• Controllers, Drive Your Professional Development: Attend CHCC 2018

    Club and hotel controllers: Do not miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel and take control of your own professional development. The Club and Hotel Controllers Conference (CHCC) — co-located with the world’s largest hospitality technology show HITEC® Houston at the George R.

  • Paycheck Checkup: The IRS Encourages Taxpayers to Review Withholdings

    April 17, 2018: Tax day in the United States has come and gone. Individual taxpayers have filed all of their paperwork, and have either paid up the amount owed to the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or deposited their refunds in their bank accounts.

  • Is the Lodging Industry Ready for a 12th Edition of USALI?

    The 11th edition of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) went live on January 1, 2015. This edition presented multiple updates such as changes to the way customers were reported in food outlets, new rooms revenue and demand segmentation, gross versus net reporting, and the addition of a new schedule, Schedule 6 — Information and Telecommunications Systems.

  • What to Expect at HITEC Houston 2018: Elite Education, Exhibits, E20X and More

    HOUSTON: A booming cosmopolitan city that is home to more than 2 million Texans, NASA’s famous Johnson Space Center, and — in just two short months — the world’s largest hospitality exhibition HITEC®.

How To Avoid 8 Travel Scams That Are Costing You Serious Money | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·16 May 2018
With 500 online hotel bookings happening every minute, technology is transforming the way people book travel -- but it's also creating real problems. Travel fraud is on the rise, with one in four consumers being scammed , according to recent research from the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). The accused? Third-party travel resellers. And shady online marketing practices by these companies have led to 28.5 million fraudulent and misleading hotel bookings -- costing consumers a whopping $5.2 billion in 2107 alone.

Japan Is In Love With This Floating Hotel | forbes.com

Forbes.com · 7 May 2018
Guntu is a nineteen-room hotel floating in the Seto Inland Sea in southwestern Japan. The 266-foot ship sets sail from the Bella Vista Marina in Onomichi, a one-hour drive from Hiroshima Airport, which itself is just an 80-minute flight from both Tokyo and Seoul. From there, it embarks on a highly scenic route along the Chugoku and Shikoku coastlines, which feature multi-layered mountain ridgelines and sunsets worth writing home about. Guests can choose to stay one, two or three nights onboard, selecting between several distinct routes. Guntu's maiden voyage took place in October, 2017, and it's been delighting ever since.

Corinthia Hotel London Is Offering Guests A Look Into The Future | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·16 April 2018
Getting noticed in the ever more crowded field of luxury and lifestyle hotels is very, very hard. There are of course deals, such as fourth night free, room upgrades, free breakfasts and spa credits. But, what about people who aren't just looking for a deal? Hotels try everything from bringing in a Michelin chef to a popular food truck for a pop-up restaurant. In the spa, the more obscure the better. You'll find treatments using everything from chocolate to caviar and stuff you wouldn't want to read about if you happen to be sipping a coffee. And a normal butler is no longer enough. Let's try a bath butler, or a technology butler, anything to get a bit of PR. Whether most of these things actually are of interest to travelers is up for debate.The former general manager of a Four Seasons hotel once told me, "What guests really want is a nice, spotless room, a good bed, fast WiFi, and coffee that's hot and a croissant that's still warm and flaky when it's delivered by room service." I tend to agree, so out of the dozens of press releases that hit my inbox daily, virtually all of them are deleted after reading the headline. Sure it's nice that your pastry chef handcrafted some type of delights exclusively from artisan, locally sourced, farm to table ingredients and they are being served on china designed by a local artist who previously only worked with billionaires and royalty.

The Queen Mary Opens Up Its Haunted Hotel Suite For An Overnight Ghostly Experience | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·16 April 2018
The Queen Mary once labeled as one of the "Top 10 most haunted places on Earth" by Time Magazine, has launched its famously haunted Stateroom B340 for overnight guests starting this month. The first time I visited the ship I personally felt its ghostly vibe and was eager to explore areas previously not made available to visitors.The infamous stateroom has a large number of recorded paranormal activity with numerous stories of haunted encounters recorded in the ship's logs. Its dramatic history proves many lives were lost aboard the ship adding to the mystery of the famed ship.When WWII began in 1939, the Queen Mary was converted into a transport ship for Allied troops and was nicknamed "The Grey Ghost." Throughout the war, she transported 800,000 troops to Europe and in 1942 while carrying 10,000 troops she collided with her escort, the HMS Curacoa slicing it in half. Because of the threat of the enemy nearby, the Queen Mary was forced to leave the 239 crew and ship to perish beneath the sea. The Queen Mary was retired in 1967 after failing to attract popularity due to the advancements in air travel.

Must Love Planes: Airport Hotels That Slay | forbes.com

Forbes.com · 3 April 2018
You've seen them--aspiring passengers stuck in airport limbo, curled up on the edge of a busy corridor trying to catch some z's or turning a row of uncomfortable chairs into a makeshift bed for all to behold and hopefully not spill coffee on. Maybe a flight was cancelled or owing to a misconnect they're temporarily terminal-bound. While a layover of eight or nine hours doesn't automatically justify a stay in an airport hotel, sleeping in airports isn't best practices for any global traveler. What's more, airport hotels don't have to be depressing: there are some I'd stay in even if I didn't have a flight to catch. Hear me out.

Suites For Kids At Shangri-La Hotel Singapore Are Not To Be Believed | forbes.com

Forbes.com · 3 April 2018
The Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is taking its luxury family experience to another level. The hotel is now offering a variety of guest rooms, suites and play spaces---geared toward families with children. The rooms and play areas are a veritable Shangri-la for the hotel's youngest guests.The hotel is also making it easier for families to travel to Singapore, by providing a range of childcare amenities including children's furniture and equipment. Upon request, the hotel can provide such things as car seats for airport transfers, strollers, travel cots and high chairs as well as smaller items including bath time toys, bibs and sterilizers.

4 Reasons We Love New Orleans' NOPSI Hotel | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·30 March 2018
Like in Paris or Las Vegas, it takes a lot for a fresh business in New Orleans to turn heads. The Big Easy has seen just about every kind of hotel, restaurant or boutique open its doors over the years, so just saying you're new isn't much news around here.

What's the Cheapest Way to Book a Hotel Room? | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·29 March 2018
With an abundance of 3rd party hotel booking sites, it might seem like the best way to book a hotel room is from one of these "discount" websites. However, that isn't always the case and there are many cases when you should book your room directly from the hotel. As you'll see, the cheapest way to book a hotel room depends on a couple different factors.

A Nashville Hotel For Rock Stars To Create (Not Destroy) | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·28 March 2018
Rock stars have treated hotels with the same respect Godzilla shows Tokyo -- throwing televisions out of windows, driving motorcycles down hallways and nailing furniture to the ceiling. Nashville's Hutton Hotel may have the antidote to this animosity, with its newly-opened Analog, a 5000 square-foot performance space and bar, a connecting three-bedroom two-floor Hutton Suite (where musicians can roll out of bed and onto the stage), and two Writers' Rooms where they can record songs while on the road.

These 3 Female GMs Are Changing The Face of Hotel Management | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·27 March 2018
There are some hotels in which I immediately feel at home, although the reason isn't as obvious. It's not because of impeccable service; that should be a given. It's not because of beautiful decor or great food or a comfortable bed; it's more of an overall sense of warmth and belonging.The last few times I experienced that feeling, I tried to find something those specific hotels had in common. Tubac Golf Resort & Spa is an oasis in the Arizona desert. The Blackstone in Chicago is an iconic hotel with a rich history and gorgeous artwork. Kurhotel Skodsborg is the perfect wellness retreat on the coast of Denmark. What could these three properties possibly have in common?

Venice Travel Tips? This Luxury Hotel Concierge Tells All | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·26 March 2018
Venice is a tiny gem and Venice is a universe: 118 islands, 160 canals, 447 bridges and an unspecified number of dreams. Love it or hate it, there is no other place like it and there's no denying that Venice has not just centuries of history behind it but an air of mystery about it. I've always thought of Venice as the ultimate movie star: glamorous, secretive, perhaps a little vain but always primed to give a command performance.

15 Best Life Tips For You: From Top Hospitality Pros | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·23 March 2018
Which life-and-career advice do successful pros put front and center? I asked travel-and-culinary mavens for their most meaningful maxims, their guiding-light phrases -- and discovered that the simplest mottos inspire greatest strengths. These short (but mighty) behavior beacons have proved essential for the long haul:

How Hilton Uses Formula One To Drive Bookings | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·23 March 2018
When Formula One auto racing's season-opener in Australia gets under-way this weekend the eyes of the world will be on it. One sponsor has less reason to be worried about the outcome than the others.The result of a race is usually all-important for sponsors. The higher the race position of the cars their logos appear on, the more exposure they tend to get on television. On the other hand, the worst case scenario is that the cars crash as this puts the brakes on the TV exposure. One sponsor has managed to swerve around this risk.

IHG Is Buying Regent Hotels And Hong Kong Is Getting Its Regent Hotel Back | Forbes.com

Forbes.com ·15 March 2018
This morning's announcement that InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is acquiring a 51% stake in Regent Hotels & Resorts for $39 million in cash on the surface is a microscopic transaction, bringing aboard a mere six hotels and a pipeline of just three more properties. IHG already has over 5,000 properties, many under budget and cookie cutter brands such as Holiday Inn, Staybridge Suites and Crowne Plaza. From a financial perspective, in 2014, IHG paid $430 million in cash to acquire management contracts for Kimpton's 62 locations. Marriott International's purchase of Starwood Hotels and Resorts was pegged at $13 billion.For IHG, which said it wants to grow the brand to 40 hotels and 10,000 rooms, the deal is significant because it finally gives the group a true 5-star flag to compete against The Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis of Marriott International, Hilton's Waldorf Astoria, Park Hyatt and Four Seasons, which operates as the biggest monobrand luxury player. It also gives IHG a better proposition to hotel owners and developers as it competes for management deals with other fast-expanding uber luxury names such as Accor's Raffles, Dorchester Collection, Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, and New World's Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.

The Broadview Hotel's Executive Chef On How To Run A World-Class Restaurant | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·12 March 2018
Toronto has no shortage of restaurants. And after spending time in culinary school and the kitchen of a handful of serious restaurants in New York, John Sinopoli returned to Toronto try his hand at a hometown restaurant. His East end establishments have gone from strength to strength, ranging from Table 17, Ascari Enoteca and Gare de l'Est. Now Sinopoli has taken over the food service throughout Toronto's uncanny new boutique hotel The Broadview. From red-deer tartare to cognac-laced Chantilly cream splashed over brandy snaps, the menu is perfectly executed throughout.

Mandarin Oriental Creates New Fans of MO Loyalty Program | forbes.com

Forbes.com · 2 March 2018
Unlike the major chains, such as Marriott or Hilton, little luxury brand Mandarin Oriental has not had a formal loyalty program. Until now. The company just announced the launch of its new 'Fans of MO' scheme, which aims to reward loyal customers with on-property perks during their stays.

These 7 Unique Hotel Alternatives Make Everything Else Look Boring

Forbes.com · 9 February 2018
There's nothing wrong with a good hotel stay. Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt... you name it, I've stayed there. But sometimes, you want a new experience - something beyond the patterned carpet and branded stationery on the desk. Of course, in most cases, you can't redeem or earn credit cards rewards at hotel alternatives, but it's good to mix it up every now and then. So when you get sick of staying in an ordinary, sometimes boring hotel, here are seven alternatives you could sleep at instead.Stay in a BubbleOne of the most interesting places to stay might be in a bubble. In fact, they're so neat, bubble hotels keep popping up all around the world!Bubble accommodations are exactly what you'd expect, and then some. These climate-controlled domes offer comfortable sleeping arrangements, a 360-degree view, and some even offer bathrooms and showers! You'll enjoy perfect temperatures year-round while watching the night sky from your plush bed.buubble.comStaying at a bubble is an alternative to a hotel stay.Some bubble rooms, such as the 5 Million Star Hotel in Iceland, allow you to see more than just the stars - here, you have a chance at watching the Northern Lights from your warm bed! The hotel even offers a package experience, ensuring you not only have the best chance of viewing the spectacular light show, but also experience the area's hot springs and national park.Others, like the Attrap'Reves in France, give you options to choose from. The chain has five locations throughout France, each offering unique themes and amenities. Some bubbles are entirely transparent, giving you a stunning experience underneath the stars. Other bubbles are partially-transparent, allowing for both a unique stay and the level of privacy with which you're comfortable.There are a number of other bubble hotels in countries across the world, each with their own unique views and personalities.Stay in a SiloIf you happen to be in New Zealand and want to stay somewhere you've definitely never stayed before, check out SiloStay. There, you can enjoy a full-service visit in one of their converted silo apartments.This unique property allows you to stay in one of their many silos, which include a kitchenette, stove, and even a glass shower. The interior design is modern and aesthetic, blending an industrial feel with all of the comforts of home - just in a "round"-about way.Sleep in a TreehousePart-childhood nostalgia, part-outdoorsy excitement, the treehouse lodging concept offers guests the chance to reconnect with nature.treehousepoint.comStaying in an actual treehouse can be an adventure.Retreats like Treehouse Point in Fall City, Washington have a number of stand-alone treehouses available for your overnight stay. You can enjoy being one with nature, or shut the windows and enjoy your elevated stay without worry of bugs. The hotel offers homemade breakfast and WiFi, too... what more could you need?Stay in the SkyIf you aren't scared of heights and want a killer view that's unparalleled, the Skylodge Adventure Suites in Sacred Valley, Peru can give you just that.naturavive.comNot for those scared of heights.The hotel offers sleeping quarters that could make even the biggest adventurers' hearts race: clear, polycarbonate-and-aluminum pods. Each of these pods is secured to the side of a mountain above the Urubamba Valley with steel cables, giving you a view of the night sky above and the steep terrain below.The pods are 24x8 feet and also include private bathrooms (and curtains, if you want more privacy). They're powered by solar panels, so you can enjoy modern luxuries, even whilst suspended 400m off the ground.Dream UnderwaterNow, here's something you've definitely never done before: sleep underwater.At the Manta Resort in Tanzania, you can stay in the Underwater Room. This hut in the middle of the water has three levels. The main floor, just above the water line, has both a lounge area and a private bathroom. Climb up the ladder onto the roof, and you can spend your days sunbathing and your evenings stargazing.The real experience, though, is when you go below to the third level, or your bedroom. There, you'll find a luxurious double bed, surrounded on all sides by panes of glass and clear, turquoise water. During the day, you can watch unique species of fish float by. At night, underwater spotlights illuminate the area around your room, allowing you to see the more shy creatures - such as an octopus or squid.Sleep in IceYou may have visited an ice bar once or twice, but chances are that you've never stayed in an ice hotel room. Well, thanks to IceHotel 365, you now can.icehotel.comLooks cold!This Swedish hotel was founded in 1989 and has been creating new and exciting ice exhibits each winter ever since. Now, however, the hotel - only 200km north of the Arctic Circle- has introduced IceHotel 365, a year-round experience that allows guests to stay in an all-ice luxury suite, even in the middle of summer.The IceHotel offers both hot and cold rooms, and even the ice suite has a heated lounge area. They also offer a year-round ice bar and ice gallery, for visitors who may not want to opt for such chilly overnight accommodations.Dream in a SphereAnother unique North American option is the Free Spirit Spheres, located on Canada's Vancouver Island. These cedar, spruce, and fiberglass tree houses lie nestled in the middle of the rainforest.They aren't large - Eve, the original sphere, is only 9' in diameter - but are perfect for a solo traveler or couple looking for a romantic getaway. The spheres offer small electric heaters, a small kitchen area, and even a hardwired speaker system.Stay Somewhere NewThe next time you're thinking about traveling, hold off on using those hotel rewards points. With accommodations like a rainforest tree house, Northern Lights-viewing bubble, and mountainside capsule, why would you ever settle for a boring ol' hotel chain?

Budding Moguls Get Inside Hotel Industry At ALIS Conference | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·30 January 2018
Last week the big news in the hotel industry was Wyndham Worldwide acquiring the La Quinta chain for some $1.95 billion. But that news was secondary at last week's American Lodging Investment Summit, universally referred to as ALIS, held at the swanky J.W. Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The World Of The Five-Star Hotel Cat | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·26 January 2018
Happy is the life of the hotel cat. Well, in the right sort of hotel and with the right sort of cat. Take Fa-Raon, a Birman with piercing blue eyes. At Le Bristol, he has a 3-Michelin starred kitchen to indulge his dietary whims, an entire salon to attend to his grooming needs and the Paris hotel gardens to stroll about. He also has a personal apartment to retreat to, decorated by the graffiti artist Renk.

Is Airbnb Really Cheaper Than A Hotel Room In The World's Major Cities? [Infographic] | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·24 January 2018
These days traveling is arguably more affordable than ever before, thanks to budget airlines and ride-sharing, among many other factors. When it comes to finding a place to stay, however, a traditional hotel room will still cost you a pretty penny most of the time. Thankfully, the rise of the sharing economy has given people traveling on a budget a multitude of options to get around pricey hotel rooms, whether it's couch surfing or Airbnb. Both of these services definitely give hotels a run for their money but how much can the latter actually save you in major cities around the globe?

When History Goes Hip: How The UK's Country House Hotel Scene Is Being Reinvented | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·17 January 2018
The UK's country house scene is having a moment. Where once many of these stately homes-turned-hotels offered little more than too much chintz, tired rooms and overblown, fussy service, these days innovative hoteliers are putting in place a new vision to refresh their historic rooms. The result is the opening of a new batch of glorious properties to entice a modern-day traveller.

From Do Not Disturb To Deportation, Hotel Privacy Makes News | forbes.com

Forbes.com · 9 January 2018
Hotel privacy is not something most of us give a lot of thought to. We expect privacy in the hotel rooms we pay for, but not, perhaps, in the corridors, public spaces and elevators. "Hotel guests do not have the same right to privacy that they do in their home or even their car," says Professor Stephen Barth, an attorney and professor at Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston.

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in Hospitality and Tourism | forbes.com

Forbes.com · 3 January 2018
In the past few months, we've been looking at digital transformation trends in different industries like healthcare, retail, finance, and media and entertainment. Today, we look at an industry that's been completely turned on its head in recent years, due to extreme digital transformation: tourism and hospitality.

Dog Friendly: Hilton Launches New Pet-Centric Hotel Chain | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·22 December 2017
Paying attention to the fitness needs of travelers has become increasingly important to hotels. As brands compete for customers, wellness and workout amenities are getting great consideration, and the bar is continually being raised, with significant upgrades coming to the market recently. But there is ample evidence that shows that pet owners are more active and get additional health benefits, and I know that nothing gets me moving more than having to walk and exercise my dog. In addition, I don't want to have to leave my beloved pet home when I travel, so as a result, there is no amenity I like more in a hotel than being dog friendly.

My 10 Favorite Hotels And Resorts Of The Year 2017 | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·19 December 2017
For the last several years, I have closed out December here at Forbes.com with round-ups of the Travel Year in Review for Best Hotels, 10 Best Restaurants and the Best & Worst of Aviation. It's that time again, so as 2017 winds to a close, I'm reflecting on the past 12 months in travel. Today I am revisiting the 10 best hotel experiences I had in 2017. Many of these were new or importantly renovated properties, but some were time tested classics - what they all had in common was that I stayed and critically experienced their charms firsthand. There's a lot of noise out there covering the hotel space, including lots of "previews" by people who have never actually been, so to help give passionate travelers the very best info, in the past few years I launched two other Forbes.com resources to make it easier to find critical info, the Hotel Test Drives and Hotels I Love columns. Hotel Test Drives focuses on new and smaller market properties, while only the best of the world's best hotels make the highest bar, my Hotels I Love column, which was reorganized into a more convenient users' guide last year.

The Best Hotel Rewards Programs | forbes.com

Forbes.com ·11 December 2017
New rankings from The Points Guy, a popular website dedicated to airline and hotel loyalty points, suggest that Starwood hotels may have the best rewards program for frequent travelers. The study comes on the heels of similar rankings from J.D. Power that suggest that Marriott Rewards may have the most satisfying loyalty program for mainstream travelers (Starwood was ranked #5 in that case).


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