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  • HFTP Research Report: Pre-opening Expenditures in Hospitality

    A study of the pre-opening budget; the timeline for these expenditures; timeline for onboarding of staff; and the selection, installation and training of the technology component. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.

  • New Global Directors Join the 2018-2019 HFTP Board

    The HFTP 2018-2019 Global Board of Directors was installed during the association's 2018 Annual Convention and introduces new directors Toni Bau, Carson Booth, CHTP and Mark Fancourt. These extensive director profiles give insight into the distinguished professions and personal goals of HFTP's newest association leaders.

  • Letter from the HFTP Global President: At the End of the Year, We Reflect on the Best of the Year

    As we prepare to transition to the new HFTP Global board at the 2018 Annual Convention in October, I would like to take the time to reflect on my year serving as HFTP Global president.

  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: MOUs Explained

Horwath ·11 February 2019
The negotiation of a hotel management agreement is a complex process, typically preceded by the negotiation of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or a letter of intent. The MOU sets out the prime commercial terms presented by the operator on which the hotel management agreement package will later be drafted. Missing out on resolving issues at this preparatory phase may lead to either party finding itself in an unfavorable position when the management agreement package arrives. Horwath HTL Health & Wellness clarifies the rationale behind key terms and common issues that arise during the negotiation process, and discusses specifics and benchmarks related to wellness resorts and wellness real estate developments.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: India Hotel Market Review 2018

Horwath ·11 February 2019
The India Hotel Market Review 2018 is a collaboration between Horwath HTL and STR.In this report, we examine Occupancy, Average Daily Rate and Revenue Per Available Room for several key markets. We have concentrated upon all-India numbers and 13 key markets, which carry 67% of total chain-owned/managed/affiliated inventory.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Asia pacific chains report 2019

Horwath ·11 February 2019
Horwath HTL are delighted to announce the launch of the 2018 Asia Pacific Hotel Chains & Hotels Report. 11 key markets in Asia Pacific are highlighted, examining the relationship between branded hotels and their independent counterparts. Who has the most successful brands? Who is growing the fastest? Which market has the least amount of hotels connected to a brand? Who has the most? All of these questions and many more are answered in this comprehensive industry report, now available for free from the Horwath HTL website. Enjoy!

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Rwanda

Horwath · 6 December 2018
Rwanda is no longer a newcomer into the tourism scene - it has paved its own way to becoming a leading eco-tourism and MICE destination, anchored in its vision, values, aspirations and leadership. Now is the time to invest in this country full of opportunities and possibilities.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Koh Samui Top-tier Hotels

Horwath ·27 November 2018
The emergence of Koh Samui as an alternative playground for well-heeled beach vacationers has led to the recent blossoming of five star and luxury resorts. New wealth has shifted east towards China and so does a surge of outbound getaway travellers. An upmarket position of Bangkok Airways and its control over the charming resort-like Samui International Airport present a good contrast to mass market orientation of Asian beach destinations like Phuket and Bali, and match well with a boutique concept and design of sprawling high-end resorts on the tropical paradise island. This latest report by Horwath HTL Thailand provides great insight into trends and outlook of Koh Samuis top-tier hotel market.

The Rise of Brands: 2018 Chains and Hotels Report

Horwath ·21 November 2018
Horwath HTL, the global leader in hospitality consulting, announced the launch of the 2018 European Chains and Hotels report.The report, in its second edition, looks at the relationship between Chain and Branded hotels and the rest of the hotel industry.The report focuses on 12 key markets and the performance of Chain hotels and hotel bedrooms, both domestic and international Brands versus the market as a whole. The data shows the growth of Chain hotels and the different market segments they cover, looks at how these hotels and companies are expanding and adding new Brands.This edition contains year on year growth data for all the key indices as well as charts for all the top groups and their brands on a county by country basis.The report is available for download for free from Chappell, Global Business Director of Horwath HTL said "This report is fascinating for many reasons, especially at a moment of such high merger and acquisition activity in the industry. Europe as a whole is far less saturated with branded hotels than you might expect, particularly compared to the United States. As the model for expansion and development in the industry evolves, we can look at where these brands are landing, what success they are having in each market and whether markets are producing local competitors to the international giants. The key takeaway from this report is that there is still a huge amount of potential growth."

Coworking hotels: new hotel concept for millennials and 'digital nomads'

Horwath ·20 November 2018
The new concept of coworking hotels is on the rise, according to research by Horwath HTL. In coworking hotels the hotel facilities are integrated with coworking spaces, where hotel guests and locals gather to work and meet. In this way, coworking hotels offer a hybrid of working, sleeping and living, that anticipates the needs of millennials and the strong growing group of digital nomads.In coworking hotels the hotel room is no longer the primary product. For the modern hotel guest the workplace is almost as important as the room, if not more important. Coworking hotels offer a lively, central place where the guests have diverse opportunities to work alone or together. The most successful coworking hotels create a community and organise events, which can facilitate connections between the guests themselves, but also with the locals. By integrating the combination of work facilitites, home facilities, and leisure facilities and by offering hospitality services, coworking hotels are anticipating the needs of digital nomads.The term 'Digital nomads' represents the growing group of people who, thanks to the internet, work remotely and can work and communicate at any time anywhere in the world. Driven by globalisation and the 'gig' economy, the current generation of millennials especially benefits from flexible work hours and autonomy over their workplace and work style. The number of coworking members is expected to increase from 1.2 million in 2017 to 3.8 million in 2020 according to Emergent Research.The increase in number of digital nomads aound the world has led to an increase in coworking spaces. In 2020 this number is expected be doubled from 13,800 to 26,000 coworking spaces worldwide. This is also influencing the office market. By offering flexible workplaces, real estate can be used more efficiently. A logical result is to accommodate the travelling digital nomads. In addition, offices are not used in the evenings and on weekends, which are the moments hotels are generally the busiest. Both industries are anticipating the rise of digital nomads.Industry Report Coworking HotelsThe industry report on coworking hotels is a publication of consultancy firm Horwath HTL. The report shows the results that derive from the data collected by desk research and semi structured interviews. The nine industry experts who contributed to the report are active in the hotel industry, coworking industry or in a combination of both industries in The Netherlands. The publication on coworking hotels is now available.Horwath HTLHorwath HTL is an international consultancy firm specialised in hotels tourism and leisure with 45 offices in 38 countries. In The Netherlands Horwath HTL is located in Hilversum. Besides the industry reports Horwath HTL publishes the HOSTA report (Hotel Statistics), Compensation & Benefits for the Dutch Hotel Industry and the GOSTA (Golf Statistics) periodically. More information can be found on our website:

Belgium hotel market recovers from terror attacks

Horwath ·27 September 2018
The hotel market in Belgium has recovered from the downturn following the terrorist attacks in Brussels in 2016. This is shown in the annual HOSTA report from hotel consultant Horwath HTL. The hotel occupancies, which dropped considerably in 2016, are back at the level from before the attacks. The average room rates are also showing an increase.Recovery of occupancyThe average occupancy of the Belgian hotels increased from 66.1% in 2016 to 71.7% in 2017, the analysis from Horwath HTL shows. Before the terror attacks, in 2015, the occupancy was 72.8%. In 2018, the occupancy is expected to continue to rise, to 73.6%.After the terror attacks in Brussels, on 22. March 2016, the demand for hotel rooms in decreased considerably. The average occupancies in Belgium, already slightly down in January and February, dropped by more than 15 percentage points in the months of April to October, according to figures from STR. In Brussels, occupancies decreased by more than 20 percentage points. Per annum, the occupancy in Brussels dropped from 72.7% in 2015 to 66.6% in 2016. In November and December however, a light increase was already noticeable. The recovery continued in the first months of 2017, and from March onward the occupancies increased by double figures. For the whole of 2017, the average occupancy in Brussels was 71.9%. In 2018, the occupancy is expected to increase to 73.1%.Increased room rates and higher profitsThe average room rates of the hotels in Belgium increased from EUR 91 in 2016 to EUR 96 in 2017. Despite the terror attacks, the average room rates had only decreased slightly in 2016: in 2015 the average room rate was EUR 92. For 2018, a further increase to EUR 97 is expected.The RevPAR, or Revenue Per Available Room, increased from EUR 60 to EUR 69, due to both the increased occupancies and the increased average room rates. The total revenues per room increased by approximately 20%. As the costs increased at a lesser rate than the revenues, the average gross operating profit per hotel room increased by 28%.Tourists have returnedThe research from Horwath HTL shows that the share of tourist guests increased strongly in 2017, from 37% to 46%. Taking into account the higher occupancies in 2017, the total number of tourist guest nights per hotel room increased by 35%.Due in part to the strong increase in the tourist segment, the market share of the other segments decreased. The market share of business guests decreased from 35% to 30%, while the market share of conference guests decreased from 13% to 12%. Tour groups also decreased, from 11% to 8%. Only the market share of aircrew and other guests remained stable at 4%.HOSTA 2018The HOSTA 2018 report is published by consulting firm Horwath HTL. The report contains the results of the hotel market in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. A total of 500 hotels in the Benelux participated in the research.Horwath HTLHorwath HTL is an international consulting firm in the Hotel, Tourism and Leisure industries, with 45 offices in 38 countries. In the Netherlands, Horwath HTL is located in Hiilversum. In addition to the annual HOSTA report, Horwath HTL publishes the Compensation & Benefits for the Dutch Hotel Industry and the GOSTA report on golf courses. For more information please visit

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Auckland Hotel Market Outlook

Horwath ·18 September 2018
This market report from Horwath HTL New Zealand examines the possible implications of the current development pipeline for operators, investors and financiers.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Sydney Australia

Horwath · 2 August 2018
Sydney's hotel performance has been powering ahead, buoyed by a resilient economy and strong tourism growth. The city's hotels are now posting RevPAR figures some $52 higher than the next best performing market, Melbourne. Horwath HTL Australia examines if the city can keep the streak going, or will new supply take the wind out of their sails?

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Wellness-themed vs Wellness Hospitality

Horwath ·31 July 2018
With the rise of the global wellness industry, many hospitality companies increasingly incorporate various elements of wellness into their product and service offering. The reality is that merely highlighting healthy features or amenities is 'well-washing' and confuses developers and consumers alike.For a true wellness development, hospitality experts have to take into account multiple dimensions, including the choice of materials, usage of biophilic design, incorporating wellness into the overall master plan, and creating social spaces for guests to connect and engage.Horwath HTL Health & Wellness clarifies some of the key industry terms and outline characteristics of wellness-themed hospitality solutions versus true wellness developments.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Senegal: Tourism and Hotel Market Overview

Horwath ·18 July 2018
As a model of democracy, Senegal has also one of the most resilient economies in West Africa. Thanks to dynamic business and leisure tourism boosted by major public infrastructure projects, the country succeeds in captivating international investor's interest. As a consequence, writes the team from Horwath HTL Ivory Coast, Dakar's hotel pool has further strengthened whilst secondary clusters are developing at a steady pace (mainly in Petite Cote region, Diamniadio).

Horwath HTL Industry Report: New Zealand Tourism & Hotel Market Overview

Horwath · 5 July 2018
The performance of the New Zealand hotel industry improved for the fifth year in a row in 2017, on the back of continuing strong growth in inbound international visitor arrivals, and almost no growth in room supply. New supply is starting to come on stream, occupancy growth is slowing, the supply pipeline is strong, and there is competition from Airbnb. But the mood of the industry is buoyant, writes Stephen Hamilton, of Horwath HTL New Zealand.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Hotel Chains Market Germany: Snapshot Berlin

Horwath · 2 July 2018
In our report series we first take a glance at the German hotel chains market in general as well as on the markets of the three German Top cities measured by stock of branded hotels. In this first edition, from Horwath HTL Germany, we start with a snapshot on the capital Berlin, followed by Munich and Hamburg.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Dutch Hotel City Index 2018: Ranking Dutch Hotel Cities

Horwath ·29 June 2018
Since the hotel development stop in Amsterdam, investment opportunities in the Dutch capital are becoming rare. Deal-makers will need to look further: where will they head next? Horwath HTL Netherlands has created the Dutch City Hotel Index 2018, a ranking of the Dutch cities that are most attractive for hotel investors. After the 'Big Four' cities, interesting investment opportunities can be found in Haarlemmermeer, Almere, Leiden and Eindhoven. In these cities the local GDP growth has outpaced the national growth rate. Furthermore, the pipeline shows a range of attractive new hotels.

Millennials as Guests and Employees: Who they are and what they want - A Horwath Report

Horwath ·27 June 2018
Making up the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, Millennials are changing the game. But trying to figure out what makes Millennials tick can drive hoteliers to despair: Who are these Millennials and what do they want? The Bad News: The hospitality industry will not be spared from them. The Good News: Understanding the Millennial's particularities as employees and guests in hotels can help hoteliers gain an edge over competitors. Horwath HTL Atlanta gives you the low-down.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Asia Pacific - F&B is back on the table

Horwath ·17 May 2018
There was a time when many of a city's best restaurants were in hotels, but in most modern metropolises today, the independent restaurant and bar scene puts hotel outlets to shame. This does not mean we can or should give up on quality hotel F&B. As F&B revenues still represent a significant portion of total revenue in top tier hotels across key markets in APAC, the financial and experiential impact of F&B cannot be ignored. Sam Sheldon from Horwath HTL Singapore, says that the answer, is to put the right effort into developing a concept that is modern, relevant, smart and targeted.

Horwath HTL Industry Report: Asia Pacific - Quality F&B Is Back On The Table

Horwath ·17 May 2018
There was a time when many of a city's best restaurants were in hotels, but in most modern metropolises today, the independent restaurant and bar scene puts hotel outlets to shame. This does not mean we can or should give up on quality hotel F&B. As F&B revenues still represent a significant portion of total revenue in top tier hotels across key markets in APAC, the financial and experiential impact of F&B cannot be ignored.Sam Sheldon from Horwath HTL Singapore, says that the answer, is to put the right effort into developing a concept that is modern, relevant, smart and targeted.

Horwath HTL Market Report: Asia Pacific: Regional Tourism Trends

Horwath · 2 May 2018
Asia Pacific is emerging as one of the most dynamic regions for world tourism, with tourist arrivals expected to reach 535 million by 2030. Fuelled by strong GDP growth rates, growing middle class, and rising disposable income, the region's thriving tourism industry continues to show vigorous progress. This report from Horwath HTL Singapore looks at different trends shaping Asia Pacific's tourism development, including the dynamism of Asia's intraregional market, particularly the relevance of China, as well as the potential of domestic market. It further looks into the change in travellers' preference and technological developments that influenced the tourism development in the region.

Horwath HTL Market Report China Hotels Deals Signing

Horwath ·27 April 2018
In the past few years, China has become a popular country for hotel investment. Hotel deals signed by international hotel management companies (HMCs) keep growing, especially midscale hotel deals. HMCs have adjusted their strategic layout and started to pay attention to the midscale hotel market. Meanwhile, more investors have started to focus on ROI instead of just chasing trophy assets that don't make money. In order to gain a better understanding of this latest trend, the team at Horwath HTL China Beijing, analyzes the data of midscale and above hotel brand deals, signed by international HMCs, to provide a comprehensive interpretation for investors and operators.

Horwath HTL Market Report: Canada Hotels & Chains Trends

Horwath ·20 April 2018
The Canadian hotel industry has been flushed with news of mergers and acquisitions in recent years, while many of the major hotel companies have, and continue to, announce new brands within their portfolio, all designed to fit the needs of the ever-evolving hotel consumer.Horwath HTL Canada have prepared the latest Market Report in order to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the hotels brands operating within the Canadian hospitality landscape. With over two-thirds of the hotel inventory being made up of hotels consisting of less than 50 rooms, it is not surprising that branded hotels make up only 26% of the Canadian hotel inventory. However, in terms of guestrooms, these hotels accounts for more than half of the national volume of available guestrooms.This report will provide an overview of Canadian hotel brands, including a distribution of brands by chain scale, by province and by key city as well as an indication of the key performance indicators by chain scale over the past five years.Click here to download our report

Horwath HTL Market Report: Albania - The (Last) Undiscovered Pearl In The Mediterranean

Horwath ·13 April 2018
When it comes to travel, one can argue that there are few stones that have been left unturned in Europe, but one of those is certainly Albania. In many ways Albania is the missing part of the Mediterranean tourism puzzle. In this latest report, Sinisa TopalovicandIva Rasica from Horwath HTL, Croatia examine the status quo in Albanias tourism sector, and the reasons why now is the time to invest.Click here to download our report

Horwath HTL Market Report: Wuhan, China - Upper-Tier Hotel Market

Horwath · 9 April 2018
Gary Shao, from Horwath HTL, Shanghai, has produced the latest market report from China. Wuhan is the provincial capital of Hubei and the largest economy in central China. Given the city's rapid expansion powered by several major developments, the Wuhan hotel market is experiencing severe competition, coupled with a large number of new hotel additions expected to open in the near future.

Horwath HTL Market Report: United States Lodging Trends

Horwath ·21 February 2018
Michael P. Cummings and John Fareed, Managing Directors of Horwath HTL in New York NY, Norfolk VA, and Orlando FL, have written the 2018 Issue of our latest US Hotel Review.After the turmoil years in 2008-2009, operating fundamentals have stabilized with normalized supply growth and increasing demand. Fareed and Cummings overview for 2017 highlights the latest market performance for the United States covering supply and demand, occupancy rates, average daily rates and revenue per available room.Click here to download our report

Horwath HTL Market Report: India

Horwath · 7 February 2018
The India Hotel Review Report 2017 is a collaboration between Horwath HTL and STR.In this report we examine Occupancy, Average Daily Rate and Revenue Per Available Room for several key markets. Besides assessing the performance of 13 major markets which account for almost 70% of India's branded inventory, this year we have taken a dipstick on the performance of newer markets across the country. 2017 will be associated with two defining events - the liquor ban for bars located 500m from highways and GST.

Horwath HTL Market Report: Bali

Horwath · 7 February 2018
Bali's Mt. Agung's awakening in October last year created doomsday global news headlines. In what had been up to that point, a record setting year, suddenly had hoteliers scrambling to fill rooms and going into damage control.The Bali Hotel & Hotel Residences Market Update takes a critical look at the trading impact of the event and more importantly takes a pragmatic view of the changing tourism landscape of the Island of the Gods. As China grabs center stage from the legacy Australian core international market, find out what's inside the bounce back and what to expect in 2018.


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