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  • Members Only: IT Spending in the Lodging Industry Three-year Analysis: 2015–2017

    By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Arlene Ramirez, CHE, CHAE; and Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. PART II: An analysis of IT spending data in the lodging industry based on reporting in the new USALI Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems.

  • HITEC Special: Revenue Strategy: Not Just a Fancy New Name for Revenue Management

    By Cindy Estis Green. A strategic view of revenue calls for proactive business mix planning and decision-making around deployed resources, well beyond reacting to what comes over the transom. Excerpt from the 2018 HITEC Bytes Special Report.

  • HITEC Special: Forecasting Accuracy: The Living Forecast

    By Jill Wilder. Forward-looking, continuously updated statistical trend analysis is emerging as a strategic tool that performs the practical magic of creating an accurate forecast you can take to the bank.

  • Members Only: IT Spending in the Lodging Industry

    HFTP Research Report: The new USALI Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems and the effects thus far on the industry. An analysis of IT spending data in the industry and compliance practices by lodging executives.

How Hotels Can Avoid Marketing 'Traps·23 April 2018
Hoteliers have been reacting to the official rollout of TripAdvisor's Sponsored Placements, with some gladly welcoming the new slots - and with others, like one hotelier we spoke to, accusing the metasearch site of 'double-dipping' in hotels' advertising spend. It's not the first time such a scheme has been met with divided opinion. The Booking Genius programme, for example, is held by some hotels to provide a valuable segment of incremental bookings, but has been criticized by others for cannibalizing bookings and engendering loyalty for at the expense of the hotel.

Why OTAs Provide No Value for You on Metasearch Engines·22 April 2018
We have always defended the notion that the value OTAs have is to provide visibility to hotels and help them generate new sales, sales that otherwise would be impossible to access; This greater exposure, by generating more demand for you, allows you to increase your average price, not only for OTAs but also for the rest of your channels, something which is highly positive and has a direct impact on your RevPar.

Reading Body Language at Work: Five Mistakes You Don't Want to Make·21 April 2018
Human beings are genetically programmed to look for facial and behavioral cues and to quickly understand their meaning; we see someone gesture and automatically make a judgment about the intention of that gesture. And we've been doing this for a long, long time. As a species we knew how to win friends and influence people -- or avoid/placate/confront those we couldn't befriend -- long before we knew how to use words. But our ancient ancestors faced threats and challenges very different from those we confront in today's modern society, with its layers of social restrictions and nuanced meanings adding to the intricacies of our interpersonal dealings. This is especially true in workplace settings, where each corporate culture adds it own complexities and guidelines for correct behavior.

Ctrip launches travel & lifestyle content platform Hydrogen Balloon·20 April 2018
On April 19, Ctrip launched the platform Hydrogen Balloon to edge into the import and export of online travel content, the platform can be a realizable asset once it has accumulated a sufficient amount of content.

The million dollar question: What do Indian travelers want?·19 April 2018
50 million - It’s the number of outbound Indian travelers the UNWTO expects by 2020, that’s nothing to sneeze at and worth a whole lot more to the travel industry than a mere million dollars and in fact, entirely new segments could arise just from catering to this massive number of travelers, but the burning question remains – just what do Indian travelers want? This is precisely what our study, Journey of Me Insights: What Indian travelers want, sought to find out.

Sleeping in Cargo·19 April 2018
Until the 1830s, long train rides meant uncomfortably sleeping sitting up, then sleeping cars began to appear to give long-haul train passengers options to actually sleep in berths and for a few years now, airline passengers able to afford premium seats have enjoyed the ability to sleep in a fully prone position; Until now, airline passengers flying coach, this level of comfort has been financially out of reach.

Meetings in Vienna: Over a billion Euros in value-added again in 2017·18 April 2018
Vienna's meetings industry recorded more delegates and bednights than ever before in 2017, the value-added generated by meetings has increased by more than three-quarters in the past 10 years. In 2017 - as in the previous year - Vienna hosted over 4,000 congresses, corporate events and incentives. These were attended by 611,000 participants (+8% on 2016), resulting in 1,874,000 bednights (+9%).

Commissions Vs. Revenue Trends Are 'Alarming'·17 April 2018
The hotel industry, both in North America and worldwide, has been riding a long winning streak, with increasing occupancies, revenues and profits and while the performance has been good for bottom lines, one area of concern has been alarming increases in some cost centers, especially commissions paid to third-party distribution platforms.

The quarterly Taiwan hotel market update·17 April 2018
The positive impact from Taiwan’s tourism source market diversification supported its increase in visitor arrivals, which witnessed a 10% YoY rise to more then 3 million in 2017 quarter four and to compensate for the loss of mainland Chinese tour groups, Taiwan strategically improved its relationships with other Asian countries, particularly in Southeast Asian countries. Notably, South Korea passed the 1 million visitor arrivals mark in the fourth quarter. Amid the shift of source markets, hotel players in Taiwan experienced the rebalancing towards more value-based demand.

Bali the loser as visits to Vietnam, Japan, India and Thailand grow·17 April 2018
Travelling through Vietnam, skiing in Japan, venturing to India and relaxing in Thailand – these were the hot destinations for Australians in the peak travel month of January. Vietnam travel by Australians was up 28%, Japan holidays increased 16%, Indian tourism grew 14% while Thailand – which had been losing market share – rose 9.6%.

Hotel market share collapses as 'Share Economy' bookings double·15 April 2018
Hoteliers, stand aside: New stats from Tourism Research Australia show it’s not a question of if but when your mantle as the top provider of accommodation to international tourists will be passed to the thousands of Aussie individuals and businesses who are marketing their short-term rental play through the likes of Airbnb and HomeAway.

Be Socially Responsible From Day One, Not Only After You've Made Money·15 April 2018
In an industry driven by profits and KPIs, you could be forgiven for losing sight of what the world really looks like. At WIT Seoul 2018, much of the discussion revolved around how travel businesses should be responding to international issues from geo-political tensions to the brittle state of the global economy. Yet often, it is easy to overlook how the companies we operate have a tangible impact on the world we inhabit.

Six Ways to Optimize for Voice Search·12 April 2018
Whether you use Siri, Cortana or Google voice search, it’s easy to see why speech recognition technology is starting to gain momentum, this type of search activity allows users to access information and take action online through voice commands, rather than typing on small mobile devices, therefore with some commentators predicting a 'Voice Search Revolution', it’s quickly becoming one of the most important SEO trends to address in 2018. Read our 6 tips below to make sure you optimise your website for voice search to get more traffic and more bookings.

Thailand catering industry is projected to grow at a robust CAGR·12 April 2018
Catering market in Thailand has surged owing to the growing number of international visitors, domestic travelers, wedding ceremonies in the country and the inclining number of meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) events being hosted in various event halls across various regions. The increase in number of guests to serve in meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions contributed to the revenues of the market players by expanding their customer base. Rising number of marriages was another reason which incentivized the revenues of caterers in Thailand. Two world-class food shows, World of Food Asia 2017, and Food & Hotel Thailand (FHT) 2017, were organized in the country during 2017, which led to the growth of the country's catering market size.

Cruise Ships and Their Ports of Registration: Should Human Resources Worry About Perception?·11 April 2018
The hospitality industry is one of the world's largest employers; the cruise sector is arguably one of the sub-segments which records one of the strongest growth rates (note: The Cruise Line Industry Association, CLIA, predicts 27 million passengers by the end of 2018), so with that in mind, it is no surprise that everyone wants a piece of the pie. Although the market is dominated by just a few big players, new competition is muscling in.

Millennials Changing Up The Hotel Game·11 April 2018
According to demographers at Pew Research Center, those born between 1981 and 1997 which is roughly 27 percent of the global population (2 billion people) are currently between 20 and 37 years old; Millennials, the last generation to be born in the 20th century, I'd say they're quite important. Millennials are in their young adulthood and are becoming the world’s most important generation in consumer spending growth and leaders in overall economic future. Today, Generation Y values experiences much more than achievements. Vigorous job economies have changed the standards of personal achievement. These young adults seek experiences with travel rather than settling down. I agree, it is much easier to spend two weeks traveling asia than landing your dream job or putting a down payment on a house.

The Importance of Visual Content in Hotel Marketing·11 April 2018
Exclusive Feature: The way a hotel markets itself visually will do a lot to build its reputation and attract business in 2018, so in order to maximise the effectiveness of visual marketing, hoteliers need to ensure that content effortlessly cascades across all platforms, hits the right brand note, and is ultimately centred on the audience’s needs, not a creative team’s ego. Video marketing should be at the core of any visual branding efforts, because it has the power to make hotels, their rooms and facilities, memorable. Many people consider themselves visual learners who remember names and faces, better than facts and figures — and that’s why video is such a powerful, emotive brand medium. A video is one of the cheapest and most direct ways to explain concepts and show authenticity as a brand.

The Business Case for Hotels to Reduce Food Waste·11 April 2018
The following resources contain tools and guides for anyone attempting to quantify and reduce their own food loss and waste, as well as reading materials providing additional background on the causes, extent, and effects of food loss and waste.

HNA plans to sell stake in Hilton Worldwide·10 April 2018
HNA Group, the largest shareholder of Hilton Worldwide and owner of landmark hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria New York, has announced that it will be selling some or all of its 26.1% ($6.5 billion) stake in the US hotel operator. The announcement comes after months of speculation, and the announcement of HNA’s sale of its stake in both Hilton Grand Vacations as well as Park Hotels & Resorts earlier this year.

Long-term outlook for Barcelona's hotel sector positive as demand for rooms remains high·10 April 2018
The hotel sector in Barcelona will continue to attract global investors looking for long- to medium-term growth, despite restrictions imposed on new developments in the city and uncertainty following Catalonia’s recent quest for independence. According to a new report on the city’s hotel sector by global hotel consultancy HVS London, Barcelona’s popularity as a short break leisure destination and as a MICE (meetings, incentive, conference and exhibition) venue grew significantly following the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.

China's hotel consolidator DidaTravel raises $8 million·10 April 2018
DidaTravel will continue to increase direct procurement of hotel resources, expand overseas sales and domestic offline channels after completion of the current round. DidaTravel, a Shenzhen-based B2B hotel resource consolidator, announced on April 9 that it had secured 50 million yuan (around USD 7.9 million) in funding jointly backed by Shenzhen Capital and Guolong Capital. This is the first investment since it was delisted from the New Third Board in October 2017. Weilve Wu, CEO of DidaTravel, told ChinaTravelNews in an interview that, after the completion of the current round, the company would continue to increase direct procurement of hotel resources, expand overseas sales and domestic offline channels.

The luxury consumption patterns of high net worth Chinese outbound travellers· 9 April 2018
Before the Chinese grew to become the world’s largest group of outbound tourists by annual number of border crossings, they were already leading those of other nationalities by overseas expenditure and driven by their particular shopping habits and patterns, the impact of Chinese international travellers’ spending has had a profound impact on the global luxury goods market.

The 2 Things Hotels Must Do With Google's Q&A Feature· 8 April 2018
In mid-2017, Google rolled out the 'Question and Answer' feature on the Knowledge Graph, allowing users to ask and respond to questions about the listing. The screenshot to the right shows where the Questions and Answers are featured in the Knowledge Graph. Anyone can answer the questions that are posted, which is both a pro and a con.

Leaving The Mothership: Tips For Launching A Telecommuting Worker· 7 April 2018
Telecommuting takes many forms, including remote workers, teleworkers, virtual employees, off-site employees, or those who are just considered 'working from home' - all terms used to describe an employee whose primary work is conducted away from your mothership, but no matter the form, there are many benefits for both businesses and employees. Employees typically embrace the arrangement because of the work-life balance. It eliminates commute time, can increase an employee’s overall job satisfaction, and let’s not forget about the ability to work in house slippers. For businesses, it provides opportunities to recruit outside of your geographic area, makes your company more attractive in an increasingly competitive job market, increases employee morale, reduces office expenses and space, and increases operational efficiencies.

An unprecedented, worldwide view of the hospitality industry· 5 April 2018
STR’s Global Hotel Study 2017 provides an in-depth analysis of the international hotel landscape, both at a continent level and a market level. The study covers over 100 markets around the world, delving into occupancy, ADR and RevPAR levels and their percentage changes over 2016, along with detailed analyses walking you through the factors shaping these performances.

When Legal Meets PR - Mounting an Offense· 5 April 2018
In part one of this series we talked a bit about being on the defendant’s side, but what about when you’re the one on the offensive in a battle of litigation and PR? There are two scenarios where we see a need to take things into the court of public opinion most often.


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