Today's Geopolitical Climate and Innovation Top of Mind at GBTA Convention 2017

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 27 July 2017
The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – the voice of the global business travel industry, wrapped up its 49th annual Convention last week in Boston. Today’s geopolitical landscape and its impact on business travel and duty of care along with the latest innovations in travel technology were the predominant themes throughout the five-day industry gathering that brought together nearly 7,000 travel professionals and industry leaders.

TSA Announces New U.S. Airport Screening Procedures for Electronics in Carry-On Bags

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 26 July 2017
Today, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the implementation of stronger screening procedures for carry-on items that require travelers to place all electronics larger than a cell phone in bins for X-ray screening in standard lanes. This follows extensive testing and successful pilots at 10 airports, and will now expand to all U.S. airports during the weeks and months ahead. We have heard from many of you, our members, that travelers will be willing to spend extra time at security to prevent an outright electronics ban, so we are pleased to see TSA taking steps to enhance security, while still ensuring business travelers can keep their devices with them throughout their flight. While security is, of course, the top priority, business travelers want to remain productive on trips, and more importantly have been trained to keep their devices close for security purposes because they may contain sensitive company information.

A Look at the Future of Lodging

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 25 July 2017
With the growth of home-sharing platform Airbnb, traditional hotel chains have had to take a step back and rediscover what makes them unique. This was the topic of conversation at GBTA Convention 2017’s Lodging Panel, moderated by CNN’s Richard Quest. Representing hoteliers was AccorHotels’ Senior VP of Global Sales, Markus Keller, and NH Hotel Groups CCO, Fernando Vives. David Holyoke, Head of Business Travel for Airbnb spoke for the rapidly expanding home-sharing industry. The panel began with all parties saying that there is room for everyone in the hospitality industry. “The customer is going to decide where they spend the night,” Vives said.

Forecasting the Future of Flight with Delta's Ed Bastian

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 24 July 2017
“When I graduated from college, I never even had set foot on an airplane,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian told the crowd in his first appearance on Center Stage at GBTA Convention 2017. Bastian is now the head of one of the largest global airlines and spoke with GBTA Executive Director and COO Mike McCormick about what the future looks like for Delta and the travel industry as a whole.

How Turkish Airlines Became the Self-Proclaimed 'King of the Comeback' - A Conversation with Chairman Iker Ayci

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 20 July 2017
Turkish Airlines has been named “Europe’s Best Airline” for the past six years, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had their challenges. A terrorist attack on one of their airports in 2016 led to 45 deaths and more than 230 injuries. At GBTA Convention 2017, Chairman of Turkish Airlines, Iker Ayci, spoke with GBTA COO Mike McCormick about the tragedy and how the company maintained their composure in order to secure the airport.

GBTA Convention Panel Discusses Geopolitical Disruptions and the Future of Global Business Travel

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 18 July 2017
In the modern travel world, political tension has an immense impact on travel policies and the way businesses conduct transportation on a global scale. During Monday’s Center Stage Panel at GBTA Convention 2017, global business experts discussed the two main geopolitical disruptions we face today alongside moderator Courtney Hammond, Principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Tools for Identifying Risk Amongst the Noise

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 12 July 2017
Amidst the current global risks, business travel remains vital to the economy. In spite of its importance, it can be challenging to sift through all available data to make responsible company decisions. So how can travel managers successfully navigate this process? At the GBTA Canada Conference in April, COO Mike McCormick spoke with Peter Martin, the Vice Chairman of FocusPoint International, about best practices for risk management.

5 Tips for Navigating GBTA Convention 2017

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 11 July 2017
GBTA Convention 2017 is right around the corner! To prepare you for The Business Travel Event of the Year®, we’ve compiled a list of five tips designed to help you maximize your time in Boston: Order Fast Passes. Skip the lines and gain exclusive access to any one of the Convention Arena Luncheons with GBTA Convention 2017 Fast Passes. Be the first to reserve a table for your colleagues and peers with early access at GBTA Convention 2017.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Employees' Bleisure Travel Experience

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 7 July 2017
In 2016, there were 522 million business trips taken in the United States. So what should you do when one of your employees decides to extend one of these into a bleisure trip? If they have decided to take a long weekend to enjoy the sights after their meeting is over, it is now up to you to communicate your company’s policy on bleisure travel to them. As seen in previous posts on the profile of a bleisure traveler and the factors in bleisure travel hotel choice, bleisure travelers are a diverse group of people who continue their stay after a business trip. Thirty-six percent of U.S-based business travelers have done this at least once, so it is important to be prepared when one of your company’s employees decides to take a bleisure trip.

GBTA Unveils Media Day Line-Up for GBTA Convention 2017

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 7 July 2017
The business of travel has brought the world within reach, with borders blurring and people intersecting in all corners of the globe. The pace of change is unrelenting, but companies are constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of the industry. GBTA Convention brings the entire industry together making it a “can’t miss” event. Every year there is a spectacular line up of speakers and educational offerings as well as the largest business travel Expo floor and countless networking opportunities, making it truly, the Business Travel Event of the Year.

3 Key Factors in Bleisure Travel Hotel Choice

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 23 June 2017
After someone has decided to extend their work trip into a bleisure trip, they have one more question to answer: will they stay at the same place for both the business and leisure portions of their trip, or choose a new hotel? The GBTA Foundation’s recent study in partnership with Hilton, “Extending Business Travel into Leisure Time”, breaks down the components that go into a traveler’s bleisure lodging plans.

The Importance of Technology in the SME Market

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 20 June 2017
Having the right resources makes all the difference. And in the business world, resources can set apart competitors, strengthen a struggling organization and allow employees to do their jobs more efficiently. For SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) these resources are extremely important, as their travel managers typically have other roles and responsibilities they are attempting to balance as well. Having access to tools that provide quick updates on information are key in allowing these travel managers to focus on duty of care and fulfill their roles.

Near, Far, Wherever You Are- Learn How to Stay Safe Around the World with GBTA's Risk Radar Webinar

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 19 June 2017
Business travel gives employees the opportunity to visit new and exciting countries, but the changing world climate makes it important to stay updated on shifting risk levels. While it’s impossible to predict every dangerous situation abroad, there are proactive measures that can be taken to send your team out with their best foot forward. GBTA’s Risk Committee recently hosted a Risk Radar webinar that offered a “continent-by-continent” breakdown of information to aid in navigating business travel to potentially dangerous areas. Hosted by Senior VP of BCD Travel, Kathy Bedell, this presentation included valuable information for planning any sort of global business trip.

First Responder to Boston Marathon Bombings, Dr. Natalie Stavas, to Keynote First-Timer Luncheon at GBTA Conference 2017

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 15 June 2017
Although she may be a doctor, Natalie Stavas began her morning on April 15, 2013 by putting on a pair of running shoes, not a white coat. And yet, that day would end up being one of the biggest medical challenges of her life, as she neared the end of her fifth Boston Marathon and ran towards the sound of explosions. This year, first-time GBTA Convention attendees will have the privilege of hearing from Dr. Stavas, a first-responder to the Boston Marathon Bombings. A physician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Stavas has dedicated her career to preventing childhood violence & improving the health of urban communities.

Improving the Hotel RFP Process

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 14 June 2017
The GBTA Foundation released a new study in partnership with Best Western Hotels & Resorts today that explored the Hotel RFP process from the eyes of a travel manager. A large majority (87 percent) of the travel managers interviewed have some level of involvement with the Hotel RFP process, while 56 percent say they rely somewhat or a lot on a TMC to conduct the RFP process.

Sit Back, Relax, and Stay Awhile: A Quick Guide to Bleisure Travelers

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 13 June 2017
Conferences in Singapore. Meetings by the Eiffel Tower. Conventions at Disney World. When work trips take place in interesting locations, business travelers may want to utilize their vacation days and extend their stay. Last year, nearly one-third (37 percent) of North American business travelers extended a work trip for leisure. These individuals, called “bleisure travelers” incorporate a mini-vacation into their stay to capitalize on the fact that they are already packed and away from home. Additionally many companies are investing more heavily in employee well-being, so as a result we may see more business travelers that have the flexibility to take bleisure trips.

The Five Pillars of Travel Risk Management

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 12 June 2017
Over the past three weeks, we’ve witnessed an array of devastating attacks, from the Manchester Arena terrorist attack which killed 22 people and wounded 116 to the twin attacks in Tehran that left 12 dead and 42 injured. If your business travelers found themselves in the face of these tragedies, would you be able to contact them or guide them to safety? A sound travel risk management program would have an all-encompassing duty of care strategy and crisis management process to identify the business travelers involved in these situations and protect them from harm.

Guest Post: 5 Travel Savings Tips

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 12 June 2017
GBTA Foundation research has shown that business travelers who sign up for TSA PreCheck, to avoid the hassles and delays of the security screening process, are significantly more satisfied with air travel than their peers who have yet to enroll in the program. In fact, two thirds (66 percent) of travelers enrolled in TSA PreCheck are satisfied with getting through airport security, compared with just 47 percent of business travelers not enrolled in the program.

Is Ride-sharing Right for Your Corporate Travel Program?

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 5 June 2017
Ride-sharing services are a study in explosive growth. When Uber, the first large-scale ride-sharing service, launched in 2010, it was restricted to San Francisco and cost one-and-a-half times more than a taxi, according to Business Insider. By the next year, it had spread to multiple cities, had an app, and advertised itself as “Everyone’s Private Driver”. By 2013, Uber was advertising itself as a global service for all types of riders, but not necessarily business travelers. That would come in 2014, with the launch of Uber for Business.

Determine the Future of GBTA - Board Election

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 2 June 2017
*This election brochure post was originally sent as an email to GBTA members eligible to vote on May 19. If you have any questions or did not receive this email and believe you should have, please contact Election Services Corp. at*

Are Corporate Travel Programs Getting the Hotel Rates They Negotiate?

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 1 June 2017
The GBTA Foundation, the education arm of the Global Business Travel Association, in partnership with HRS Global Hotel Solutions, conducted a global survey to assess if and how travel managers audit their hotel rates as well as reasons why some travel programs choose not to do so. Globally, 86 percent of travel managers audit their negotiated hotel contract information, including rates, amenities and other negotiated features, once it is loaded into the system to verify its accuracy. However only a minority checks on their rates frequently, with six percent auditing monthly and three percent on a weekly basis. Among those who do not perform hotel rate audits, 42 percent say it is because they have no internal resources to do so and 16 percent say they have no budget to outsource the task. Additionally, 35 percent rely on their Travel Management Company (TMC) to check the rate, 32 percent trust the hotel to do this for them and 18 percent believe performing such audits does not have a significant impact on the rate, so it’s not part of their priorities.

GBTA, VDR Launch Registration for European Conference in 2017

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 30 May 2017
The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the voice of the global business travel industry, and its German partner association VDR, the German Business Travel Association, announced that registration is open for GBTA Conference 2017 Frankfurt in Partnership with VDR.

Breaking Through to Connect with Corporate Travel Buyers

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 25 May 2017
Generating appointments with in-demand travel buyers can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Since 80 percent of GBTA Convention buyer attendees are decision makers in managerial, directorial, executive or C-level positions, CMO Ed Barrett recently led a webinar entitled Breaking through to Connect with Corporate Travel Buyers – Keys to Success. Travel buyers partake in a range of activities when attending the largest gathering of business travel professionals in the world. Aside from professional education and development opportunities and networking with industry peers, 64 percent of travel buyers come to Convention to meet new suppliers.

United States Projected to Lose $1.3 Billion in Travel-Related Expenditures in 2017

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 19 May 2017
First, there was Brexit. Next came the Trump Administration’s first travel ban, which cost the United States $185 million in business travel bookings in one week. It was followed by a second travel ban, which like the first, was halted by court orders. After that, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) barred passengers traveling from 10 airports in eight Middle Eastern and African countries from bringing laptops and other large electronics into the cabin as carry-ons. Hours later, the United Kingdom followed suit issuing their own electronics ban on inbound flights from six countries, impacting six UK airlines and eight foreign airlines. Now an expanded electronics bans on flights into the United States from Europe appears imminent.

Innovation Series Competition: 30K, Groups360, Distribusion

The Business of Travel - The official blog of GBTA - 11 May 2017
Nine innovators recently competed for a spot on the Expo Floor at GBTA Convention 2017 during the multi-faceted Innovation Series. The interactive program enabled innovators to present their pitch to a panel of judges and participants who, at the end of the webinar, selected a winner to move on and exhibit on the all-new Innovation Row. During the last webinar of the series on May 9, 30K, Groups360 and Distribusion went head-to-head.


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