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  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • Letter from the HFTP Global President: At the End of the Year, We Reflect on the Best of the Year

    As we prepare to transition to the new HFTP Global board at the 2018 Annual Convention in October, I would like to take the time to reflect on my year serving as HFTP Global president.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

  • IT Spending in the Lodging Industry Three-year Analysis: 2015–2017

    By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Arlene Ramirez, CHE, CHAE; and Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. PART II: An analysis of IT spending data in the lodging industry based on reporting in the new USALI Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems.

Going Hyper-Local: How Sponsoring an Event Can Grow Your Business [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·17 December 2018
B2B companies are usually familiar with event sponsorship. Conferences are sponsored by vendors, and many businesses find sponsorship a highly effective way of increasing brand recognition and driving leads.

Maximize Customer Engagement With the Right Insights From the Right Data

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·17 December 2018
Today's businesses are rapidly awakening to the fact that they are sitting on huge wellsprings of data, and so they are rushing to integrate analytics and intelligence into their CRM operations.

Local Business Reviews on Google: Ranking and Rating Trends

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·17 December 2018
Business that rank among the top three in Google's local search results tend to have more reviews and a slightly higher average star rating than businesses that rank in the fourth through tenth positions, according to recent research from BrightLocal.

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Chatbots [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·13 December 2018
There are over 300,000 active bots on Facebook's Messenger platform, Facebook reported earlier this year. And with 8 billion messages being exchanged between customers and businesses every month, chatbots are now an essential part of any customer service and marketing strategy.

2019 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·13 December 2018
Most business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers are seeing improved results from content marketing and plan to increase their spend on it in the year ahead.

How to Use the Right Charts and Graphs for Your Data [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·10 December 2018
We've all seen presentations that made us wonder, "What, exactly, is that graph saying? What am I looking at?"

Tradeshow Branding Do's and Don'ts: How to Maximize ROI and Results at Industry Events

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·10 December 2018
It's winter, the time many companies begin to ramp up for the biggest industry events of the year in January, February, and March. In Q1 alone, for example, retail businesses have NRF's "Big Show," tech companies have CES, and the digital music, marketing, and entertainment crowds converge on Austin for SXSW.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Inbound Sales Inquiries: Get Found by Buyers

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·10 December 2018
Many of us make the mistake of treating LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network, as simply an online Rolodex or a glorified CV, rather than an inbound marketing channel that can be optimized for sales inquiries.

Four Steps to Ensure Your Email Campaigns Work

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration · 6 December 2018
A common fallacy regarding email programs is that they are self-sustaining. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Your email marketing demands regular maintenance: Consistent attention and a persistent desire to create a more meaningful connection between brand and customer are prerequisites to a profitable email program.

Five Buzzworthy SEO Trends for 2019

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration · 6 December 2018
The hottest SEO trends for the year ahead… You knew this article was coming. Some of these trends you've already seen this year, and some are new, but we can definitely expect to see more of all of them in 2019.

Building a Brand and Giving Back: Country Star Jimmy Charles on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration · 6 December 2018
It takes grit to enter a music competition with 40,000 people. It takes talent to finish in the top 50! Jimmy Charles has both.

Online Reputation Management 101: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration · 6 December 2018
With so many websites available for people to talk about your brand—Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, ZocDoc, Bing, TrustPilot, industry-specific review sites, and on and on—managing your brand's online reputation can seem impossible.

How to Heat Up Marketing Impact With Data-Driven Personas

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration · 3 December 2018
When someone has a hot-sauce habit, he knows when that extra zing of impact just isn't there. On the other hand, many live their entire lives without ever opening a bottle of Cholula. They accept that their meal is as good as it gets, that there's no new dimension of flavor within reach—because it's what they're accustomed to.

Holiday Email Done Right Is Huge for the Bottom Line: Five Tips for Doing It Right

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration · 3 December 2018
Brands send a lot of email in November and December—far more than any other time of the year. Which makes sense: consumers are primed to buy, and the holiday season is huge for many brands' bottom line. Last year, we witnessed the greatest industrywide annual increase in holiday online shopping revenue and website visits in the history of online shopping. According to predictions, the 2018 holiday retail season is poised to eclipse 2017's.

How to Get to Great Ideas by Pushing Past the Obvious: Dave Birss Talks to Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·29 November 2018
The term "creativity" in marketing organizations conjures up a different image for everyone. Some people associate it with brainstorming sessions, others with staff retreats involving crafts or games. Still others think about "creativity" in relation to the collection and presentation of data.

What Sender Reputation Means for Your Email Marketing (Hint: A Lot!)

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·29 November 2018
In email marketing, breaking through the noise has never been more challenging. More than 280 billion emails are sent each day. That number is projected to skyrocket to 333 billion by 2022.

Six Neuroscience Principles to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·29 November 2018
People today are completely bombarded by messaging via a growing number of media and platforms—TV, smartphones, Internet ads, social media, billboards—that it's hard to measure. But the modern consumer sees thousands of ads a day. Even places that used to be ad-free (e.g., gyms), no longer are.

Email Personalization: Stats and Tips [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·29 November 2018
Personalization has become such the norm in email marketing that soon the word "email" will imply a personalized communication.

What Consumers Want From Brands: Transparency on Social Media

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·29 November 2018
Some 81% of consumers say brands have a responsibility to be transparent on social media, according to recent research from Sprout Social.

How to Use YouTube Videos to Improve Your Google Ranking

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·26 November 2018
Blogging is not what it was 10 years ago. Getting a blog post to rank in Google is becoming increasingly difficult. YouTube has changed a lot as well: Getting videos to rank on the platform is not as easy as it used to be.

Win (and Keep) Customers Using 'The Laws of Brand Storytelling': Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio Talk to Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·21 November 2018
"Storytelling" has become such a hot topic that it's almost a buzzword, except that the term still has meaning. The definition of storytelling, though, encompasses much more than text—it's about customer experience, "micro-moments," and the sharing of meaningful stories using all sorts of formats.

Five Tips for Retailers to Win at Marketing in a Booming Economy

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·21 November 2018
Money is flowing in America today: GDP is growing; deregulation has freed up corporate cash; and with the crash of the late 2000s all but a distant memory, consumers are finally spending again.

What Online Shoppers Want--and How You Can Provide It [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·21 November 2018
Between personalization, recommendations, loyalty programs, and more, the question remains: What do consumers really want in an online experience?

The Rise of the Pop-Up Shop [Infographic]

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·19 November 2018
"Pop-ups" can have a negative connotation in marketing: We often think of intrusive website requests and alerts.

How Marketers Can Generate Their Own First-Party Intent Data

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·19 November 2018
A recent article by Ken Gaebler introduced readers to "intent data" as a concept and explained how to go about purchasing it from third-party providers. In a word, intent data is an actionable dataset for B2B marketers that enables them both to understand what new leads and current prospects want and to serve the most optimal content, message, or product across owned Web and email channels.

How to Use Your Marketing Analytics Smartly

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration ·19 November 2018
Marketing organizations are on a quest to become more data-driven. As a result, they use, on average, about 16 different technology platforms—but only a few organizations reap the full value of their investment.


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