Three Ways to Engage Hourly Workers

Beekeeper Blog - 15 August 2017
There are many organizational differences between salaried (exempt) and hourly (non-exempt) employees, so trying to engage them in the same way doesn’t always pan out. It’s likely your hourly staff won’t respond the same way your salaried staff will. A study by the Wilson Group found that these two groups of employees simply have diverse values in the workplace.

Product Release Notes August 2017

Beekeeper Blog - 10 August 2017
It’s that time again! Time to announce the latest features and improvements we’ve been working on since the last product release notes. Here’s what you can start using this month!

Break down communication barriers with new inline translation feature

Beekeeper Blog - 8 August 2017
Our clients have spoken and we’ve listened. We’re thrilled to announce our newest (and most anticipated) feature—inline translation! This feature, available on both web and mobile versions, allows Beekeeper users to have any post or comment translated in their preferred language with a simple click. It supports 30 languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, and many more.

Why workstream collaboration is the best thing you haven't heard of yet

Beekeeper Blog - 4 August 2017
There is a lot of terminology floating around when it comes to workplace productivity apps. We won’t inundate you with all of them, but we do want to give you the inside scoop on an emerging work style you’ll be hearing more of: workstream collaboration. Intrigued? If you haven’t seen it pop up yet, you will. You’ll be happy to be one of the earliest on the scene when you discuss it with colleagues and industry leaders at the next networking event or cocktail party you attend.

How to Create Valuable Digital Signage Content for Your Employees

Beekeeper Blog - 1 August 2017
Digital signage content is extremely useful for any hotel to keep employees informed and operations running smoothly. It’s typically looped on TV’s in hotels’ break rooms and cafeterias where it can be easily viewed by every employee. It’s an effective way to share company updates, best practices, new protocols, safety alerts, colleague recognition—the use cases are endless. However, it is regularly outdated or irrelevant, and therefore ignored.

How Will Brexit Impact GDPR Compliance in the UK

Beekeeper Blog - 28 July 2017
The EU is taking personal data security to new levels with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to go into effect on May 25th, 2018. This leaves global businesses approximately ten months to set their data privacy and security policies in line with the strict GDPR compliance, or face crippling fines of up to 4% of annual global revenue or $20 million Euros (17,882,635.20 British Pounds), whichever figure is greater.

How to Create a Successful Digital Workplace

Beekeeper Blog - 19 July 2017
There is a lot of talk about the “digital workplace,” which is the virtual equivalent to the physical workplace and encompasses all the technologies companies use to accomplish their goals. The digital workplace is an employee portal which includes operational systems like payroll, to core business applications like email and virtual meeting software.

Product Feature Release Notes July 2017

Beekeeper Blog - 12 July 2017
Here at Beekeeper, we constantly work to improve and expand the platform to deliver the best user experience. Every month we will release the latest feature updates in our blog. Here’s what you can start using this month!

4 Ways to Make the Workplace More Hygge

Beekeeper Blog - 11 July 2017
You’re probably thinking “what on earth is hygge?” like we were a few months ago. Hygge is a quickly rising trend—it was even a finalist for “word of the year” in 2016. But what is it exactly and how can it help your team thrive? While hygge can be hard to define (and pronounce: it’s “hoo-guh”), it’s essentially the Danish art of taking pleasure from soothing experiences or materials like cozy blankets, warm candle light, bubble baths, etc. Initially it might not seem fitting for the workplace, but we’ll show you how it can be.

4 Ways Manufacturing Companies Can Go Green

Beekeeper Blog - 6 July 2017
“Going green” has been a popular discussion topic for the last decade and is important for manufacturing companies to be successful. Beyond the legal need to adhere to regulatory mandates to reduce their carbon footprint, there’s a lot of intrinsic value in going green for manufacturing companies. Adopting sustainable practices has tax incentives, cuts costs, and creates operational efficiencies. Not to mention there is a competitive advantage since sustainability is a proven factor in buyers’ decision-making. It pays to be green!

The Hard Facts About Employee Engagement: Statistics

Beekeeper Blog - 27 June 2017
Reports show that disengaged employees cost companies between $450 and $550 billion a year, so it’s clear employee engagement is more important than ever. A vast amount of research on this subject is conducted annually, offering some key insights into the current state of employee engagement in companies like yours. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

3 Reasons You Want AI in the Workplace

Beekeeper Blog - 20 June 2017
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that ignites excitement and fear in the masses. Many are worried that robots will populate the workforce and take our existing jobs. While this projection may be true since it's already taking place-the transition doesn't have to be scary. Humans will still have a dominant workforce presence in this The post 3 Reasons You Want AI in the Workplace appeared first on Beekeeper.

Q&A with the Security Communications Manager at Heathrow Airport

Beekeeper Blog - 16 June 2017
Mitch Austin is the Security Communications Manager at Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports with over 75.7 million annual passengers. As you can imagine, security is of the utmost importance at this international airport that serves 194 destinations in 80 countries. Mitch's job is to oversee internal communications and colleague engagement across 3,800+ employees The post Q&A with the Security Communications Manager at Heathrow Airport appeared first on Beekeeper.

Leonardo Hotels Highly Commended at 2017 Employee Engagement Awards

Beekeeper Blog - 14 June 2017
Last week, the winners of the 2017 Employee Engagement Awards were announced at the North American Employee Engagement Conference in Chicago. And, drum roll please...we are excited to announce that one of our customers, Leonardo Hotels, was the runner-up for the Internal Communications Award, right after BroadSoft! This is especially exciting as competition was fierce The post Leonardo Hotels Highly Commended at 2017 Employee Engagement Awards appeared first on Beekeeper.

How Investing in Your Hospitality Employees Boosts Your Bottom Line

Beekeeper Blog - 13 June 2017
Companies often assume upgrading technology yields the biggest return on investment (ROI). While technological innovation is an essential part of any hospitality business, it may not deliver the ROI you expect. Alternatively, investing in your hospitality employees could result in the biggest improvement to your bottom line.

How to Transform Workforce Management With Mobile Communication

Beekeeper Blog - 6 June 2017
For many companies, workforce management is perceived largely as a logistics operation. While it’s an essential function of any successful organization, the execution often lacks a human touch.

Q&A with the General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Beekeeper Blog - 30 May 2017
Lars Wagner is the General Manager at Mandarin Oriental, Geneva, a 5 star hotel in Switzerland with 189 rooms and suites, three bars/restaurants, a fitness and wellness facility, and a fully equipped business center.

The 3 Best Ways to Overcome Hierarchical Boundaries

Beekeeper Blog - 26 May 2017
As companies expand across different departments, buildings, and even continents, it seems increasingly more challenging to overcome hierarchical boundaries. Members of upper management don’t usually have extra time to interact with colleagues, especially if they don’t run into them at the office. Correspondence between top management and non-desk workers is minimal, but it doesn’t have to be that way with the digital workplace. We’ve identified three ways to help foster a connection between executives and their staff.

Why Losing Control is Necessary to Drive Cultural Change

Beekeeper Blog - 18 May 2017
Establishing an innovative, inclusive, and engaging corporate culture is a hot topic these days. And for good reason since culture is directly linked to employee retention. In order to establish a profound culture, you have to bend the rules a bit and step outside your comfort zone. That's where real change happens. In this digital The post Why Losing Control is Necessary to Drive Cultural Change appeared first on Beekeeper.

How to Drive Loyalty Through Guest Satisfaction

Beekeeper Blog - 10 May 2017
On April 27th we hosted The Connected Breakfast Session where experts in the hospitality industry discussed how to deliver the ultimate guest experience and drive loyalty. Many insights were shared about how to revitalize the industry through employee engagement tools. The key takeaway was that the secret to guest loyalty lies in the competency and The post How to Drive Loyalty Through Guest Satisfaction appeared first on Beekeeper.

New Confirmation Campaign Feature Ensures Critical Information is Read

Beekeeper Blog - 9 May 2017
Step aside read receipts-our new confirmation campaign feature helps ensure every employee has not only read important communications but has also confirmed they've been read. Don't get me wrong, read receipts are incredibly useful. But for critical matters, you need confirmation that a message or document has been read or a video has been viewed. The post New Confirmation Campaign Feature Ensures Critical Information is Read appeared first on Beekeeper.

How to Stay Ahead of the Hospitality Industry - HR in Hospitality Event 2017

Beekeeper Blog - 2 May 2017
At the HR in Hospitality Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, industry leaders discussed where the industry is going and the power of foresight. Many topics were addressed, but the key takeaway was to resist complacency and utilize technology to 'wow' your guests. It's not enough to just be great at what you do anymore-you The post How to Stay Ahead of the Hospitality Industry - HR in Hospitality Event 2017 appeared first on Beekeeper.

5 Forces of Change and How Hospitality Companies Can Adapt

Beekeeper Blog - 19 April 2017
At the Intelligent Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) in Paris, five technology shifts were addressed during the keynote 'Hotel 2025: Insights into Technologies that will Reshape the Hotel Industry' with Jay Upchurch, VP of Strategy and Solutions Management, Oracle Hospitality. Upchurch referred to these shifts as 'forces of change' and spelled out how they're affecting the The post 5 Forces of Change and How Hospitality Companies Can Adapt appeared first on Beekeeper.

3 Ways to Improve Retail Employee Performance

Beekeeper Blog - 18 April 2017
Conventional wisdom among many brick and mortar retailers is that labor is a cost of doing business. But conversely, some of the most forward-thinking companies in retail see their employees as an investment- assets that drive sales revenue. This investment mindset has been shown to improve retail staff performance. By investing in your employees' careers, The post 3 Ways to Improve Retail Employee Performance appeared first on Beekeeper.


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