Free pancakes and personality: How to make $1 milllion with an exit intent message

Triptease Blog - 16 August 2017
We’re on the edge of our seats at Triptease towers. That's because one of our hotel partners is about to hit a huge milestone, becoming the first to reach a cool $1 million in revenue from a single exit intent message campaign.

Loyalty: Current trends and inventive strategies for all hotels

Triptease Blog - 9 August 2017
Some of the industry’s biggest players, typically operating points-based schemes, have put it at the heart of their direct bookings strategy and are seeing results — Hyatt said last week its new World of Hyatt scheme has recorded an influx of new members and lapsed customers are re-engaging. As direct booking champions, that’s music to our ears. But we still have to ask, will this work for everyone as well as it does for global mega-chains? After, all it costs, and there’s risk involved in getting guests accustomed to cheap rates. It’s a long-running debate and we’ll be digging into the detail of it in the coming months. For now, here’s a snapshot of what a few smaller groups have opted for and who’s trying a different approach. Lastly we’ve found a few quirkier examples that might just spark a few ideas.

A labour of love: why we created the Direct Booking Summit

Triptease Blog - 8 August 2017
That's what Steven Howe, Digital Manager at Apex Hotels, had to say after last year's inaugural Direct Booking Summit in London. It's a quote we hold very close to our communal Triptease heart: the hospitality industry is not short of events to attend, so when we heard that one, we knew we'd created something truly special.

Metasearch: A Hotelier's Guide

Triptease Blog - 4 August 2017
If you’ve found yourself asking this over the last year or so, you’re not alone. Metasearch sites are growing at a phenomenal rate, with recent research suggesting that they are now the most important advertising channel for hotels - outstripping even Google AdWords when it comes to driving traffic. It’s a compelling offering for hotels seeking to grow their direct channel.

Metasearch is growing. Google's in the lead. Where do you fit in?

Triptease Blog - 4 August 2017
The travel industry loves a buzzword. Chatbots, artificial intelligence - and, yes, direct bookings - have each had their turn as the topic du jour of hospitality newsletters and conferences over the last few years. But over the last few months, we’ve seen the steady ascendancy of a new industry darling: metasearch.

Ilio, meet Ilio: introducing the Direct Booking Platform to its namesake

Triptease Blog - 28 July 2017
Yesterday, Triptease HQ in London had the incredible honour of welcoming Ilio Chiocci to the office. Legendary among barmen and hoteliers the world over, Ilio is the true embodiment of hospitality in every sense of the word. Full of stories, humanity, and warmth, Ilio truly lived up to everything we were trying to achieve with the Direct Booking Platform: Ilio Edition.

3 ways to treat your guests like individuals [Part 2 of 2]

Triptease Blog - 27 July 2017
It's hard to underestimate the value of being treated like a guest, rather than an anonymous hotel customer. We can all appreciate when people anticipate our needs by offering extra towels, wifi password reminders, or information about local activities that matter to us. A recent study found that 68% of travellers said they saw little to no difference between hotel chains, and only slightly over half of consumers said they were willing to pay a 10% premium to stay in their favourite hotel. If guests enjoyed a more personalised experience, would they be less price-focused and more service-focused during their next booking? With increasingly capable, dynamic technology, it’s becoming easier to customize booking engines, websites and services. Here are 3 ways to do it well:

Sometimes it's the simple things

Triptease Blog - 27 July 2017
I spent today at the Revenue Strategy Summit hosted by Duetto, SHG and Kalibri Labs. There was much talk of technology’s role in improving guest experiences and shaping the role of the Revenue Manager. Topics close to my heart. But as I thought about my last few hotel stays, something quite different jumped out. I recently took my wife for a four-day break to Turks & Caicos - two nights in one hotel, and two nights in another. In the first hotel I encountered some minor issue and found myself asking for help at reception. It took a full hour to resolve, with the receptionist running back and forth between me and the GM - who was apparently sitting in an office directly behind reception. As I gradually became more frustrated, I asked whether it might be easier for me to speak directly to the GM, but he preferred to remain comfortably behind his locked door.

5 offers that encourage your guests to book direct [Part 1 of 2]

Triptease Blog - 20 July 2017
It almost goes without saying by this point that direct bookings are kind of a big deal. Guests who book via your website (rather than via an OTA) are more valuable, likelier to spend more, and more often than not enjoy an all-round better relationship with the hotelier. But what if you're not a Marriott or a Hilton? What can you do to win over guests and convert them into direct bookers?

Direct bookers are bigger spenders

Triptease Blog - 19 July 2017
A few months ago, Kalibri Labs published research suggesting that direct bookers were ‘significantly more profitable’ than those who came via OTAs - to the tune of about 9%, on average. That figure rises to almost 18% once you factor in ancillary spend. And when we conducted our own hotelier survey, we found that, for 40% of hoteliers, the biggest spenders are regular guests who book direct.

US lodging association takes no prisoners with latest campaign

Triptease Blog - 3 July 2017
The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) has launched its long-awaited 'Search Smarter' campaign - and it isn't pulling any punches. The campaign takes aim at Priceline and Expedia's 'hidden duopoly', revealing that 74% of consumers have no idea that the two companies control around 95% of the online travel agency marketplace.

Why the European Commission's fine on Google matters to hotels

Triptease Blog - 27 June 2017
Google has been hit with a hefty 2.42 billion euro fine by the European Commission, after the regulator ruled that the search giant was employing unfair practices by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results. According to the Commission, "Google has abused its market dominance as a search engine by giving an illegal advantage to another Google product, its comparison shopping service."

The undercutting trend you don't know about yet

Triptease Blog - 21 June 2017
Hotels know they need to be watching their parity. Rate undercutting is so widespread that it's taken as a given, and, in this industry, a successful ecommerce business depends on the alert hotelier keeping their eye out for stray disparities. And, on an individual night basis, hotels aren't doing too badly at managing their rate parity. Across our client base, room rates shown for a one-night stay are being undercut around 5.8% of the time. But that undercut rate increases dramatically to 11% for a four-night stay - and 16% once the length of stay reaches 10 days.

Apple Business Chat vs. Facebook Messenger: what's best for hotels?

Triptease Blog - 13 June 2017
Never one to lag behind, Apple are testing Facebook's mettle with the launch of their new iMessage integration, Business Chat. Apple's new feature will allow users to open an iMessage window from a variety of different apps and start a conversation with a business. Unlike Facebook Messenger, whose business functionality is centred around chatbots, Business Chat is currently limited to human-to-human conversations. But that doesn't mean it's all talk - businesses can also schedule appointments and process payments through their iMessage windows.

Hilton's Five Feet to Fitness - an impressive investment in differentiation

Triptease Blog - 12 June 2017
Capitalising on the wellness boom that looks set to stay, Hilton has unveiled its new Five Feet to Fitness 'wellness concept' in a select few of its hotels. Described as 'a guest's personal wellness stage', Five Feet to Fitness is an in-room fitness centre complete with bespoke fitness tutorials delivered via touch-screen display. The brand that standardized hotel gyms over twenty years ago is deliberately pushing boundaries here - and it's a nifty move. In the age of the instagram fitness tutorial, gyms are far from the only place that people do their exercise. Bringing the gym into the bedroom is a smart way to meet the ever-more-agile guest on their own terms.

An A-Z of Direct Booking Benefits

Triptease Blog - 5 June 2017
We've seen a lot of hotels go live with our Direct Booking Platform - around 17,000 at the last count. And that means we've seen thousands of different offers that hotels around the world use to entice their guests to book direct. From the mundane to the marvellous, we've seen them all. If you're looking for the perfect benefit to add to your website, you don't need to look any further than this A-Z of direct booking benefits - updated regularly with the newest, quirkiest ideas.

A brand without the branding: Dan Lynn and ZUZUHOTELS

Triptease Blog - 23 May 2017
What's a hotelier to do if they're not making money as an independent, but are too small to be part of a branded chain? Well, if they happen to be located in Asia, Dan Lynn would tell them that the answer is ZUZUHOTELS. The brainchild of Dan (previously VP APAC at HomeAway) and Expedia's Vikram Malhi, ZUZUHOTELS provides a virtual hotel management system to small hotels. Each hotel partner gets a personal account manager, who supports them with their distribution, revenue management, and reputation building. ZUZU's 'software and a service' looks to provide small, independent hoteliers with the help they would previously only have been able to access as part of a chain.

The vital hotel performance metric that nobody's talking about

Triptease Blog - 17 May 2017
We’ve seen plenty of hotels tracking their efforts to bring bookings back to direct. But just tracking, for example, the percentage split between direct and OTA guests fails to tell the whole story - and to drive the right actions. After all, the greatest thing about direct bookers is not only do they cost less to acquire, but they also tend to spend more and be happier guests.

Triptease tells London that #DirectIsBest

Triptease Blog - 10 May 2017
Miraculously, the sun is out in London for once... ... and what better way to enjoy the sun than with a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt? We sent our Customer Success team scurrying across London with a challenge: to spread the word that #DirectIsBest. In between finding out where the deepest baths in London are (answer? The Dorchester) and whizzing around town on Boris bikes, the team were letting the world know the benefits of booking direct. Video to follow...

Airbnb goes business - time for hotels to take note

Triptease Blog - 2 May 2017
With 150 million users and a valuation that puts them ahead of Hilton, Hyatt, and Wyndham, you could forgive Airbnb for taking a breather. Bloomberg reports that Airbnb plans to allow users to filter properties by whether they are 'Business Travel Ready'. To be deemed BTR, the accommodation must fit certain criteria: it has to have a desk, wifi, self-check-in and the complimentary amenities you'd expect from a hotel room (shampoo, hairdryer etc.).

Introducing the all-new Direct Booking Platform: Ilio Edition!

Triptease Blog - 28 April 2017
Here at Triptease, we've been busy talking to thousands of hoteliers and tracking millions of guest journeys in order to find out exactly what hotels need from their direct booking software. Every single one of those insights played a part in the creation of our new Platform, designed specifically to help hoteliers recapture guest relationships, increase direct bookings, and showcase their amazing service.

Tease of the Day: What Hoteliers Could Learn from Booksellers

Triptease Blog - 24 April 2017
One of the happier stories to come out of the first few doom-laden months of the year was the news that beloved UK bookseller Waterstones had returned to profit for the first time since the recession. A large contributor to the bookshop's turnaround in fortunes was managing director James Daunt's insistence on individual bookstores having their own personality and focus, with branch managers taking responsibility for their own stock.

Tease of the Day: 3 Types of Loyalty

Triptease Blog - 18 April 2017
We often hear that customer loyalty is a thing of the past. Easily comparable pricing and instant access to information put paid to brand partisanship. But maybe loyalty is just diversifying. On stage at the Skift Forum Europe, Mr & Mrs Smith co-founders Tamara Heber-Percy and James Lohan suggested there were three types of 'loyal' customers. Those fixated on points-collecting, those who value quality of service, product or brand, and those loyal to price above all else.

The Hotelier's Paradox

Triptease Blog - 11 April 2017
Attending WIT Hospitality in Hong Kong last month, Chief Tease Charlie Osmond kept coming across the same two issues when talking to hoteliers. The first was one that we’ve all heard a thousand times: that hotels need to get better at tech. John Toomey, VP Sales & Distribution for Marriott’s APAC arm, proclaimed that ‘technology is going to be the key component for us to evolve as hoteliers.’ Hotels need to innovate, anticipate, get ahead of Airbnb and the OTAs - these have become go-to soundbites at many an industry event. The received wisdom is clearly that hoteliers need to be looking to the future, and embracing it.

Finding your pineapple: how the little details make all the difference

Triptease Blog - 5 April 2017
Why do hoteliers become hoteliers? Because they truly love delivering a great guest experience. That much is clear from this week's Siteminder study, which found that 78% of hoteliers would say they love working in hospitality and are passionate about guest satisfaction. The statistic is impressive when you consider just how negative industry news can feel sometimes. Day after day, we see story after story telling us how much harder things are for hoteliers than they used to be.

More than just a hotel room: the rise of the 'experience' offering

Triptease Blog - 29 March 2017
With competition for bookings more intense than ever, hotels continue to look for ways to become a 'one-stop shop' for guests planning a holiday or business trip. Dynamic packaging - the method of creating deals or packages based upon components selected by the customer - is increasingly being adopted by hotels looking to join companies like Airbnb and Google in the 'trips' marketplace. Whether this is achieved by integrating a flight-booking feature - see Accor and Barceló - or by offering dynamically-packaged content, it's clear that hotels are thinking carefully about how to differentiate themselves from the competition.


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