• HFTP GDPR Guidelines: Hospitality Organization Flow Charts

    This document is a set of flow charts illustrating data flow scenarios, involved parties providing hospitality services, steps of the guest journey and more. Four scenarios are presented: independent hotel, independent hotel with third party agreement, branded hotel and branded hotel with independent control.

  • Job Description: Hospitality Data Protection Officer

    This document highlights the role and qualities of a hospitality data protection officer. It can be used as a guideline for an internal recruitment, the expansion of an existing position or the recruitment of a third party to assist in the compliance for the GDPR.

  • Job Description Template: Club Accounting Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club accounting positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • Members Only: A Room for Robots in Hospitality

    Realistic uses for artificial intelligence are increasing, making way for machine-based assistance in accounting, marketing, customer service and more. This feature details current scenarios where robotics is used in the business environment, such as for accounting tasks.


Post-Merger: AccorHotels' Growth in North America & How It's Leveraging FRHI's Legacy

Business Travel News (BTN)·15 March 2018
This summer will mark two years since AccorHotels acquired the FRHI brand. The deal immediately gave Accor presence in North America, which had been a relative white space in Accor's portfolio. But, as with many M&A transactions, early days have been filled with lessons and surprises, and where the companies expected to find overlaps, they've actually found mutually beneficial strengths. But how to leverage that? BTN lodging editor Julie Sickel spoke with Accor COO for North & Central America Kevin Frid, who had worked for FRHI until the merger.

Five Kinds of Expense Fraud & How AI Can Help

Business Travel News (BTN)·14 March 2018
Every corporation wants to believe its organization is well run and all its employees have good intentions. The majority of people do, but in every organization, there are a few who are committing fraud, and people who get away with it will keep pushing the boundaries. There also is, of course, a lot of unintentional waste simply from human error. After payroll, expenses are the biggest cost for a business, but because of time and cost, less than 20 percent of expenses go through proper

American Express Revises Discount Rate Outlook for 2018

Business Travel News (BTN)·13 March 2018
To expand its merchant network and increase spending volume, American Express has revised its 2018 outlook for its discount rate?which is the rate Amex-accepting merchants pay Amex per transaction?Amex president of global merchant services and loyalty Anre Williams said during a recent Amex investor conference call. The outlook had been a decrease of two to three basis points, and the revised outlook calls for a decrease of five to six basis

Sophisticated Data Management Is Within Reach for Small & Midsize Enterprises

Business Travel News (BTN)· 9 March 2018
Evolving technology has made travel data management and analysis feasible for small and midsize enterprises. Two travel managers—Standard Insurance senior director of purchasing, supplier management and payables Bryan Redmond and Tableau senior travel manager Jennie Robertson—spoke with BTN associate editor JoAnn DeLuna about the possibilities, the processes and the problems.

How U.S. Travelers Feel About Researching & Booking Trips

Business Travel News (BTN)· 7 March 2018
About half of business travelers feel restricted by their travel policies, according to a survey by Travelport. In that statistic, Travelport general manager and VP of U.S. sales Erika Moore sees an opportunity for travel management companies and corporate travel managers to manage a bit more, especially when it comes to lightly managed travelers. Moore said travelers, both business and leisure, want to personalize their trips, and corporate booking tools and add-on technologies now allow travel managers and TMCs to offer more guidance?say, on pricing?and more flexibility for travelers researching and booking business trips. The policy that a corporate travel manager writes into the corporate booking tool, for example, could remain strict about the type of hotel a traveler can use but be flexible about the return date at the end of a trip.

Carlson Rezidor Changes Name & Embraces Organizational Transformation

Business Travel News (BTN)· 5 March 2018
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group today changed its name to Radisson Hotel Group. The new identity, according to the company, leverages the international recognition and equity of Radisson to enhance the group's brand awareness and marketing efficiency across its portfolio. But the change also serves as a broader signal of the organizational transformation that's been underway since the group was acquired by HNA Tourism Group, a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, back in December 2016. Post-acquisition, HNA Tourism Group owns 100 percent of Carlson Hotels and approximately 70 percent of Rezidor Hotel Group.

Business Travel's Share of Domestic U.S. Travel Declined in 2016

Business Travel News (BTN)· 2 March 2018
Business travel's share of domestic U.S. trips decreased from 14 percent in 2011 to 11 percent in 2016, according to a U.S. Travel Association analysis of travel data from public and private sources and survey data collected by TNS TravelsAmerica. The report defines a trip as any journey in which an individual or members of a household traveled 50 miles or more from home one way or spent one or more nights away from home. A business trip is defined as any trip with the primary purpose of general business, an employee training or seminar, a client or customer meeting or service, an internal business meeting, sales and marketing, an incentive or reward, international operations or equipment repair or service, a convention or tradeshow or a conference or seminar.

Olive Kavanagh's Big-Time Strategies for a Midsize Travel Program

Business Travel News (BTN)· 1 March 2018
Multinational taste and nutrition company Kerry Group employs 24,000 people in 140 countries and, according to its most recent annual report, realized 6.1 billion euros in revenue in 2016. It wasn't always that way. The North Kerry Milk Products cooperative started 40 years ago with just 40 employees. Since then, it has acquired more than 100 companies, diversified its offerings and gone public. It has established innovation centers not only in Ireland and the U.S., the home countries of its founders, but also in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

RoomIt Debuts Loyalty Booster & Rethinks Market Focus

Business Travel News (BTN)·28 February 2018
Carlson Wagonlit Travel's hotel distribution division, RoomIt by CWT, last week announced its Loyalty Booster program, which rewards corporate travelers with loyalty points and air miles in order to increase traveler compliance and hotel attachment. Loyalty Booster already factored into CWT's RoomIt launch last July, but RoomIt president David Falter said the program has grown in sophistication since then. "It was somewhat experimental, but it picked up a lot of steam simply because we saw really, really great results and that was with a fairly limited amount of inventory from a loyalty perspective" he said.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments on American Express Antitrust Case

Business Travel News (BTN)·28 February 2018
At this point, it could go either way. By June, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether American Express' rules, which bar Amex-accepting merchants from steering customers to less expensive forms of payments, are anticompetitive. On Monday, U.S. Supreme Court justices heard arguments from both sides.

Hertz Reports 'Stabilizing' Corporate Market Share

Business Travel News (BTN)·28 February 2018
Hertz revenue picked up slightly year over year in the fourth quarter amid rising volume, but executives said the company has another year of "heavy lifting" before the car rental supplier becomes competitive in earnings terms. Hertz's U.S. car rental revenue rose 1 percent year over year in the fourth quarter to $1.44 billion as transaction days increased 3 percent and pricing declined 1 percent. Outside the U.S., revenue increased 10 percent to $487 million, as transaction days rose 1 percent and pricing jumped 3 percent.

Business Travel by the Numbers

Business Travel News (BTN)·28 February 2018
Here's the North American hotel outlook for January to December 2018; year-over-year changes in average daily rate and occupancy across the globe in October, November & December; 2018 year-over-year changes expected for car rental rates; and corporate air travel metrics compiled & analyzed by tClara managing partner Scott Gillespie.

Extended Stay America's New CEO Outlines Focus for 2018

Business Travel News (BTN)·27 February 2018
Extended Stay America president and CEO Jonathan Halkyard, who on Jan. 1 succeeded former CEO Gerry Lopez, said he intends to prioritize three areas in the year ahead: renewing the company's focus on value-conscious business travelers who stay a week to multiple months; simplifying internal processes in order to streamline operations, improve efficiency and fuel organic growth; and increasing the pace of its franchising.

Savings Is Travel's False God

Business Travel News (BTN)·26 February 2018
Among the things travel buyers care about, savings is arguably the most essential, the most visible, the most measured. Savings, defined here as the gap between published and negotiated price, is at the heart of most negotiations; it is procurement’s guiding light. It’s been this way for the past 20 years, and we take its god-like status for granted. But savings is a false god, leading its worshippers down the wrong path.

Amadeus Launches Program to Accelerate NDC Adoption

Business Travel News (BTN)·23 February 2018
Amadeus has launched an "NDC-X" program to push adoption and use cases for the International Air Transport Association's XML-based New Distribution Capability standard. Led by Amadeus VP Gianni Pisanello, the program will test and refine uses of NDC, working alongside its airline and travel-selling customers, according to Pisanello. The global distribution operator plans to have Web bookings that connect to airlines via NDC this year. By next year, it expects to add NDC service capabilities like ancillary purchases or changing tickets. "NDC has the potential to go beyond merchandizing; it could revolutionize how travel is bought and sold," Pisanello wrote in a blog post. "At the moment we are setting up a strong foundation, but it's what we will be able to do on top of that which is really exciting."

SAP Combines Transaction Fraud & Company Screening Tools into One Service

Business Travel News (BTN)·23 February 2018
Database storage and processing system SAP Hana has combined two tools into one: Users now can detect expenses that fall out of policy and screen "blacklisted" businesses or individuals in one solution, according to SAP senior director of solutions management Tomas Kong. Pricing for the solution, called Business Integrity Screening, is based on a company's revenue, just as the fraud management solution had been, and will cost less for clients who had used both solutions, he said. BIS can work with multiple expense systems and other solutions, not just SAP Concur. Clients can create rules for catching the anomalies, but the system also uses predictive

Meetings & Events Added $446B to U.S. Economy in 2016

Business Travel News (BTN)·23 February 2018
U.S. meetings, defined as having more than 10 participants and lasting at least four hours, generated $845 billion in economic output in 2016, contributing $446 billion to U.S. GDP, according to a report the Events Industry Council commissioned from Oxford Economics. The U.S. meetings industry also supported 5.9 million jobs?directly, indirectly and as those employees spent their wages in the broader economy?that paid $249 billion in labor income.

How Did Air & Hotel Suppliers Do in 2017?

Business Travel News (BTN)·22 February 2018
A roundup of BTN's coverage of key 2017 supplier metrics, as well as end-of-the-year earnings:

Airbnb's New Property Categories, Loyalty Plans & More

Business Travel News (BTN)·22 February 2018
Airbnb on Thursday launched a new road map for how the business will operate. The company estimates the changes, which apply to its core homes business, will help it reach more than 1 billion guests annually by 2028. Though the initiative is companywide, some of the changes will have a direct impact on the offerings for Airbnb's business travel base. "We want to become Airbnb for everyone," a spokesperson said. "Today's workforce is included in this goal. As we expand Airbnb to meet the needs of all travelers, we're taking the same approach with business travel."

AccorHotels Posts Positive 2017 Results & Promises Continued Acquisitions

Business Travel News (BTN)·21 February 2018
AccorHotels, which has been on a tear of acquisitions in the lodging space and elsewhere, will look to acquire additional businesses in 2018, according to chairman and CEO Sebastien Bazin. Bazin, during an overview of the company's full-year 2017 results and strategic plans, said Accor's strong performance gives it the means to continue to pursue acquisitions.

MagicStay Will Distribute Onefinestay Apartments

Business Travel News (BTN)·21 February 2018
MagicStay, a Paris-based apartment rental platform for business travelers, will distribute Onefinestay apartments. The properties will become part of MagicStay's Signature range of upscale and design apartments managed by professional agencies. More than 1,000 of Onefinestay's properties—in urban markets like London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles—will appear on the platform. AccorHotels owns Onefinestay.

Choice Hotels Touts Development Growth & New Tech

Business Travel News (BTN)·20 February 2018
For Choice Hotels International, 2017 marked its best development year since 2007, the company reported Tuesday. It awarded 704 franchise agreements across its system and in the U.S. opened 346 hotels, almost one per day. In addition to positive organic growth, the acquisition of WoodSpring Suites tripled the size of Choice's extended-stay footprint to more than 350 hotels. That transaction closed this month. "WoodSpring is a brand of tomorrow, still in the early growth stage of its brand life cycle," said Choice president and CEO Patrick Pacious. The brand joins other new-build brands in Choice's portfolio: Cambria, Sleep Inn, Mainstay Suites, Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites.

IHG Will Launch New Upscale Brand & Acquire in Luxury Space

Business Travel News (BTN)·20 February 2018
ess than a year after introducing a new brand in the midscale segment, InterContinental Hotels Group is looking to grow its stable of brands further, this time in the upscale and luxury spaces. IHG CEO Keith Barr, who took the helm of the organization in July, said research about its guests indicates consumers are looking for "something other than the big-box upscale hotel." The executive described the planned upscale offering as something "informal and differentiated, combined with the reassurance and quality standards of a branded chain."

Hyatt Beats Its Own 2017 Expectations

Business Travel News (BTN)·16 February 2018
Hyatt Hotels Corp. finished 2017 above the expectations, according to president & CEO Mark Hoplamazian. Full-year systemwide revenue per available room grew 3.3 percent year over year. Going into the fourth quarter, Hyatt had delivered guidance expecting growth between 2.5 percent and 3 percent. Fourth-quarter systemwide RevPAR increased 3.8 percent year over year. Both gains came more from rate increases than from occupancy. "Our strong finish in Q4 gives us confidence as we look forward to a solid year in 2018," Hoplamazian said.

How Trump's Budget Proposal Would Affect the Business Travel Industry

Business Travel News (BTN)·15 February 2018
The budget proposal President Donald Trump released this week would result in higher fees for air travelers and reduced funding for rail travel and rural air travel subsidies. Overall, the proposal cuts the Department of Transportation's budget 19.2 percent to $15.6 billion.

Better-Than-Expected Group & Corporate Demand Bolster Hilton in 2017

Business Travel News (BTN)·14 February 2018
Strong U.S. corporate transient and group business toward the latter half of 2017 gave Hilton's fourth-quarter and full-year results a boost heading into 2018, the company reported on Wednesday. Revenue per available room rose 3.8 percent year-over-year systemwide and 3.2 percent in the U.S. Hilton president CEO Chris Nassetta said the company is seeing particular strength in the corporate meetings segment, as 80 percent of its group meetings business is "already on the books" for 2018.


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