro ($41 billion) project to expand the city’s public transport system. The cash-strapped government is considering downsizing the plan, and this week faced angry local officials who took to the streets to warn Macron against halting development of two planned subway lines north of the city. They said the rail links would do more for deprived suburbs than other projects planned for the games.

Pressure Mounts as Catalonia Mulls Secession From Spain - Destinations - 13 October 2017
Catalonia’s leader faced mounting pressure Friday from all sides, with hardliners in the separatist movement demanding he declare independence from Spain once and for all. Spain’s government and the European Union, on the other hand, want him to abandon the secession plans altogether.

CEO Interview: AIG CEO on the Rise of Traveler Concerns - Destinations - 13 October 2017
Is the increasing regularity of political, economic, and violent disruptions worldwide shifting how and where people travel? The answer is yes and no. Jeff Rutledge, President and CEO of AIG Travel, says that travelers are more conscious of safety and security today, but at the same time, most people in free society believe they have a right to travel wherever they want. Skift spoke with Rutledge about the rise of permanxiety in the global travel industry, and how that’s shifting customer behaviors and expectations.

Hurricane Relief Bill Comes With Strings Attached for Puerto Rico - Destinations - 13 October 2017
The House passed a $36.5 billion hurricane and wildfire relief bill Thursday that would give Puerto Rico access to $4.9 billion in low-interest Treasury loans and allow the troubled National Flood Insurance Program to keep paying claims. The 353-69 vote sends the measure to the Senate, which is expected to take it up after returning to Washington on Monday from a week-long recess. A number of Republicans voted against the bill because it doesn’t make spending cuts to pay for the funding and doesn’t overhaul the flood insurance program.

Osaka Is Asian Travelers' New Favorite Japanese Hotspot - Destinations - 13 October 2017
Amid the gloom and struggle that Osaka has gone through in recent years, a tourism boom has been an unexpected boon for Japan’s gritty second city. The commercial roots and boisterous and friendly people of Osaka and the surrounding Kansai region provides a contrast to the relative coolness and formality of Tokyo that’s winning favor with tourists from Northeast Asia.

Latest Trump Travel Ban Challenge Can Move Forward - Destinations - 13 October 2017
A federal judge has granted Washington state the opportunity to challenge the third and latest travel ban announced by President Donald Trump. U.S. District Judge James L. Robart on Thursday granted Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s request to lift a stay that had halted the state’s case. Lifting the stay gives Ferguson and five other states involved in the case — Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and California — the chance to challenge the latest ban before it takes effect Oct. 18.

Trump Slams Puerto Rico But Island's Tourism Leader Expresses Confidence in Relief Efforts - Destinations - 13 October 2017
Many Caribbean destinations are on the road to recovery from recent storms, but they are also at the mercy of government relief efforts, which have fallen way short in some places. In Puerto Rico's case, the island is dealing with the federal government, which treated hurricanes on the U.S. mainland much more seriously.-Dan

Third Trump Travel Ban Could Get a New Challenge From Washington State - Destinations - 12 October 2017
States are still working to challenge the latest version of the Trump travel ban. It seems they may not be able to stop the latest version before it goes into effect later this month, though.-Andrew

Video: How Meeting Planners Are Tapping Into Tucson - Destinations - 11 October 2017
Tucson is emerging as one of the most interesting cities in the U.S. for meetings and event planners. Through injecting its rich culinary roots into local hotels and connecting planners into its creative downtown scene, Tucson is a case study for how destination marketers can help meeting planners realize the creative potential of a city by amplifying its unique assets beyond the convention center.

New Skift Research Report: Key Emerging Outbound Travel Markets 2017 - Destinations - 10 October 2017
Today we are launching the latest report, Key Emerging Outbound Travel Markets 2017, for our Skift Research subscribers. In our latest report, we dive into outbound tourism across the world and explore the growth and changes it has seen over the past decades. We identify markets which have a strong growth potential and project growth estimates based on historic performance as well as current economic and political developments in those markets. We also project how large these markets may become if they reach a level of saturation similar to that of developed countries today.


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