Five tips to monetize your social media efforts - 21 July 2017
In the hospitality industry, I contend that social media is one of the most talked about but least understood and least monetized of the marketing mediums.

Explore new partnerships at the fifth edition of Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference Indonesia - 20 July 2017
Explore the latest trends, identify new opportunities, exchange ideas, share best practices and foster new partnerships at the fifth edition of Tourism, Hotel Investment & Networking Conference (THINC) Indonesia, scheduled to be held on September 6 and 7, 2017 at the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

Managing to manage: What stops hoteliers being leaders? - 20 July 2017
Leadership is not easy. It is not easy to define, for centuries writers, philosophers and historians have considered and pondered on the question “what makes a good leader?”.

What are the top trends in hospitality technology? - 20 July 2017
What are the main trends in hospitality technology today and in the foreseeable future? Trends can be risky things. One man’s trend is another’s old news. Besides, how do you know which are going to have a real impact, and which are just passing fads?

G6 Hospitality, Hilton and Marriott announce hotel developments in Honduras - 19 July 2017
Honduras’ growing popularity as a tourism and investment destination have led to recent expansions from multi-nationals such as Hilton, which is the latest hotel group to announce a future development in this Central American country.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are real and here to stay - 19 July 2017
Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are real and here to stay. AI is a fast-moving technology that enables machines to perform tasks that could previously be done only by humans.

Embracing the human aspect of change management - 19 July 2017
One incredibly challenging aspect if hospitality is the ever-changing technology. In a modern full service 500+ room hotel you have more than 100 different systems and apps to manage, integrate and upgrade. Most people don’t see the massive amount of technology being used in hospitality and this article is about leadership in the face of that ever-changing landscape.

VIP Journeys launches Drone My Trip for one of a luxury kind travel experiences in Latin America - 18 July 2017
Travelers planning a trip of a lifetime to Latin America can now add a first-on-the-planet edge to their adventure with the launch of Drone My Trip – a unique new service which pairs the latest technology with some of the most iconic, exotic and unspoiled destinations in the world.

Eleven business mantras that make you a market leader - 18 July 2017
Brand mission statements and brand philosophy are often common sense rules that help us look above the clutter. They streamline our functioning into significant result orientation enmeshed with the company or industry best practices.

Sustainable Tourism Awards to be presented in Hyderabad - 17 July 2017
A total of 47 entries from 28 countries are this year competing to win the Sustainable Tourism Awards that Skål International – the biggest worldwide organization of travel and tourism professionals – will present during the Opening Ceremony of the 78th Skål World Congress in Hyderabad, India, on October 6.

Hotels elevating guest experiences by creating mini-getaways - 14 July 2017
As the ever-competitive hospitality market continues to heat up, hotels are looking for new ways to attract travelers and expanding on the way they do business—even with other hotels. Hotels are now elevating guest experiences by creating mini-getaways or “vacations within a vacation,” by partnering with other hotels and destinations, in order to offer travelers a two-in-one deal and maximize their cultural and immersive experience.

The 4 Top Application Trends from HITEC 2017 - 13 July 2017
HITEC, the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference brings together industry leaders, vendors and decision makers annually. It is the place to be to understand new developments and trends in hospitality technology. During July we will be featuring a series of articles highlighting our perspective on the top trends in technology beginning with this feature on applications. We hope to provide some insight into a few of the key trends and look forward to meeting you at HITEC 2018 in Houston, if not before in Dubai or Amsterdam.

3 Top CRM Trends from HITEC 2017 - 13 July 2017
eHotelier attended the 2017 HITEC Conference in Toronto. Interviewing a selection of the exhibiting vendors, we’ve coupled a list of emerging tech trends coming straight from those attending the conference. In the second of our 8 part series, we analyse the market to look at the trends in CRM.

The story behind the design and artwork of Chicago's Hotel Versey - 13 July 2017
Hotel Versey, Chicago’s latest lifestyle hotel, opened its doors and began welcoming guests into a colorful immersion of artwork and local history in May 2017. Located in the heart of the city’s Northside neighborhoods, the recently transformed hotel features 137 guestrooms, a lobby lounge laced with nods to Chicagoan culture, and a gallery-like entryway lined with one-of-a-kind murals, paintings, and sculptures that introduce the hotel’s bold personality.

Sabre creates an AI-powered chatbot using Microsoft's intelligent and natural language services - 13 July 2017
Sabre Corporation, a leading technology provider to the global travel industry, has announced the development of an AI-powered chatbot that leverages Microsoft Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services, a set of tools that organizations can use to add intelligent and conversational features to their applications.

What a mature tablet world means for you - 13 July 2017
Today, tablets are a mature technology product. What this means is that there are many competing devices in various sizes available for purchase – even those besides the industry leading iPad – and that many consumers have already or plan to make such an acquisition.

Shinta Mani Foundation's latest projects to provide clean water and nutrition to the poor in Siem Reap - 12 July 2017
The Shinta Mani Foundation (SMF) seeks to be a leader in responsible tourism, with its goal being to enhance the lives of the individuals in the local communities in which they operate, by increasing their human capital and providing them with the tools to overcome the constraints of poverty.

Global hotel groups support the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development - 12 July 2017
The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) is delighted to announce its status as Friend to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The aims of the United Nations’ International Year are very much in tune with ITP’s and its member hotel groups, and in this its 25th anniversary year there was a synchronicity to align ITP’s work with those of the UN and UNWTO and become a Friend of the Year.

Speed on hiring: Timing is everything - 12 July 2017
Day after day, employers stumble on the ability to get through the hiring process at a speed that’s aligned with candidates’ expectations. The National Association of Colleges and employers published a study that says it takes employers more than three weeks to move from interview to offer. Whether it is an employer who moves slower than average, or a candidate whose idea of seeing an offer within a few hours of the interview, great candidates are often lost because of a prolonged hiring process. This can be prevented.

3 ways to Make it easier for the hospitality industry to keep track of goods and services - 12 July 2017
Running a restaurant starts simple enough. Decide the kind of cuisine, pick a chef, a general manager, and begin to fill in the details. It’s always in the details though that you can be surprised by how many options there are. We’ve had to choose from hundreds of fork options, deciding what style, weight, and material we want them to be made from. Then you get to what kind of music to play; what songs in what order and how fast or slow do you want it? The largest problem we’ve seen restaurants run into is the analytical side of the business. Yes, the right POS can tell you how many steaks you sold and what was the most popular beverage served with the pasta. After careful study of the industry and a thorough review of the options, Glimpse has found a new way to help owners and managers save money while providing pinpointed cases for improvement. We took our ideas and technology and created a patented solution to wade through hours of footage and provide to our client incidents where protocol was not followed that increases overall risk.

The future is THE cloud: eHotelier's special HITEC Toronto 2017 investigation into new applications - 11 July 2017
eHotelier undertook a special research project into cloud-based technology at Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) Toronto 2017 – the first North American HITEC conference to ever take place outside the US. The conference was a widespread success, with eHotelier interviewing over 100 technology experts on the customer experience and future of a cloud-based mobile property management system (PMS). The following reflections were gathered personally from the experts showcasing their products at HITEC. Customer and operator benefits were revealed and discussed.

Companies to attend 2017 HTNG Asia-Pacific Conference - 10 July 2017
Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has announced companies that are registered for 2017 HTNG Asia-Pacific Conference on July 25-27 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

eHotelier sign event partnership agreement with Bench Events - 10 July 2017
eHotelier is delighted to announce that they have signed an event partnership agreement with Bench Events. Global event organiser Bench Events has a long track record organising premium hotel investment forums across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Market-leading annual conferences include the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) in Dubai, now in its 13th year, the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) and the new Asia Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference (AHTIC). Most recently, Bench Events launched the Iran Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference (IHTIC), with the inaugural meeting set to be held in Tehran in 2017.

The need to use smartphones on vacation outweighs cybersecurity risks for most travelers - 7 July 2017
University of Phoenix has released the results of its summer travel cybersecurity survey, which found that while half of registered voters worry about cybersecurity risks while on vacation, 55 per cent feel that the need to use personal devices outweighs those risks.

Can hospitality graduates become great private bankers? - 7 July 2017
The glory years of Swiss private banking are long gone. The 2008 global financial crisis set in motion what many consider was the downfall of the once all-mighty Swiss private bank. Political and regulatory pressures relating to financial services and tax laws diverted the focus away from the core business and turned these prestigious institutions into bureaucratic mazes that saw profitability dwindle steadily and banking secrecy die. Some banks closed their doors, others were bought out and – almost a decade later – there are far fewer banks left in the market and jobs are becoming scarce.

Hospitality staffing post-Brexit: The sums do not add up! - 6 July 2017
To staff the UK hospitality industry in the future, the free movement of labour is an essential. Put simply, even given low levels of migration there will not be a big enough working age population to fill all of the jobs that will be available. The sums do not add up! The hospitality industry should be getting very concerned as to how, and from where, they are going to be recruiting professional staff post-Brexit. This is not a political argument of the merits or otherwise of brexit, but a basic economic equation of supply and demand.


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