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  • Members Only: IT Spending in the Lodging Industry Three-year Analysis: 2015–2017

    By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Arlene Ramirez, CHE, CHAE; and Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. PART II: An analysis of IT spending data in the lodging industry based on reporting in the new USALI Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems.

  • HITEC Special: Revenue Strategy: Not Just a Fancy New Name for Revenue Management

    By Cindy Estis Green. A strategic view of revenue calls for proactive business mix planning and decision-making around deployed resources, well beyond reacting to what comes over the transom. Excerpt from the 2018 HITEC Bytes Special Report.

  • HITEC Special: Forecasting Accuracy: The Living Forecast

    By Jill Wilder. Forward-looking, continuously updated statistical trend analysis is emerging as a strategic tool that performs the practical magic of creating an accurate forecast you can take to the bank.

  • Members Only: IT Spending in the Lodging Industry

    HFTP Research Report: The new USALI Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems and the effects thus far on the industry. An analysis of IT spending data in the industry and compliance practices by lodging executives.


New Cultural and Business Hub Will Reshape Zurich's Tourism Image - Destinations·17 July 2018
As we have seen in recent years, new multi-use developments can have transformative effects on under-utilized sections of major cities. Zurich is banking on The Circle to create a new reason for tourists to visit the city. -Laura

Canadian Tourism to U.S. Still Strong Despite Trade Feud - Destinations·16 July 2018
Canadians may be angry about President Donald Trump's insults and tariffs, but it doesn't seem to be taking a toll on their visits to the U.S.

Why Europe Needs to Make Long-Haul Travel Easier - Destinations·16 July 2018
Europe has seen significant tourism growth recently, but there is still more the destination can do to encourage visitors to come from afar.

Tourism Boards Offer Funding to City Police Departments to Boost Security - Destinations·16 July 2018
Tourism boards are usually behind the scenes of events but Las Vegas and Nashville's organizations are often front and center in the form of security personnel hired by tourism officials through local police departments. Even if travelers don't realize this, parts of both cities' tourism budgets are very much on the frontlines.

U.S. and China Are in Tourism Standoff as Trade War Heats Up - Destinations·15 July 2018
Its millions of international travelers aside, China's many investments in the U.S. travel industry have left it at an impasse in the trade war and, for now, with America having the upper hand.

Puerto Rico's New Hope and 10 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations·14 July 2018
This week in tourism, we have an essential long read on the state of tourism in Puerto Rico as it continues recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Overtourism Becomes a Burden for Thailand as It Breaks Visitor Records - Destinations·14 July 2018
Overtourism is a phrase Skift has championed to describe a phenomenon that's increasingly common and that requires industry attention. In Thailand, the number of annual visitors to the country has gone from 25 million four years ago to an expected 40 million next year.

Puerto Rico Emerges From Hurricane Maria With a Plan and New Hope for Tourism - Destinations·12 July 2018
The Skift team stepped off a plane in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in late June for our annual retreat and, like travelers do every day, immediately switched our phones off from airplane mode. After a few seconds, many of us received a message that informed us we could use our phones as we normally would in the mainland United States but on an extended network.

Reduced Demand for Cuba Travel Rebounds Following Trump Regulations - Destinations·11 July 2018
The inconsistent U.S. policy towards Cuba has reduced crowds and forced operators to develop more creative tours for Americans who still want to visit. Now may not be a bad time to take the plunge and visit one of the most interesting destinations in North America.

Downtown Albuquerque Is a Meeting Planner Portal to the Future of Innovation - Destinations·11 July 2018
The new Innovate ABQ building in the Albuquerque Innovation District provides a one-stop shop for meeting planners to connect with local thought leaders in high-tech industries and some of the most advanced scientific research in the century.

What a Month of Bicycle Rides Through Valencia Reveals about Authenticity in Tourism - Destinations·11 July 2018
For all its imperfections, Valencia still has its spirit and a sense of authenticity that other destinations have lost in some ways in the age of overtourism. As the city fights to maintain equilibrium, it has a unique opportunity to set an example via the proper management of tourism. Don’t put doors in the field. Set up bike lanes instead.

Warner Bros. Plans Aerial Tram to Deter Tourist Traffic Jams Near Hollywood Sign - Destinations·10 July 2018
Warner Bros. obviously has a horse in the race with this project, but this could also end up as a gold standard for how the private sector should step up to solve destination management issues if governments are slow to act.

Hurricane-Hit U.S. Virgin Islands Struggle With Tourism Job Losses - Destinations·10 July 2018
Tourism is a huge part of the U.S. Virgin Islands' economy and Hurricanes Irma and Maria have clearly taken their toll. The length of time it takes to get job numbers back up depends on how quickly vacationers return.

What Mexico's President-Elect Could Mean for Tourism Amid Protectionism Worries - Destinations· 9 July 2018
Since his election as Mexico’s new president on July 1, the travel industry has been mostly congratulatory toward Andrés Manuel López Obrador. But some also fear the populist and protectionist platform that got Lopez Obrador elected could portend storm clouds for the world’s sixth most-visited country.

Luxury Pop-Up Camping Has Arrived in New York City - Destinations· 7 July 2018
Camping is camping no matter how much you try to dress it up. But, for the huddled masses of busy New Yorkers trying to escape the summer heat, this is the closest thing to backyard camping you can get.

India's Thriving Domestic Travel Scene Prompts Overtourism Concerns - Destinations· 6 July 2018
As India's middle class expands, so too will the country's tourism industry. In many ways this is good news. It will bring more money into local economies but at the same time it needs to be well managed.

Trade War Threat Is Hurting Travel to Macau's Casinos - Destinations· 5 July 2018
Chinese gamblers' worries about a simmering trade war risk denting Macau's $30 billion casino industry. Hotels and restaurants in Macau are priced in Hong Kong dollars or Macau patacas, which will become costlier if the yuan depreciates.

Star Wars Is Disney's New Hope to Transform Its Movie-Themed Park - Destinations· 5 July 2018
A little more than a year from now in a galaxy not far away, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will open the gates to a much-anticipated new land full of smugglers, resistance fighters — and inevitably tourists — that executives hope will transform the park 20 years after it opened.

Chinese Tourism Slump in U.S. Reaches Tipping Point With Safety And Healthcare Concerns - Destinations· 2 July 2018
Chinese tourists who are considering a U.S. trip are facing a double whammy this year. Not only are a looming trade war and poor exchange rates causing some distaste, China is also particularly sensitive to security and safety. In 2018, one might say the U.S. doesn't feel as safe as it once did.

Russia Enjoys Short-Term Tourism Boost Thanks to World Cup Arrivals - Destinations· 2 July 2018
So far the World Cup appears to have been a big success for Russia - especially with the national team doing so well. The big issue the country has is keeping the tourism feel-good factor going after the tournament has ended.

Impact of Mass Shootings and 12 Other Tourism Trends This Week - Destinations·30 June 2018
This week in tourism, we considered two sobering topics: the impact of so many mass shootings in the U.S. on inbound visitation, and the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding Trump's travel ban.

More Americans Are Traveling to Escape From Scary Headlines - Destinations·30 June 2018
Camping trips, travel, and even a film about Mr. Rogers are helping many U.S. citizens tune out what many are calling the nation's lowest point in history.

New Toy Story Land Shows Disney Isn't Playing With Theme Park Competitors - Destinations·29 June 2018
Disney’s next big expansion places visitors in the middle of a beloved film franchise — which is a sentence that can apply to many of the entertainment giant’s projects these days. And there are many: Disney’s capital expenditures this year are expected to total about $4.6 billion, up from $3.6 billion in 2017. Of that, $3.2 billion went to parks and resorts last year, underscoring the escalating competition among theme park owners.

Old World French Countryside is Getting New Luxury Hotels This Summer - Destinations·28 June 2018
Just another reason for the rich and famous to pay a visit to the French countryside this year. The bourgeois traveling class will come, too, but they'll probably opt for a train or car rather than a private yacht.

Chinese Airlines and Luxury Retailers Stung by Shifting Currency Exchange Rates - Destinations·28 June 2018
China has been letting the value of its currency weaken to a six-month low as a response to a simmering trade war with the U.S. But that move is hurting domestic airlines and luxury retailers outside the mainland.

Fourth of July on Tap To Be Busiest Air Travel Day in U.S. History - Destinations·28 June 2018
Many U.S. travelers have become accustomed to long security lines in recent years but new technologies could make the experience somewhat faster and more bearable this summer.


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