Do you make the SOCIAL MEDIA work for you?

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 6 September 2017
We start each morning with an honourable intention to draw out and follow a sacrosanct to-do list and make it the most meaningful and productive day. We all seem to understand, only too well, the importance of setting priorities, maintaining discipline, being focussed, consistently perseverant and goal oriented. Yet, the moment the morning starts progressing into the day, our will begins to wither, the determination gets embattled by the urge to click elsewhere and the spirit starts slackening.

5 Ways to never be out of a Job!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 25 August 2017
A Big Gun’s head has rolled in the international hospitality playfield. It is one of the bigger exits by way of the profile of the Company and the stature of the person. The man has held a strong reputation in the industry. He has a proven track record and is well-respected. He has often, in the past, proven his meritocracy via his experience and expertise and added magic figures to the bottom line. Still, the door is being shown to him. Must all of us be prone to getting the pink slip, at some stage in our careers? Must the ‘sword of sack’ always hang perilously over our heads? There must be something surely, that we can keep up at, so as to be able to leave just when we want to, on a positive note, with a warm handshake and a promise to meet again at another crossroad. Could the following be some of the important things we can do to keep our jobs?

11 Business Mantras that make you a Market Leader!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 21 July 2017
Brand Mission Statements and Brand Philosophy are often common sense rules that help us look above the clutter. They streamline our functioning into significant result orientation enmeshed with the Company or industry Best Practices. Companies that succeed as market leaders are those that fine tune the smallest aspects and fit them well and cohesively into their Big Picture. It could be such a small thing as flowers placed straight in a vase on a guest table, or maintaining the right temperature of the hot/cold towels in the Hotel limousine or making sure that the steward is well-trained in serving at just the right angle, without letting his livery brush against the guest or the dish he is serving from.

Would you like to make your Organization the best? Here's how!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 6 July 2017
Organizations we work in are much more than structures of mortar, glass and steel. They are actually living things that breathe, inhale and exhale energy and embody characteristics and emotions mirroring all of us who come in and work here. The kind of Organizations we represent can be underlined in three important constituent elements -  Progressive Organizations as edifices of good energy.  Complex Organizations as matrixes of dynamic traits and mindsets of its workforce.  Individual-focused Organizations with significance to the unique disposition and value that each of us brings. We, as complex beings, need to be mindful of all these elements. Progressive Organizations as edifices of good energy People-centric organizations such as hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and the like are a world unto themselves. These are people-rich businesses like no other - both on the inside and out - such that for them to be a successful and harmonious venture there must be thor

Surefire ways to kill your business and reputation!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
Business is built on trust inculcated in the customer for the products the businesses sell. The success factor of any business depends on the brand value that the Business promises to deliver to the guest. This value is always defined from the perspective of the guest. The smooth running and profitability of any business is based on the efficient, hitch free movement of the supply chain taken care of by capable and diligent employees who own their roles and embody the essence of the brand principles. It is employees who aim to raise their own standard of work and attitude to the level of an exemplary Brand Ambassador, that are the treasured lot upholding the Brand reputation and ensuring a healthy bottom-line. When these Brand Ambassadors do not uphold the brand flag and become less than competent and conscientious, the Brand value of the business, the Brand promise to the guest, Brand loyalty from the guests and Brand reputation in the minds of all stakeholders take a nosedive

Rule # 2 to be an Outstanding Professional!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
Organizations are really microcosms of the larger world we inhabit; with a dense matrix and complicated equations. We bring our individual personas cloaked in a professional garb into the work space. We enmesh our personal attributes, values and inclinations with the organizational culture and ethos. Those organizations that create an atmosphere of harmony between the values of the individual and the company always turn out to be successful enterprises. And those where dissonance rules the roost, not only stay nothing more than revolving doors for the employees but also perform miserably in the financial terms appearing poor in their business standing.

Rule # 1 to be an Outstanding Professional!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
We live in the times of Life coaches and Professional evangelists who spin yarn after yarn of traditional wisdom into new fabric to use as a mental veil or forehead blinkers for their followers. Yes, most of what they say or write goes to develop more of a herd mentality than serve to open up our minds. In the same vein the business model that started with the likes of Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale, with the Commercial industry of Self help books, has only made these Help Gurus richer. The fad is so pervasive and continuing that there has to be at least one ‘How To’ book on our night stands even today.

Five Basic Steps to stay ahead of Competition in 2017 and beyond!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
Hospitality is a dynamic business that runs double speed just to stay firmly in place. It is, forever, under the influence of forces that urge it to embrace change more frequently than most other industries. First of all, it is the customer base that demands change or updation continually; then the other hotels in the region or elsewhere that push you to look within and finally the times that tend to get dated faster than you can plan and implement.

24 Fundamental Principles to help you Stay Ahead!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
Perhaps the strongest trait that I have carried with me throughout my professional journey is having a ‘Fresh pair of eyes.’ When I sought to move from an Embassy job to the hotel industry, Hyatt International took a chance with me, bringing a rank outsider into a team of experienced hoteliers. What helped was my deep sense of curiosity about everything around me, which translated into an eagerness to learn the ropes of a new trade, and to acquire the skills needed for me to ‘give my best shot’ in terms of the defined KRAs.

Five things that will always stay in style in Hoteliering!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
Marketers shape our demands by enticing us with their company’s R&D and innovation. There is always the latest trend, fad or gizmo vying for our wallet. But the marketers know that regardless of the novelty, the snazziness, the glitz and the glamour; all their products will have to go through the tried and tested touchstone of purpose, use, relevance and effectiveness. Perhaps that may be the number one reason, why companies bring back on demand the bygones as the newest fad in an almost cyclic fashion.

Why do Professionals GOSSIP!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 5 July 2017
Gossip, almost always, has a negative connotation. Yet, we continue to engage in it, both personally and professionally. While ‘small talk’ or ‘blether-blather’ on a personal level is detrimental too; on a professional level it begins to assume disastrous proportions. Still, there continue to be hushed conversations at the Water cooler, free-wheeling un-bonafide exchanges in the Locker, unabashed and unsubstantiated chinwags in cubicles and perilous Chinese whispers that educate and inform little, entertain some and damage a whole lot more. The most common definition of Gossip is that it is ‘idle chatter’ or ‘dirty linen’ and it is called so for a reason. We all know whose workshop an idle mind is and Chatter does not even have the respectability of conversation. So why do we still plunge into it?

The Ultimate Luxury Hoteliering 101! Part 2

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
What is it that the luxury traveller really seeks from his hotel experience? When money is not the consideration, what do premium places of stay bring out on the silver platter to this discerning set of guests for whom luxury is a way of life? How do you define luxury in hospitality? Is it the history or reputation, location or view, brand value or affiliation, star employees or infrastructure and furnishings, the period furniture you sleep and rest on, the crystal ware, silverware, precious metal flatware you eat and drink from, the finest fittings and fixtures that assist you as you relax or conduct your usual business. In reality, the luxury world of hoteliering is all this and more. While all of the above aspects make the luxury brand stand apart from competition also within their genre, the bottom line for top-of-the-line luxury rests on the time-tested virtues that truly are very basic in the business of hospitality - cleanliness, efficiency, very well-trained and knowled

The Ultimate Luxury Hoteliering 101! Part 1

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
I was recently invited by a leading Hospitality Industry Portal to offer my thoughts on how hotels can provide the best brand experience for their guests; what really goes into true customer satisfaction and what do the world’s best hotels really do, so discerningly, to be slotted as top luxury hotel companies? It set me thinking about what hotels think is a luxury experience for their guests, vis-à-vis the guests’ actual expectation of luxury. Is it the Carrara marble carted all the way from Italy, the bespoke scent developed in step with a celebrated Parfumer, glasses blown especially by a lineage rich craftsman in Murano, the exquisite crystal from Baccarat, the priceless lights from Lalique, the made-to-order toiletries from Bvlgari?

Professional Traits that define a Leader!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
Leaders in a group, community, company or country have a huge responsibility to carry on their professional shoulders. Always in the public and camera eye, they seem to be working in a glass cubicle and hence must remain answerable, accountable, effective and exemplary. Leadership is not usually a legacy that we are bestowed upon with. It is a role we aspire to, work towards and attain through experience, intelligence, astuteness and by proving our usefulness for the bigger responsibilities such a stature brings.

What Do the World's best Hotels and Hoteliers have in Common? Part 2 - The Brand 'Big Picture'!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
Hoteliering is indeed an exciting line of business, far detached from the ho-hum and banality of a lot of other businesses. There is never a dull moment, with each department running itself into a frenzy of heightened activity. There is always that mad dash to deliver the service to the most discerning of guests and to present the brand values in the best way possible.

What Do the World's best Hotels and Hoteliers have in Common? Part 1 - The Brand Basics!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
The business of hoteliering dates back to the time when the first explorer trudged into a strange, undiscovered land and, wishing to put up his tired, over-wrought feet on a comfortable bed, sauntered into a kind man’s front yard seeking a bed for his body and bread for his hungry stomach. Or perhaps, it all began with the wandering cowboy in the Wild West, who wishing to escape the law, sought refuge on the top floor of a drinking salon, paying for the shave, rounds of drink and a meal before he rode off. Whatever may have been the first reason for its genesis, man soon realized that this was a lucrative business that he could get into.

What Does an Iconic Hotel look like? Part 2 - The 'soul' of a Brand!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
Moving up their own Maslow’s Pyramid of “existential” Hierarchy, hotels have been differentiating themselves from each other, some famously growing to rise to the top of the competitive heap to become the finest, the best, and the iconic. The Raffles in Singapore, The Peninsula in Hong Kong, the Oriental in Bangkok, The Ritz in Paris, the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, Copacabana Palace in Brazil, Hotel Cipriani in Venice – are all icons and legends. So what makes them so?

What Does an Iconic Hotel look like? Part 1 - The 'substance' of a Brand!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
The business of hoteliering, perhaps, dates back to the time when the first explorer trudged into a vacant room seeking refuge in order to rest and recuperate. With growing demand and a motley bag of customers who came with their distinct charter of needs and wishes, the ‘hoteliers’ began evolving. The professional hotel owners began to define and refine what – just a place to stay in and eat at – could begin to mean and deliver. With every pioneering entrant’s stroke of genius, talent and serendipitous discovery there began distinctions and classifications that set one apart from the other; while still serving the basic needs of food and shelter.


Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
The real-time value of New Media is unsurpassed. Everything in it happens in the realm of “here and now.” Your news is as new or old as your last post or blog or tweet. Sites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube have heralded the coming in of Web 2.0 – a whole new world that provides excellent chances and opens up new vistas for a Media Manager. With the onset of Social Media in the arena of media coverage and planning, a PR Professional must be adept at handling each of these avenues.

Earn your stripes first! Top Resolution of a True Professional!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
You know the three jobs that have been continuously downgraded, bastardised and undermined in the millennial are easily - the Writer, the Professional Speaker and the Life Coach (the last being, a tad reprehensibly, dire need and invention of the Millennium). To my chagrin, anybody claims to be a writer these days. Just as everybody wants to ride the speaking /coaching gravy boat! A woman who has plagiarized content into a chapter and has got it inserted into a book - which is a series of chapters 'authored' by different people - through her social networking skills calls herself an author. In the same vein, journalists turning compilations of their articles into book form are being called authors.


Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 4 July 2017
As a PR & Communications Specialist, published poet, Hospitality Features writer and a to-be-published author, I really do understand the importance of setting priorities, maintaining discipline, being focused, consistently perseverant and goal oriented. Giving vent to seed-germination-plant theory, I place enough weightage on the fact that every action was once a noble thought that was nudged out of the crevices of the mind by strong will, determination, diligence assisted ably by hard work and creativity.

Organizational Climate and how it affects us!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 3 November 2015
Organizations are really microcosms of the larger universe we live in. Hence they can be hot, cold, tropical or temperate. They can also be dry, balmy, Mediterranean or equatorial. The combined energy stemming from the top and flowing through all its elements makes them so. Organizations are also carbon copies of the people who inhabit these institutions. While a lot of emphasis is given to well-designed buildings, defining looks in terms of the exterior and ergonomic layouts within, what forms the core is the characteristics the organizations imbibe from the organizational denizens. And by this analogy, organizations can be ethical, temperamental, dictatorial, friendly & warm, manipulating & politically charged and so on.

World's quickest and shortest PR Lesson!

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 9 September 2015
<![endif]--> I have given you my 25 Golden Rules for Pitch Perfect PR - here, for whatever they may be worth, in the past. But here follows the quickest, shortest, five-point PR lesson to get you working like a Pro and making moves that only successful professionals do. Considerably, these skills will hold good not just for people from Public Relations but for anybody who sees himself as a good Brand Ambassador of his or her Organization. So here follow my Top-Five for an effective PR Expert - 1. DEVELOP MULTI-LEVEL SKILLS SET You need to be a good writer, good with graphics and creatives for all your Marcomm needs, a good event organizer, tech savvy and with a bit of finance and business acumen in order to understand the bottom line well and add your spin to it. Move with the times. The new age way of doing things is quite different from how it used to be done. In the times of Social Media, Web 2.0 and technology-on-tap, evolve yourself and rethink your strategies to g

How to Become the World's Best PR - Essential Skills (Part 2)

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 21 August 2015
<![endif]--> Being the Public Relations professional in a Company is akin to being a performer in an international circus. There is the tight rope walk between all the publics through which you must deftly manoeuvre your brand message, the juggling act where you have hundreds of balls of your various functions up in the air, the drama of jumping through fire lit hoops crafted by the crisis situations your role lands you in, the jester's performance since you must keep a smile plastered on your face even in the most do or die instances and the class acrobatic cum trampoline show where you jump from one plank of responsibility to another with exhibited ease. Jokes apart, the role of a PR professional is cross-dimensional, multifarious and with new challenges springing up all in a day's work. In Part 1 of this theme we looked at fifteen of the essential skills that you must equip yourself with in order to be a top-notch PR player. Let us look at the remaining significant traits in

How to Become the World's Best PR! Essential Skills (Part 1)

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 18 August 2015
<![endif]--> Many young people get into the world of Hospitality Public Relations wearing rose-tinted glasses and thinking that it is going to be a joy ride. They think working in a hotel is going to be a one-big never-ending party with hours spent in wining and dining, a fun affair with the most important factor being that you look your pretty / handsome best. Just yesterday, a well-established Travel and Food Writer in the Subcontinent raised a pertinent virtual dialogue about how she misses good, honest PR of yore. She rued the fact that a lot of people getting into hospitality PR do not come with the right skills and more significantly, with the right mindset. There is more chaff than grain, she lamented, stating that the PR world has become superficial, messy and mediocre with too many untrained cooks spoiling the publicity broth. So where are we going wrong? Let's review the characteristics that we should come to be identified with and look at traits that should form an i

What kind of Organization do you wish to work for?

Power of Public Relations - By L. Aruna Dhir - 18 August 2015
Would you rather work in a progressive organization and achieve more or stay put in a mediocre one striving to improve it? We all have worked in both kinds of organizations. There, really, is no ideal organization and every place has its mixed dynamics as much as there are a melange of people who work there and bring in their set of values, drives and energies adding to or depleting the corporate culture. I used to lament about the deep-rooted politics, credit-stealing, clique driven and yes-man culture in my last organization. And now when my niece cum soul child talks of her experience with a Swiss MNC or a progressively Indian Legal Services sector, I notice that things are not very different. I am sure most of us want to work with wonderfully advancing organizations with utopian work environments without realizing that each of us is an essential cog in the corporate wheel. My experience says that we need to do a lot of internalization and introspection in order to make our


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