The Modern Traveler in the Digital Age

- 13 November 2017
If you aren’t engaging with your clients in the digital space, you may want to start now. A revealing survey from Travelport showcases how in love travelers are with their digital devices, their reliance on smartphones and even their deep engagement with voice search capabilities—all of which they use to research travel.

A Romantic Retreat from Oasis

- 13 November 2017
The waves crash gently on to the sand nearby as your toes dangle in the pool. The sun sinks into your skin, and you’re sipping on your favorite cocktail letting your worries drift back out with the waves.

Escape to the Natural Wonder of the Pyrenees

- 10 November 2017
The Pyrenees are an area filled with passed down myths that include huge fires, tears turned into lakes and a rescuer who fell short. The legends tell the story of how the beautiful landscapes came to be. Set in this wonderful location is a charming hotel included in the Barceló Hotel Group, the Monasterio de Boltaña.

#MeToo in the Travel Industry

- 9 November 2017
It happened the first day of a travel industry conference. I walked into an elevator at 8:45 am. There were already two large men with menacingly large builds inside. I turned to face the doors as they closed. “You have nice hair,” commented one standing behind me. “Thanks,” I replied politely, my eyes fixed on the doors so as not to invite further conversation.

Agent to Agent: Time for a EuroTrip

- 8 November 2017
Dear Tammy: Where do you stand on selling Europe lately? I mean, it’s hard to avoid the fact that Europe has had a lot of problems, including the terrorist attacks in Nice, Brussels, Paris, London and Manchester.

The Millennial Travel Agent: Gotta Find Your Niche

- 7 November 2017
Have you ever had a moment when you realized you were supposed to do something more with your life? There I was, on a solo hike in the high desert of southern Utah when I was surrounded by nothing—and everything—all at the same time. It was at that moment I knew I needed to have a life full of travel, nature and a bit of adventure.

Funjet Loves Engagement Announcements

- 7 November 2017
You’re engaged. Maybe it happened on the coast of a Caribbean island. Maybe you’re planning to walk down the aisle with sand between your toes. Wherever your wedding ideas are taking you, it’s always an exciting event to announce your plans to friends and family.

A Complicated Race to the Best Cruise Wi-Fi

- 6 November 2017
Seemingly every cruise line now wants to offer its guests the fastest Wi-Fi internet connection at sea, but the reality of doing so is not so cut and dried. The reason why is not dissimilar to the struggle to find bars on our cell phones: Wired is still more reliable than wireless. When on land, even Wi-Fi connections are primarily terrestrial. Base stations are more often than not connected to a wired cable modem or the like with a strong stable signal.

Agent to Agent: Don't Stop Me Now

- 1 November 2017
When I started in this business, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and filled with enthusiasm. We’ve been through a lot since then. We watched the world stop and then start again after 9/11 and we’ve been through our own financial ups and downs, but we made it through stronger than ever. So why am I writing?

Welcoming Autumn at Sandos Caracol

- 27 October 2017
In the Mayan culture, the movement of the sun does not go unnoticed. There is a specific day of the year where the day and night are the same length and the harvest season arrives.

Get the Royal Treatment at Royal Sonesta New Orleans

- 24 October 2017
What more is there to ask for than a sprawling, top-tier luxury hotel with premier dining and entertainment venues located right in the heart of the French Quarter? Although they are walking distance to top tourist attractions, guests can live in luxury and experience everything quintessentially New Orleans without taking a step outside the door of Royal Sonesta New Orleans.

Norwegian Upholding Cruise Industry's Clean Air

- 20 October 2017
The cruise industry is collectively striving for cleaner air standards internationally, and Norwegian Cruise Line is doing its part by having environmentally enhanced its Norwegian Jade and Norwegian Sun. “We have both a moral responsibility and business imperative to sustain the places we sail and the communities that support our industry,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), in a press release.

Agent to Agent: Is Delta's Check-in Just the Start?

- 18 October 2017
Dear Tammy: The check-in process is one of the most complained-about aspects of travel for my business. My clients don’t want to wait on lines. Are there any tips I can give my clients on making the process faster and reduce the complaints?

Carnival Horizon Goes Big on Brand Partnerships

- 16 October 2017
Carnival Cruise Line is doubling down on its brand partnerships aboard its upcoming Carnival Horizon. Both Guy Fieri and Dr. Seuss are heading to the new ship in bigger ways than ever before. Previously, it was announced the line would dedicate more space to its in-house Bonsai Sushi dining venue by adding in Bonsai Teppanyaki on the Horizon. Now, it’s known that the brand will be putting even more muscle behind its outside collaborations too.

A Taste of Paradise with Barcelo Hotel Group

- 12 October 2017
The cooler temperatures are beginning to move in all around Europe. However, that doesn’t mean the entire continent is doomed for cold weather. The Canary Islands are a little slice of paradise offering a beach fix in the winter months.

Agent to Agent: Airbnb? Not for Me

- 11 October 2017
Dear Tammy: What do you think of referring clients to, or helping them to book with, Airbnb? Tammy: Oh, that’s a loaded question, but you asked.

BrazilA Lush Tropical Paradise

- 10 October 2017
TravelBound offers Brazil, its natural wonders and its pulsating metropolis of Rio de Janeiro with a wide selection of hotels and activities to fit all interests and tastes. As a country of white-sand beaches, abundant rainforests and vibrant nightlife, the possibilities are endless. No matter what you desire, TravelBound’s Brazil has it for you.

Things I Wish Hotels Would Do

- 9 October 2017
Being raised by parents with incurable wanderlust, my first hotel experience occurred long before my first birthday. I quickly became a devoted hotel fan and have never really lost my fascination with the hospitality industry. To paraphrase my friend and fellow travel writer Annie Fitzsimmons—who is one the biggest hotel fans I know—staying in a hotel allows me to change my personality with every check-in. Whether I want to be a princess, an international woman of mystery, an icy Fortune 500 executive or a kick-ass adventuress, every time I check into a new property, I can don and shed new personalities at will.

A Tour of Breathless Montego Bay

- 5 October 2017
Breathless Resorts took it up a notch when they built Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa, where more than half of the suites include butler service. This resort is home to the only rooftop pool and bar in Jamaica. Looking into all this resort has to offer will surely make you want to get your reservation on the books. You’ll be in awe the moment you step foot into the gorgeous modern lobby area. You can grab a drink at Wink, the main lobby bar and settle into one of the comfortable sitting areas.

Agent to Agent: Digesting the Alphabet Soup

- 4 October 2017
Dear Tammy: I’m new to the business, and all of the industry associations that are sending me information to join are overwhelming me. I’m not sure what to join and how it will actually benefit me. I don’t just want to throw my money at anything, so can you help me wade through all of the acronyms?

Is Galapagos the Leading Beach Destination Worldwide?

- 4 October 2017
The Galapagos Islands is one of the most exotic and unique archipelagos in the world. In fact, it is considered as the most important archipelago on earth. Thus, it is not a surprise that nowadays it is nominated for being the Leading Beach Destination Worldwide by the recognized World Travel Awards (WTA) 2017. In fact, it was recently awarded as South America´s Leading Beach Destination.

No Photos Allowed: My Biggest Travel Pet Peeve

- 3 October 2017
There’s no greater thing that irks me more while traveling than a sign or notice that photos are not permitted at a site. Having studied photography in college, I’m a professional, and it’s a major frustration to be denied the means to capture every facet of my trips. Now, I fully understand the occasional good reason such restrictions exist. Often flash photography is specifically frowned upon because the strobe can literally damage the pigments of fragile artwork in more sensitive locations. In those cases, I’m all for it. In fact, I prefer natural lighting anyways.

Experience the Emerald Isle the Back-Roads Way

- 29 September 2017
Imagine discovering rugged stone castles nestled in fields of emerald green, tapping your foot to the sound of pipes and fiddles in a cozy pub and tasting some of the world’s most famous whiskey. This is Ireland. Tours with Back-Roads invite you to discover both the proud heritage and the spectacular landscape of the Emerald Isle.

Young Love at Sandos Playacar

- 29 September 2017
A white sand beach, young love and a teen club… What more could you need for a teenage vacation romance? Sandos Playacar shares their story of a Dutch boy named Shane and a girl from Chicago named Bryana. Lite Teen Club at Sandos Playacar is full of exciting activities. It’s equipped with an arcade, soda bar and dance floor. Everything a teen needs to have fun. The staff even organizes sports in the pools and on the beach.

Vietnam is Blooming, Booming

- 28 September 2017
Like the local jasmine that entices one closer for a multisensory look, Vietnam’s full color and depth is coming into view once more. A long-time exotic locale—but a more recently popular destination with the burgeoning ecotourist and better-than-yours Instagrammer troupes—the country is experiencing an economic spike and higher public consciousness in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Funjet's Favorite Open-Air Restaurants

- 26 September 2017
When planning a trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii, you’re often times escaping the cold weather back home. In some cases, you’d like a warm weather destination in order to ensure outdoor activities during your vacation. After all, you need to relieve the stress of the job that keeps you cooped up indoors.


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