New Trump Travel Ban Also Includes Venezuela and North Korea - Destinations - 25 September 2017
Travelers from eight countries will face restrictions on entry to the U.S, ranging from a total ban to more targeted restrictions, under a new proclamation signed by President Donald Trump Sunday.

Southbound Lanes at U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing Closes for Weekend Repairs - Destinations - 23 September 2017
People kicking off fall vacations in Mexico this weekend won’t be able to use the nation’s busiest border crossing to get there. The southbound lanes of the San Ysidro crossing connecting San Diego to Tijuana closed at 3 a.m. Saturday and will remain closed until noon Monday for work on a $741 million expansion project.

Trump Travel Ban Deadline Will Produce New Country-By-Country Restrictions - Destinations - 23 September 2017
The next version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban could include new, more tailored restrictions on travelers from additional countries. The Department of Homeland Security has recommended the president impose the new, targeted restrictions on foreign nationals from countries it says refuse to share sufficient information with the U.S. or haven’t taken necessary security precautions. The restrictions could vary by country, officials said.

Chicago's Tourism Success, Despite Trump's 'Hellish' Claims - Destinations - 23 September 2017
Chicago, described by President Trump and others as a hellish, dystopian crime scene akin to a “war-torn nation” and “worse than Afghanistan” is about to shatter all of its tourism records, including the one it set last year. An abundance of creative energy is driving this renaissance: The growing skyline is getting filled with increasingly stylish hotels, and a new Riverwalk that resembles New York’s High Line is daring locals to stay outside well past summer’s end. Its long-famous museums are gaining scrappy rivals, and two gleaming new theaters are reminding Americans of the city’s prowess on-stage.

European Destinations Are Trying to Stand Out to Chinese Travelers - Destinations - 22 September 2017
Many destinations from all corners of the globe are trying to reach Chinese travelers with ad and marketing messages as nearly 140 million Chinese traveled internationally last year. The challenge in spreading those messages in China is making them stand out from competitors on platforms such as WeChat, the largest messaging and digital commerce mobile app in China.

The European Union Is Preparing to Get Tough on Data Protection - Destinations - 22 September 2017
Few regulators have been as happy to take on corporate interests as the European Union in recent years What has been most remarkable is the willingness of European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager to tackle companies from across the Atlantic with the likes of Apple and Google all on the receiving end of heavy fines. The EU’s inclination to act as the world’s corporate enforcer is likely to be expanded into the realms of privacy and data protection through a new law coming into effect early next year. Experts say that law could have big ramifications for the travel industry.

Israel Is Welcoming U.S. Evangelicals for High Holiday Tourism - Destinations - 21 September 2017
As the Jewish High Holiday season moves in, Israel is getting set to welcome a throng of religious visitors — evangelical Christians. Thousands will pour in from more than 80 countries to the streets of Jerusalem in early October for an annual march celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles, or the Jewish festival of Sukkot. As they follow in the footsteps of Jesus, whose holiday visit to the city is described in the Book of John, they’ll also be rallying behind the modern state of Israel.

Hurricane-Hit Destinations Are Providing Updates for Tourists - Destinations - 21 September 2017
Tourism is a top industry in many destinations that have been hit by hurricanes this season. For travelers looking to plan or confirm trips to Florida or the Caribbean, it can be hard to figure out what’s happening on the ground. Impact on individual destinations has varied widely. Places that make it through one storm unscathed may be impacted by another as hurricanes continue to form, change course and sweep through the region. Hurricane season lasts through Nov. 30.

Visit Florida Is Planning Ways to Get Tourists Back After Hurricane Irma - Destinations - 20 September 2017
Florida’s tourism industry is in full-on recovery mode after Hurricane Irma struck a paralyzing blow to much of the state last week. The first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in nearly 12 years, Irma forced some destinations such as the Florida Keys to tell travelers to postpone trips because of damage to key tourism infrastructure. Other cities have already recovered, making the task of marketing to tourists from a statewide perspective complicated.

Hurricane Maria: Updates From The Travel Industry - Destinations - 20 September 2017
Hurricane Maria, a category five hurricane as of 5:00p.m. ET on September 19, is barreling through the Caribbean and targeting some of the same countries hit by Hurricane Irma earlier this month. The storm is expected to make landfall as a category four hurricane (130-150 mile per hour winds) on Puerto Rico, which was mostly spared any destruction by Hurricane Irma except for widespread power outages, during Wednesday afternoon.

South Korea Outbound Travel Spurred by Pursuit of Stress-Free Vacations - Destinations - 18 September 2017
Even many South Koreans are looking elsewhere for holiday relaxation at a time when talk of war on the Korean peninsula and China’s boycott has hit inbound tourism. President Moon Jae-in hoped to boost domestic spending by declaring Oct. 2 a one-time holiday, effectively extending the annual Chuseok holiday to 10 days. Yet South Koreans are booking more flights out of the country than they did last year — and those extra days are likely one reason. Online travel agency Interpark Tour said purchases of airline tickets to overseas destinations have more than doubled compared with the same, shorter holiday in September 2016.

Jordan Tourism Says Jesus Baptism Site Is as Important as Petra - Destinations - 18 September 2017
Italian star tenor Andrea Bocelli made a pilgrimage to the traditional site of Jesus’ baptism Monday, praying for peace as he stood on the edge of the River Jordan. Bocelli, 58, who is blind, was guided by a priest who scooped up river water and poured it over Bocelli’s hands. The artist, a Catholic, made a sign of the cross and the priest recited the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) prayer. The spot represents the “roots of my faith,” Bocelli told The Associated Press. “”For this reason, it is a very special place. I am very happy to be here. I prayed for peace in the world.”

Potential Visa-Program Cuts Have Travel Industry Alarmed - Destinations - 18 September 2017
Many U.S. travel brands use a foreign worker visa program to help their operations run smoothly during peak seasons. For some companies, these workers, who arrive under the J-1 visa program, are a significant percentage of their workforce. But, President Donald Trump’s proposal to make cuts to the program has much of the travel industry concerned.

UNWTO Appoints Secretary-General Who Wants to Win Over Holdout Countries - Destinations - 15 September 2017
The new United Nations World Tourism Organization Secretary-General hopes to expand the organization’s membership base as one of his top priorities. The UNWTO appointed Zurab Pololikashvili, Georgia’s ambassador to Spain, Andorra, Algeria and Morocco, as its new Secretary-General for the 2018-2021 term. UNWTO’s membership includes 156 countries, six associate members and 500 affiliate members representing the private sector, educational institutions, tourism associations and local tourism authorities.

Visit Oslo Campaign Rescues Travelers From People-Polluted European Cities - Destinations - 15 September 2017
Oslo, Norway doesn’t have the Mona Lisa nor does it have a world-renowned art museum on par with Paris’ Louvre. But it also doesn’t have crowds and long wait times at attractions, according to Visit Oslo, the city’s tourism board, and does have attractions, arts, culture and dining on par with any vibrant European capital. And to prove that, as part of a new marketing campaign, it is “rescuing” weary travelers from overcrowded European cities and flying them to Oslo to show them why the city is a great alternative destination.

New Research: The Habits and Behaviors of U.S. and Canadian Travelers - Destinations - 14 September 2017
Travelers from around the world demonstrate nuances when it comes to how they travel, from shopping for and booking a trip, to their preferences on what types of vacations they prefer. A new study from Expedia Media Solutions looked at key differences in habits and behaviors between American travelers and Canadian travelers.

Affluent Chinese Are Buying Travel Instead of Diamonds - Destinations - 14 September 2017
China’s newfound penchant for luxury travel poses the latest threat to a turnaround for the $80 billion diamond industry. Chinese deluxe spending on travel is the “fastest-growing competitor” standing in the way of diamond sales in the world’s biggest consumer market, said De Beers SA Chief Executive Officer Bruce Cleaver. To win those travel dollars, he said De Beers could even see itself tying up with the luxury travel market somehow.

Brand USA Says It Is Confident It Will Still Be Here in 2018 - Destinations - 14 September 2017
Brand USA, the national destination marketing organization for the United States, may have nine lives. During a marketing committee conference call Wednesday, Brand USA executives downplayed the prospect that its existence would be terminated despite a provision in the Trump administration’s fiscal 2018 budget proposal that called for its funding to be killed. Over the years, Brand USA has also been the target of conservative budget hawks.

Stonehenge Plan for New Tunnel to Combat Overtourism Draws Archeologists' Ire - Destinations - 13 September 2017
British authorities on Tuesday approved plans for a contentious and long-delayed road tunnel under the site of Stonehenge — but altered its route so it won’t impede views of the sun during the winter solstice. The government said the 1.8-mile (2.9-kilometer) tunnel will bury a frequently gridlocked road that now runs past the prehistoric monument in southwest England.

Florida Keys Tells Vacationers Not to Visit as Destinations Still Reeling After Hurricane Irma - Destinations - 13 September 2017
Walt Disney World theme parks and Universal Orlando Resort have reopened in Orlando after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, while the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg planned to reopen Wednesday. But many other destinations in the state and the Caribbean affected by Irma and other storms remain off-limits to visitors, in some cases with extensive damage or power outages that will take days if not weeks to resolve.

Chinese Tourism Surges to Canada While U.S. Visits Decline - Destinations - 12 September 2017
It’s not just that arrivals to Canada from China are reaching new peaks. New direct flights launched over a year ago are showing positive effects. In particular, they swing the demographics to millennials and, because these travelers tend to be independent and free-spirited, this helps reshape tourism to beyond Vancouver and Toronto. Direct services such as Hainan Airlines’ thrice-weekly Beijing-Calgary, which launched in June 2016, and Air China’s thrice-weekly Beijing-Montreal service, which began in September 2015 (the first transpacific direct link between Asia and Montreal), are a fillip for central and eastern Canada to nab a share of Chinese travelers.

U.S. National Park Service Still Figuring Out the Travel Industry and Overtourism - Destinations - 12 September 2017
The U.S. National Park Service has been welcoming tourists into its monuments, parks and sites for more than 100 years – with record visitation in many cases. But when it comes to courting the travel industry and working with travel brands to understand tourism trends and expectations, some park service officials admit this is a work in progress.

Florida Theme Parks and Delta Ready Resumption of Operations Post-Irma - Destinations - 11 September 2017
Florida’s tourism leaders, from Walt Disney World to Carnival cruises, are quickly getting back to business thanks to Hurricane Irma’s last-minute detour to the west. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. led cruise stocks higher as investors concluded there would be little long-range fallout for customers in the Caribbean, the industry’s largest market, while Walt Disney Co. said it would reopen its Florida theme parks Tuesday.

Disney CEO Is Taking Business Disruption Seriously - Destinations - 11 September 2017
“Once upon a time” might be a popular way to kick off fairy tales, but looking to the past is no way to run a multi-billion-dollar business. Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co. told an audience last week that the entertainment giant has been taking new steps to address the forces disrupting various parts of its operations.

New Zealand to Rebuild ChristChurch Tourism Attraction After Much Infighting - Destinations - 9 September 2017
More than six years after a deadly earthquake struck Christchurch and the city’s iconic cathedral in Wellington, the Anglican Church in New Zealand on Saturday made the decision to rebuild the landmark. For many locals, the wreck has become a visual reminder of the infighting that has slowed the city’s broader rebuild.

Hurricane Irma Leaves Devastation in Caribbean While Florida Prepares - Destinations - 8 September 2017
Hurricane Irma left a wake of destruction behind in the Caribbean while those in the path — Cuba, cruise ships, the entire state of Florida, and swaths of the Southeast United States — prepared for a hit. Residents and tourists in Florida continued to flee north on Friday in an exodus that started days earlier; state officials said 5.6 million had been asked to evacuate, according to news reports. With the storm’s estimated point of landfall still unknown, all of Florida remained in the track.


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