HMSHost International: A Glance into Schiphol Airport, One of the Largest Simphony ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 10 August 2017
Everyone has their own routine when flying and most include a pre-flight snack, meal, coffee or beer. Airports have to cater to all tastes, resulting in large variety of outlets within the average airport. Each operation is unique in their own way - whether that's sit down service, quick service with Kiosks, or a relaxed coffee shop. Did you know that in most train stations and airports, all of these food and beverage operations are managed by just one company? In Schiphol Airport and many of the busiest transport hubs in the world, that company is HMS Host International. In Schiphol alone HMSHost International have over 80+ different F&B concepts, over 1000 POS devices and 50 million transactions a year? How do they do it, you ask? That's where we step in! Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Point of Sale is a hospitality management platform, providing enterprise point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionality. 'When we enter a new country or a new airport or a new train station,

I'm a Food and Beverage Operator: What Do I Get from Oracle Hospitality Data Science?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 1 August 2017
Yesterday we launched the Oracle Hospitality Data Science service for food and beverage operators. For our customers, it’s an incredibly exciting opportunity to do some serious digging into the data that pours in through their point of sale terminals and put that data to work in generating greater profits – how we can increase sales? How can we reduce costs?

5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Data Science

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 1 August 2017
Restaurant operators have a constant stream of data flowing into their POS terminals – from in-store transactions, to mobile apps and online ordering, many restaurateurs are sitting on a goldmine of data. The question is, how can meaningful insights be extracted from all that data and turned into profit?

Join Oracle Hospitality in Nashville for this year's IAVM Venue Connect

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 28 July 2017
Oracle Hospitality Sports & Entertainment is delighted to be attending this year’s IAVM Venue Connect taking place in Nashville from August 7th - 10th. This year’s conference provides 80+ educational sessions designed to increase your revenues, offers hands-on experiences, and unrestricted access to 150 exhibitors and 1000+ attendees.

ReAlign, eUnite and reEnage with Oracle Hospitality at this Year's RetailNOW Show

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 26 July 2017
Oracle Hospitality is ready for a four-day experience at RSPA’s that is RetailNOW show, taking place in Las Vegas from August 6th – 9th. RetailNOW is the only show in the United States dedicated to hospitality and retail technology providers. The show is the perfect occasion to learn about the latest in hospitality technology and what opportunities exist in the marketplace. The Oracle Hospitality team will be at RetailNOW in booth737 showcasing how we can provide technology solutions to the POS industry and improve the operating efficiency of F&B processes with:

Spotlight: Miami Marlins - Using Oracle Hospitality to Orchestrate Employee Meal Programs

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 24 July 2017
Just imagine the logistical challenges of feeding a small army of employees over a stretch of at least 81 home games. Among your many tasks: Keeping tabs of who ate what, how much, when and where. That job can become exponentially more difficult when those workers are scrambling around in a 35,000-plus seat stadium. Just ask David Enriquez, senior director of IT for Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins. By working with Oracle, he was able to leverage his point-of-sale platform and use the Oracle Hospitality Gift and Loyalty solution to help curb unauthorized spending, enhance accounting and improve staff morale.

Come and Meet Oracle Hospitality at this Year's ALSD Conference and Tradeshow for Sports and ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 5 July 2017
Oracle Hospitality Sports & Entertainment is excited to be attending and sponsoring this year's ALSD Conference and Tradeshow taking place in Miami Beach Hotel from July 10th - 13th. With 100+ speakers, a compelling lineup of presentations, and stadium/arena venue tours, it is a perfect opportunity to network, discuss ideas and create new business. Along with our exhibit booth, Oracle Hospitality Sports & Entertainment will be the presenting sponsors of the Sports Venue Design & Build Forum so come along and check it out to learn how the Sports & Entertainment market is revolutionizing in wake of what the future holds. We are also looking forward to our solution session led by Jeff Grossman, Vice President Global Pre-Sales, Food and Beverage: 'Changing the Game with Food and Beverage Technology at Stadiums and Arenas.' The session will take place on Tuesday, July 11 at 10:20am. It is more important than ever to know how technology can continue to improve your business o

Hotel PMS on Mobile Phones is a Reality at the Dreamy Weissenhaeuser Strand Seaside Resort

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 23 June 2017
Weissenhaeuser Strand is a wistful seaside resort on the Baltic Sea which serves as a premiere German holiday destination. This resort has everything you could ever want! 1,200 rental units provide guests with holiday homes that range up to three-story houses in addition to a beachfront hotel. The resort, which is as big as 100 soccer fields, offers various restaurants, shopping, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and pool area in addition to mini-golf, archery, surfing, wakeboarding and water skiing. The beach is even dog friendly!

MoschMosch: Putting the Guest First with Oracle Point of Sale for Restaurants

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 22 June 2017
I was very excited about my visit to MoschMosch, an Oracle Hospitality customer with 12 table service noodle restaurants across Germany. Their strapline advises that 'ramen makes you slim and attractive' - who could turn that down? In fact, MoschMosch's total commitment to the guest is extremely impressive. Many restaurant groups talk about the importance of 'the experience', but at MoschMosch they know exactly what that experience needs to look like in all of their locations. We filmed our MoschMosch video with Christopher and Pamela in their Frankfurt business district location. At 11:45am the tables started to fill up with office workers dropping in for a quick, healthy lunch, and the flow of hungry guests didn't stop. Orders were taken, food and drinks were served, and bills were paid as quickly as the customers needed and wanted. Oracle Hospitality restaurant technology is supporting that fast, efficient, yet very friendly service. In the video Christopher and Pamela, talk us thro

Tablets in Restaurants: How Long Should They Last?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 20 June 2017
If you’ve ever used an Oracle MICROS workstation, then you’ll know that they are built to last, both in terms of getting you through a busy night in your restaurant and in lasting many years – we have restaurant customers that are happily using workstations that they’ve had for two decades! But as restaurants move to mobile POS tablets, can operators expect the same longevity from these devices?

How Millennials are Influencing Online Distribution of the HOSTEL INDUSTRY

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 3 May 2017
Hostels are getting more popular among leisure and business travelers alike by the day. Today’s young, curious and open-minded travelers are looking for low cost and adventurous alternatives to travelling. The younger generations (Millennials, Gen Y & Z) have already replaced the baby boomer generation as the most important source for both leisure and business travelers. This shift has created a good business environment for the hostel industry to grow and succeed.

Are you prepared for tomorrow's disruptive technologies?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 11 April 2017
Sushi-making robots churning out 3,600 pieces in an hour. Facial recognition systems identifying customers the moment they enter a hotel lobby. Wearable devices alerting restaurant servers and hotel staff that guests need prompt service. These innovations aren’t in the realm of science fiction anymore. They exist today and hospitality leaders, including F&B operators and hoteliers, already are capitalizing on some of them to distinguish their brands and gap the competition. Anticipating consumer trends and seeking innovations that enhance the guest experience are vital exercises that need to be practiced diligently. Now, more than ever, taking these steps helps ensure success tomorrow.

Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025 Reports Audit Consumer Attitudes on Emerging ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 28 March 2017
Today Oracle announced the findings of two research initiatives aimed at identifying consumer attitudes to new technologies and how their implementation will shape consumer behavior in the years to come. Insights from both the Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025 highlight that consumers are most willing to engage brands with new technology if they feel that they are in control of their experience and that hospitality operators should be wary of implementing automation without personal service.

Make that Unforgettable First Impression with Your Hotel Guests (Hotel Guest Experience Report)

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 27 March 2017
As the saying goes, “you never get a second change to make a first impression.” So when you are trying to make that great first impression to your hotel guests and gain their loyalty to keep them coming back, we have two words for you: Better WiFi. Oracle Hospitality recently commissioned a research study asking guests about ways to improve their hotel experiences. As the first thing they seek when entering a room, guests clearly indicated their interest in WiFi access. 82% of respondents connected to hotel WiFi, but 66% want an easier way to connect. And interestingly for hotels, 73% of consumers say that they will download the hotel app if it automatically connects to hotel WiFi.

Restaurant Loyalty: Respect is Earned, Honesty is Appreciated, Trust is Gained and Loyalty is ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 27 March 2017
As long as you're loyal to your customers with your value, experience, and food quality, your customers will stay loyal to you, driving repeat business. However, what good is customer loyalty if you can't track or measure it? A loyalty program can deliver many benefits to a restaurant operator, but the key benefit is being able to deliver the frictionless and personalized services that consumers today demand. In our research report, Recipe for Engagement: Essential Ingredients for a Restaurant Loyalty Program, we found that rewards must be relevant, redeemable and reliable in order for guests to keep using your loyalty program.

The Oracle MICROS Tablet 720: Mobility Designed for the Hospitality Industry

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 21 March 2017
March 21st – Oracle announced today the launch of our newest innovation – the Oracle MICROS Tablet 720. We’re excited about all its new features, but mostly about its relevance to you: This device has been designed from the ground up with the hospitality mission at its core. Hospitality environments provide a unique set of challenges for every piece of equipment and technology. From kitchen grease to elevated temperatures to relentless use, such equipment takes quite a lot of punishment – and needs to be built to endure it. No one knows this better than Oracle Hospitality. Our fixed point-of-sale terminals have been standing up to this punishment for decades. I’ve seen our POS churn out orders whilst baking outdoors in the sun at seafront restaurants and freezing in specially themed ice bars across the globe.

Oracle Hospitality Launches Enhanced Reporting and Analytics Service for Food and Beverage Operators

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 19 March 2017
We’re announcing fantastic news for the food and beverage industry today: the launch of Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0

Oracle Hospitality Cruise's iCrew Application Helps Royal Caribbean Enhance the Passenger ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 15 March 2017
Oracle Hospitality iCrew is easy-to-use, mobile-enabled application for crew members to help passengers with requests quickly, letting them get back to having fun instead of waiting in line for service! See the video showing iCrew in action at Royal Caribbean: View all Oracle Hospitality Cruise Solutions here.

Oracle Releases New Versions of Cruise Industry Leading Shipboard Property Management System ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 14 March 2017
Oracle is pleased to announce the latest releases of Oracle Hospitality Cruise Shipboard Property Management System (SPMS) and Oracle Hospitality Cruise Fleet Management System (FMS) are now available. SPMS version 8.0 and FMS version 9.0 offer cruise operators industry leading solutions with enhanced security, scalability and functionality.

Tips for Encouraging Guests to Join Your Hotel Loyalty Program: A Free Report from Oracle

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 13 March 2017
Oracle Hospitality surveyed over 8,000 people across eight different countries (USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil) in an attempt to find out what consumers want from their hotel loyalty programs. We have complied the survey responses in our latest report “What do consumers want from a hotel loyalty program?”

Delivering a Personalized Guest Experience without Getting Too Personal (Hotel Guest Experience ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 13 March 2017
Guests today expect, actually they demand, a more personalized experience when staying in a hotel. A real challenge for hoteliers has been how to deliver guests a personalized experience without having information on their preferences. Well, we recently conducted research that asked guests about ways to improve their hotel experiences and learned a couple of interesting insights on personalization that we wanted to share: Guests are comfortable and willing to share some preference information with hotels (like preferred spoken language, food preferences/allergies, entertainment preferences, etc.)

How to Move to Cloud: 8 Considerations for Hospitality Operators

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 7 March 2017
The move to cloud is well underway in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, stadiums and other operators have all seen the many benefits of cloud technology: lower IT costs and complexity, increased business agility, improved business intelligence and control, and greater data security. So how can you ensure that your journey to cloud is a success? The team at Oracle Hospitality has developed a useful guide on How to Move to Cloud, which contains eight essential considerations that you need to keep in mind when making the transition. Establish a steering committee for project management Make decisions, set objectives and monitor progress through a steering committee. The committee should oversee user-acceptance testing to ensure actual end-users are included. It's crucial that the users of the system such as servers, cashiers, kitchen staff and managers are engaged throughout the process to help create the most streamline platform possible. Seize the opport

A Recipe for Engagement: Essential Ingredients for a Successful Restaurant Loyalty Program

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 6 March 2017
Oracle Hospitality surveyed over 6,500 people across eight countries (USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil) in an attempt to find out what consumers want from restaurant loyalty programs. What rewards do they value? What methods are preferential? What stops them joining? And what makes them leave? We have complied the survey responses in our latest report, Recipe for Engagement: Essential Ingredients for a Restaurant Loyalty Program. Our survey found that almost 1/3 of consumers are open to the idea of loyalty programs, but have yet to join one. Quashing the stereotypes, all generations - Gen X, Boomers & Millennials - have expressed a demand for loyalty programs.

Don't Forget to Engage Your Hotel Guests, Even After They've Left (Hotel Guest Experience ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 6 March 2017
With the growing number of peer review travel websites and personal social media pages/blogs, not to mention good old word-of-mouth recommendations, guest feedback is more sought after and available to travelers who are choosing where to stay than it ever was before. What people think counts. Ensuring that every interaction your hotel staff has with a guest, from booking to checkout is flawless affects not only that guest's satisfaction and potential return business, but also the hundreds of travelers your happy or unhappy guest may influence in the months following their stay. We recently conducted research that asked guests about ways to improve their hotel experiences and learned that 28% of the travelers surveyed had shared their hotel experiences on social media. 39% of the guests posting hotel experiences in social media were millennials.

Stand Apart from the Rest - Help Your Hotel Guests Make Lasting Memories (Hotel Guest ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 27 February 2017
Ensuring your guests walk away with lasting memories that make them want to return is every hotel's goal. You can achieve that goal by better utilizing a resource you already have onsite - the concierge. According to recent research that asked guests about ways to improve their hotel experiences, we found that more than 60% of guests used alternative means (mostly internet searches) to make reservations and find local recommendations. But interestingly, that's exactly the type of information a majority of respondents said they were 'very interested' in receiving directly from hotels. We also found that guests were comfortable disclosing food/allergy information and sharing preferences about entertainment. What does this mean for you? By better utilizing the concierge and your hotel PMS to collect guest preferences and create guest profiles, your concierge can make helpful recommendations and reservations for guests. This value-add service helps ensure guests have a wonderful stay, make

What Is Most Important to Your Guest In Their Hotel Room? Control. (Hotel Guest Experience Report)

Oracle Hospitality Check-In - 20 February 2017
To gain better insight into the mind of a traveler and really understand what guests want from hotels, we recently conducted research and learned that in-room features are utilized much more by travelers than on-property services.


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