New Trump Travel Ban Also Includes Venezuela and North Korea - Destinations - 25 September 2017
Travelers from eight countries will face restrictions on entry to the U.S, ranging from a total ban to more targeted restrictions, under a new proclamation signed by President Donald Trump Sunday.

Southbound Lanes at U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing Closes for Weekend Repairs - Destinations - 23 September 2017
People kicking off fall vacations in Mexico this weekend won’t be able to use the nation’s busiest border crossing to get there. The southbound lanes of the San Ysidro crossing connecting San Diego to Tijuana closed at 3 a.m. Saturday and will remain closed until noon Monday for work on a $741 million expansion project.

Trump Travel Ban Deadline Will Produce New Country-By-Country Restrictions - Destinations - 23 September 2017
The next version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban could include new, more tailored restrictions on travelers from additional countries. The Department of Homeland Security has recommended the president impose the new, targeted restrictions on foreign nationals from countries it says refuse to share sufficient information with the U.S. or haven’t taken necessary security precautions. The restrictions could vary by country, officials said.

London's Uber ban a warning to Airbnb

Hotel Management - 22 September 2017
In a blow to the tech-heavy sharing economy, London’s transportation regulation agency Transport for London deemed Uber “unfit” to run a taxi service on Friday and stripped it of its license to operate in the city. The rule will take effect on September 30 in what Reuters is calling “a major blow” to the ride-sharing service and its 3.5 million users in the UK’s capital. The company has 21 days to appeal in Britain’s courts—it immediately vowed to do so—and will be allowed to continue operating in the city during the appeal process.

Uber Can Continue in London Through Appeal

Business Travel News (BTN) - 22 September 2017
London taxi and car-for-hire regulator Transport for London informed Uber for London that its private-hire operator license will not be renewed. The license expires a week from tomorrow, on Sept. 30. However, Uber can appeal by Oct. 13, based on the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998, and can continue to operate until the end of the appeals process. "TfL considers that Uber's approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility," according to a statement that cited "potential public safety and security implications." Those include reporting serious criminal offenses, how drivers' medical certificates are obtained, driver screening and Uber's explanation of software that might have blocked regulators from performing their duties.

Skift Podcast: How London is Powering a Travel Startup Cluster - Digital - 21 September 2017
London and Partners, in partnership with The Trampery, opened The Travel Tech Lab in 2014 to create a global hub for innovation in travel, tourism and hospitality. Three years later, we’re taking a deeper look at London’s first incubator space focusing exclusively on the travel and technology industry.

How Is Regulatory Reform Likely to Proceed?

CFO Magazine - 21 September 2017
The great debate over the shape of post-crisis financial regulation is in full swing, with the House of Representatives, federal financial regulators, and the Trump administration all having staked out their positions on reforming the financial services industry.

Credibility key to land financing for Italy development Featured Articles - 21 September 2017
Despite chronicled stress on Italian banks, hotel development is possible and finance is available to developers who do their homework and have a solid track record and contacts, sources said. Italy is lagging behind some of its Mediterranean neighbors in terms of hotel projects securing finance and getting off the ground, according to sources. Sources said Italy’s lending uncertainty is affecting the hotel industry by compelling developers, owners and operators to be even more diligent in doing their homework and presenting ironclad business and financing plans. The Italian banking system started experiencing some distress in 2016, and the most notable evidence was the nationalization of its third largest bank, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which also is widely acknowledged to be the world’s oldest surviving bank.

A Progressive Nonprofit Puts Airbnb on Watch·Requires Registration - 21 September 2017
For many, Airbnb is the bugaboo of the hospitality industry. On behalf of hoteliers everywhere, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has sought to shine a light on the major concerns growing out of the popularity of home-sharing websites—specifically, “illegal hotels,” the lack of oversight and adherence to regulations and taxes, as well as the potential degradation of residential communities as a result. The association is not alone in this fight.

Accounting for Loss

Club & Resort Business - Management - 21 September 2017
Bogey Hills CC is on a fast track to recovery from a devastating clubhouse fire. Along the way, its owners have learned valuable lessons about sound insurance practices that every club should follow. Shortly before midnight on February 16 of this year, fire companies from St. Charles, Mo., and surrounding communities responded to reports that the three-story, wooden clubhouse of Bogey Hills Country Club was fully engulfed in flames.

French President Emmanuel Macron's policies are proving a boost to France's hotels

Hotel Management - 20 September 2017
The French economy is now on the rise following several years of stagnation as the country recovered slowly from the impact of the global financial crisis. During the really tough years, growth in real GDP was limited in 2014/15 and 16 to 0.9 percent, 1.1 percent and 1.2 percent, respectively—a pace not sustained enough to reduce the endemic French unemployment rate, sitting at around 10 percent. However, French President Emmanuel Macron, only 39 years old, is paving the way for a new boost for the country, including loosening labor rules and cutting corporate taxes.

Hotel Chain Cancellation Fees Spur Need for Superior Data

Business Travel News (BTN) - 20 September 2017
Major hotel chains’ recent expansions of their advance-cancellation penalties reflect a lack of understanding of the potential costs for corporate hotel programs. These changes bring yet another new element to the hotel sourcing process: Now buyers need to better track their programs’ metrics on hotel cancellations, when they take place and the costs/pain threshold of their specific program objectives. Back-of-the-envelope assumptions rarely satisfy CFO queries; travel managers need to have answers ready for their bosses as the impact of these changes on 2018 budgets comes into focus.

Is occupancy or rate more important to the bottom line? Featured Articles - 20 September 2017
The age-old question for hotels is which performance metric ultimately has a greater impact on profitability: occupancy or rate? For total transparency, I’ll answer this question upfront—there is no right answer. There are too many variables in the industry to make a claim this bold, such as additional revenue streams and general cost control, which are two crucial elements, to say the least.

Hurricane Harvey Buffets Builder Confidence

CFO Magazine - 19 September 2017
The recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida appear to have shaken the confidence of home builders. The National Association of Home Builders on Monday reported that its housing market index (HMI) fell 3 points to 64 in September amid concerns that the hurricanes will make it difficult for builders to find workers and materials. The August reading was revised downward by a point.

Don't look for the magic financial solution - 19 September 2017
We are all familiar with the American Sunday ritual of turning left several hundred times, cold beer, BBQ and T-shirts. I have long been a big fan and there is a great story and parallel to financial leadership I want to tell you about. It relates to one of my favorite drivers, Mark Martin.

Lawsuit doesn't always mean a hotel is at fault

Hotel Management - 18 September 2017
A hat trick for hotels! In three recent cases of interest, the hotels prevailed. Let’s take a look. The first involved a woman who fell on a wrinkled floor mat and broke her arm in the lobby of defendant Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. The hotel had laid the mat because of rain. The plaintiff argued that either the mat was crumpled as it was laid, or the rumple was present for a long enough time that the hotel should have discovered and corrected it. She had no evidence of either. Without proof, plaintiff loses. Case dismissed.

Rope Tightens Around Global Tax Avoidance

CFO Magazine - 18 September 2017
The OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project, with an overall goal of reducing global loss of tax revenues due to double non-taxation, has created the need for careful monitoring of developments in international tax law. Christopher Howe Christopher Howe Universal revenue needs are fueling an unprecedented period of international cooperation on taxation, marked by the implementation of new information-exchange protocols between countries and stringent national and international anti-tax-avoidance rules. Like it or not, the playing field is being redesigned to switch focus from whether income will be taxed, to where it will be taxed.

Debt Limit Gums Up Treasury's Plan for Supply Bump as Fed Tapers

National Real Estate Investor (NREI) - 18 September 2017
The U.S. Treasury has been planning for years how to deal with the funding gap set to open up when the Federal Reserve begins unwinding its $2.5 trillion hoard of the government’s debt. Now there’s a new wrinkle to prepare for, as the latest deal to extend the nation’s debt limit complicates matters for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin just as the Fed is expected to unveil the start of its balance-sheet reduction.

De Vere gets new start with Starwood Capital investment Featured Articles - 18 September 2017
The De Vere brand has gone through numerous spinoffs, sales, additions and distress but has been relaunched with an investment by Starwood Capital as part of Principal Hotel Company. After De Vere announced Thursday the brand was being relaunched with a £100-million ($135.8 million) investment by Starwood Capital, brand COO Laurie Nicol said the relaunch “signifies a new chapter for De Vere’s rich heritage,” with assets combining traditional British offerings and modern luxury. The De Vere portfolio will be absorbed into Starwood Capital’s Principal Hotel Company and includes 22 properties—all of which are located in the United Kingdom, including five in central London. De Vere’s assets comprise more than 4,000 keys, 662 event spaces and focus on stately home-style properties that collectively encompass 1,200 acres of grounds. “De Vere has been reinvented, a combination of urban properties and rural mansions. These are dynamic properties,” Nicol said.

Potential Visa-Program Cuts Have Travel Industry Alarmed - Destinations - 18 September 2017
Many U.S. travel brands use a foreign worker visa program to help their operations run smoothly during peak seasons. For some companies, these workers, who arrive under the J-1 visa program, are a significant percentage of their workforce. But, President Donald Trump’s proposal to make cuts to the program has much of the travel industry concerned.

Cash vs. Cards: A One-Sided Payment War

Hospitality Technology Magazine - 18 September 2017
Back in July, Visa announced a challenge incentivizing independent restaurants to go cashless. For business owners, the announcement is one of many recent developments adding to why the cashless trend shouldn’t be ignored. Today’s consumers are using cash less frequently than ever, increasingly opting for their payment cards or mobile wallets to make purchases. The ripples of these changing preferences are reaching businesses of all sizes, who are feeling the pressure to evolve and adapt. But the same pressure feels different for small businesses. Independent restaurants often lack the technology to accept the variety of payment options consumers actively use today – from EMV, contactless cards and digital wallets to online ordering and peer-to-peer platforms.

Ready Response: Steps to place your facility in a disaster response position

Raymond C. Ellis - Disaster recovery article which outlines the steps to place your facility in a disaster response position - The Bottomline, Vol 21, No 2, March 2006

Your Insurance Toolbelt

Stanley W. Smith - Disaster recovery article outlining insurance tips for successful disaster recovery - The Bottomline, Vol 24, No 6; September 2009

Oracle Shares Slip on Cloud Revenue Outlook

CFO Magazine - 15 September 2017
Oracle shares fell more than 7% on Friday as the company’s quarterly guidance came in below analysts’ estimates amid a slowdown in the growth of its cloud business. For the first quarter, Oracle reported total revenue increased 7% to $9.19 billion, driven by a 51% gain in cloud revenue to $1.5 billion. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) recorded revenue growth of 62% while platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure revenue rose 28%.

What Can Texas CRE Owners Expect as the Insurance Claims Process Gets Underway?

National Real Estate Investor (NREI) - 15 September 2017
It’s been nearly three weeks since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport, which lies along the southeastern coast of Texas. While emergency response efforts in the wake of the massive storm, which dumped a record-setting 51 inches of rain on the region, may be winding down, the insurance process for commercial and residential property owners is just getting under way.

Hawaii Regulators Are Investigating Resort Fees - Hotels - 15 September 2017
The Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection is investigating resort fees charged by hotel operators as part of a nationwide effort to curb hidden industry fees. Hawaii News Now reported Thursday that state and federal regulators are cracking down on hotels that charge resort fees without fully disclosing the charges to visitors.


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