HotelQuando Announces First Hotel Partnership in Miami

- 23 June 2017
Miami, Florida: HotelQuando, an online booking site and App that allows consumers to instantly book hotel rooms by blocks of three, six, nine and twelve hours, announces its first hotel partnership in the Miami area. The platform joined forces with Pullman Miami Airport Hotel to service business travelers looking for accommodations near the Miami International Airport; a segment that has been increasing in the Latin American hub. HotelQuando announced its U.S. expansion in March and since has 45+ hotel partnerships across the country."This is a great accomplishment for us and an early indicator that we will be ahead of our forecast due to the incredible demand in the US market, says Founder Max Campos. "The partnerships we are forming will not only accelerate our growth, but are also an endorsement of the viability of our platform."With its sights set on gaining 500 partners by the end of the year, HotelQuando is targeting busy U.S. travel hubs, including Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, as well as properties near or within major airports. As part of their launch plans, the company is offering a "preferred partner" program to new members. The first 100 hotels to sign up for the platform will receive search rank priority during the first partnership year, a custom website equipped for sales by the hour and inclusion in special sales and press initiatives.HotelQuando's platform is free of charge for partners and based on projections of a $200 daily rate. Partner hotels can generate over $100,000 in booking revenues and up to $30,000 in food and beverage revenues.For more information and to become a Preferred Hotel partner, visit: HotelQuandoFounded in 2014 by Brazilian entrepreneurs Max Campos and Pedro Xavier, is an innovative online booking platform that overrides the concept of "daily rate" by allowing users to book a hotel for three, six, nine or twelve hour packages for an affordable price. With more than 600 hotels partners available throughout Brazil, the platform also allows users to choose check-in and check-out times. The company, which currently operates in Brazil and Colombia, launched in the US in March 2017.

HITEC News: Maestro PMS Adds Integrated Digital E-Signature Reservation and Sales & Catering Contract Execution to List of 600+ Supported Interfaces

NORTHWIND-Maestro - 22 June 2017
Markham, Ontario -- Maestro PMS, the preferred technology solution and property management software provider of leading independent hotels, resorts, condos and multi-property groups, will launch its E-Signature capability at HITEC 2017 Booth 1219 in Toronto June 26-29.E-Signature enables independent operators to close more meeting and event business faster by letting clients and meeting planners execute sales and catering and room reservation contracts remotely.As a forward thinking leader in technology for independents, Maestro PMS is continuously building partnerships to provide data integration and interfaces with more than 600 third party systems that give independents the freedom to operate the way they want.Click here for more information on how to reserve, engage and socialize with Maestro PMS property software."For over 35 years Maestro has specialized in providing property management software systems for independent operators."Each property has unique requirements and relationships with third party providers. Many operators ask if the Maestro PMS will interface easily with systems they use and value," said Warren Dehan, Maestro PMS President. "In almost all cases the answer is yes."Maestro interfaces with hundreds of third party systems, and we are continuously developing new integrations to ensure our clients are not locked in to limited options."Our clients have a voice and we listen." Maestro supports every major GDS, CRS, Channel Managers and POS systems, all major revenue management, electronic lock systems, and dozens of in-room offerings, and other systems."All our interfaces are compatible with both our cloud hosted and our on-premise Maestro solutions," Dehan said.In addition to a large portfolio of current interfaces, Maestro provides its proprietary Application Program Interface (API) to third party companies to streamline interface development for the growing number of new system providers entering hospitality."New system providers can quickly develop an interface for Maestro with our API," Dehan said."We also work within HTNG's mainstream interface guidelines for new development. As an example, Maestro also interfaces with Comtrol Corporation's Lodging Link solution, which provides hundreds of interface options."Maestro PMS, which offers 20+ integrated modules on a single image database delivers revenue-generating tools and services that increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations, and provide personalized guest service to keep guests coming back.
Article by Paul Sarlas

7 Tips for Managing a Seasonal Business

Savvy IQ - 22 June 2017
A seasonal fluctuation can result from dips in customer demand or supply issues.No one can prepare for every possible contingency, but consider these seven tips for developing and sustaining a season-proof business. Here are seven tips to consider:1. Understand the cycles in your industry.Rapid growth of a company is not unusual for business owner who's new to an industry. And that can disguise a normal seasonal fluctuation, leading the entrepreneur to expect the healthy sales will continue.Base projections about seasonality on sales data from at least two or three years. If the business hasn't been around that long, check with peers and industry sources.2. Fortify planning skills."Measure twice, cut once" is an old adage that still rings true, especially for a new business.Look ahead at least six months to plan appropriately. To carry the business through slower periods (the shoulder season) and complete lulls (the off-season), consider stocking away cash reserves during the busy months.Look hard at every element, from inventory to staffing, to avoid tying up cash unnecessarily during quiet months. And don't forget to take advantage of slow stretches to prepare for the peak season.3. Build alternative income streams.Although it might seem like a diversion from the core business, set up additional revenue sources to counteract the off-season. Just don't let attention to the alternative stream overtake a focus on the primary business.4. Customer promotions need to be countercyclical.Don't overlook the opportunity to take advantage of times when competitors may be in quiet mode. Target audiences are often just as accessible before a busy season as during its peak.5. Be creative about staying in touch.Set apart a business by making a point of maintaining visibility throughout the year.Even if regular clients aren't much in contact during the off-season, they might still be around. Be creative about finding ways to stay in touch with them all year round. It's a great way to turn one-time customers into repeat clients.6. Manage the impact of seasonality on staff.Hiring employees, including manager-level talent, is a critical factor for success. In some cases, there's simply no getting around the seasonality factor and short-term contracts are unavoidable.Just be sure to manage expectations of seasonal workers. Be clear about the length of the job and keep abreast of important issues like full-time and temporary regulations and developments surrounding the minimum wage.7. Select a clued-in funding partner.Make it a priority to cultivate a relationship with a funding partner with a firm grasp of the industry and its seasonal nature. A funder with experience dealing with similar businesses can help facilitate what's needed for anticipated expansion, hiring and other capital investments.Seasonality affects nearly every business, with few exceptions. But building seasonality into the business plan will go far in ensuring success.

Governments need to support production of sustainable aviation fuels. - 21 June 2017
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) 73rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) approved a resolution calling for governments to implement policies to accelerate the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The Resolution also reaffirmed the industry’s commitment to work with governments to implement the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) global CO2 emissions agreement.

Square-Off: Are Corporate Cyber Defenses Adequate?

CFO Magazine - 21 June 2017
It’s not just about the technology, stupid. That’s the collective message of the four expert commentators in this CFO Square-Off opinion forum, which addresses the issue of how CFOs and their corporations should be addressing cybersecurity in the face of rapid advances on the hacking front. Instead, finance chiefs should be focusing on their companies’ systemic risks rather than just software.

Why Cybersecurity Is Financially Undervalued

CFO Magazine - 21 June 2017
Like the way in which the Enron fraud scandal led to the development of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, recent cyber scandals (e.g., Target, Sony, Home Depot), which resulted in huge financial losses, may motivate the development of a new cybersecurity-focused corporate accountability movement and/or consumer protection laws.

Brand to independent: The costs, benefits of the switch Featured Articles - 21 June 2017
Taking a hotel from branded to soft branded or independent involves more than just flipping a switch and changing a sign. And the benefits are about more than just franchise fee cost savings, according to speakers at the recent Boutique Hotel Investment Conference. Owners, managers and asset managers on the “Transition of branded hotel to boutique hotel” shared tips and best practices for the process.

Trump Administration Mulls Banning U.S. Travel to North Korea - Destinations - 21 June 2017
The Trump administration is considering banning travel by U.S. citizens to North Korea, officials said Tuesday, as outrage grew over the death of American student Otto Warmbier and President Donald Trump declared it a “total disgrace.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has the authority to cut off travel to North Korea with the stroke of the pen, has been weighing such a move since late April, when American teacher Tony Kim was detained in Pyongyang, a senior State Department official said. No ban is imminent, but deliberations gained new urgency after Warmbier’s death, said the official, who requested anonymity to discuss internal diplomatic discussions.

The 4 Types of Innovation and the Problems They Solve - 21 June 2017
One of the best innovation stories I’ve ever heard came to me from a senior executive at a leading tech firm. Apparently, his company had won a million-dollar contract to design a sensor that could detect pollutants at very small concentrations underwater. It was an unusually complex problem, so the firm set up a team of crack microchip designers, and they started putting their heads together.

What Does an Aspiring Founder Need to Know? - 21 June 2017
Alice, an outstanding 24-year-old engineer working for a top technology company, wants to launch her own startup within the next five years, but she doesn’t yet have a venture concept. What knowledge and skills does Alice need to lead a technology venture? And what’s the best way to acquire that know-how? Should Alice go to graduate school, or keep learning on the job?

What Should U.S. Companies Do If Congress Ever Passes a Tax Holiday? - 21 June 2017
The Trump administration’s proposed tax reform plan to spur economic growth would lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% and offer U.S. companies a one-time “tax holiday” rate of as low as 10% to bring home their stockpile of cash earned overseas. Given that the offshore stash is believed to total more than $2 trillion, advocates for a tax holiday claim that this influx will encourage companies to invest in their businesses, thereby creating millions of new jobs. Skeptics expect companies to use much of the cash to repurchase their shares, just as they did in response to the tax holiday that George W. Bush administration’s provided, in 2004. Politicians across the political spectrum, corporate executives, and media commentators blame share buybacks for job losses, stagnant wages, and underinvestment in businesses.

Cuban Officials Think Very Little of Trump's New Tourism Restrictions - Destinations - 21 June 2017
Cuba’s foreign minister rejected President Donald Trump’s new policy toward the island, saying Monday that “we will never negotiate under pressure or under threat” and refusing to return U.S. fugitives who have received asylum in Cuba. In a hard-edged response to the policy announced Friday, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said from Vienna that Trump’s restrictions on transactions with the Cuban military would not achieve their objective of weakening the government. He said they would instead create unity behind the communist leadership.
Article by David Lund

Hospitality Financial Leadership - What is the Financial Communication System?

The Hotel Financial Coach - 21 June 2017
"Systems are everything to a business. Don't change the people. Change the system." - Steve ChandlerWhen people understand and use the business system well we get a superior result. When people don't understand the business system and can't follow the business system we get a poor result. What's the business system in your hotel?By definition, a system produces something. In the hotel business, we have lots of systems we create, manage and follow. In operations, we have many great examples of systems we use to effectively manage. One good example is the system housekeeping uses to turn the house. We wake up every day with hundreds of dirty occupied rooms and we move through our system to check out and clean these rooms and ultimately sell them again a few hours later. It's not rocket science but there is a system to follow; to manage and to ensure its ongoing health is paramount to our prosperity. Room inventory is established, sections are assigned, staff is deployed, the cleaning is done, one by one the rooms come back, maybe we inspect them and we're ready for the next guest. Every day that we work the system, we learn what worked and we adjust and innovate where it didn't work."I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better." - Georg C. LichtenbergWith the financial piece in our hotel, we don't naturally see the process as a system we can develop and evolve. The reason we don't readily see this is because the system is hidden and it's not used by most leaders. Most hotels don't produce a monthly forecast and they don't get their managers to participate in the financial system. The system in most hotels is that the controller or director of finance produces the forecast and reviews it with the GM and then it is sent to corporate.In some cases, the departmental numbers are shared with the operations managers with the hope that they will aspire to hit these targets. Very rarely do we find hotels that have forecasts and budgets that have been created by the line managers. This line manager creation is the level you should be aspiring to in your hotel. Imagine your department managers know how much revenue is expected this month. At the same time, they know the corresponding expenses planned for the same period in detail from a zero base. With their payroll, they know their staffing formula and its fixed and variable components. Lastly, imagine your managers tracking their revenues in the month for the month and then, in turn, they adjust their expenses and payroll to control their flow through.When we don't have a system to follow this is impossible and it results in the tail wagging the dog. When we face a challenging month, revenue wise, we are largely unable to react. We are unable to react because no one knows what's in the middle of his or her statements. You might be reading this and shaking your head. Why is this the case? Why is it so hard to get my hotels and their department managers to know their numbers?The answer is: they don't have a system to follow. There is not a good system for financial communication in the hotel. We roll the dice every month. We roll the dice hoping the revenues materialize and when they do we expect a certain profit picture to emerge. When it does, this is great. When it does not happen, we are surprised. What happened to the revenues and why are the costs so high? Didn't anyone see this coming and didn't anyone react? The answer 19 times out of 20 is, that's right, no one knows what the HE double hockey sticks LL is going on financially in their hotel. Department managers don't know if they are making their revenues or not, and they have no plan for the day when the phone stops ringing.All of this is because the hotel does not have a financial leadership system. The executives have not created the system in the hotel. You can't buy this system. It must be created and maintained by the; GM, the director of finance, the executives and by each departmental manager. There is no other way. The attention to this system is an ongoing daily function that needs to be the obsession of the entire team lead by the GM. It's as essential to the hotel's health as being obsessed with great guest service and outstanding employee engagement. Without this financial obsession, the patient, the hotel is on its own, left up to chance. Chance is the development of events in the absence of any design.Create a financial leadership system in your hotel. It starts with the monthly forecast. Every leader who produces revenue, consumes expenses and schedules labor participates in the forecast creation. The forecast is produced by the department managers and consolidated by the director of finance. Inevitably changes will be needed to the details of the forecast to reach the overriding financial goals of the hotel. When this happens, we cannot just make changes and add a little revenue here and pinch a little expense and payroll over there. Leaders must make these changes to their forecasts to ensure any buy in. In the absence of this buy in your leaders are literally thumbing their middle finger at you. Don't make this critical error. Ensure all leaders start the month knowing what their numbers are and ensuring that they created their own numbers. Do not make the fatal mistake that so many make and skip this step.The second part of the system is that we give the numbers a voice, the right voice and we ensure everyone hears it every day. I can't tell you how many times I go to a hotel and ask the managers how room revenue is coming along this month or how banquet revenues are. They look at me like I just asked them how their ballet lesson was. Financially engaged leaders need to know their numbers and to help with this we make the numbers just as important as guest service and colleague engagement in all our daily communications. Leaders need to know every day what the sales were yesterday and month to date for rooms and food and beverage. They need to know the pickup in both areas and the bridge to make the forecasted revenues for the month. We make sure every communication meeting and lineup includes the financial update. Knowing where our business stands from a revenue point each day is critical for our entire leadership team.Tracking the revenue build in the month for the month is essential as it allows the leaders who have planned their expenses and payroll to adjust their spend according to how the revenue picture is emerging. Adjusting payroll and expenses is the quintessential action we want our leaders to be able to accomplish. To pivot when we're down 10% on the top line to forecast is the move we train for. If we don't teach our managers to adjust their spend to the projected revenues in the month for the month we miss the ability to manage the flow through. It is completely inadequate to leave it up to someone else to sound the alarm bell. It's inexcusable to have a look mid-month and see how things are "coming along." We need to hear the numbers daily, the pickup, the bridge and the latest projections so we can adjust our spend in the month we are in. In the month for the month is our battle cry!The fourth part is the review of the month-end financials by the same leaders and managers who produced the forecast, tracked their progress and made their adjustments. They review the freshly printed P&L and general ledger detail to ensure that their lines have the values they managed and not some other numbers. This ensures that we complete the circle and each manager and leader has the tools and processes to own their own piece of our financial process. This ownership is the key to the ongoing monthly financial exercise we take on.The last part of the financial leadership system in the hotel is that each manager and leader who participates in the system writes their own commentary, detailing the planning and execution of their part of the forecast and the month's business. Note what worked and what didn't. Learn every month and know that the job will never be done or mastered.Managing the operating financial piece in your hotel is not difficult. What makes it challenging is there are many people and departments involved and time marches on. To combat that, we need a simple effective system for financial leadership. We need a hospitality financial leadership communication system.What are you waiting for?To get a copy of my financial leadership recipe "F TAR W" send me an email at david@hotelfinancialcoach.comTo get a copy of my Flow Thru cheat sheet send me an email atdavid@hotelfinancialcoach.comVisit my website today for a complimentary copy of my guidebook"The Seven Secrets to Create a Financially Engaged Leadership Team in Your Hotel"

Premier Capital Associates Arranges Refinance for Hampton Inn & Suites, Eugene, OR

Premier Capital Associates - 21 June 2017
BELLEVUE, Wash., -- Premier Capital Associates, LLC, a national, full-service real estate investment company specializing in debt and advisory services for hospitality real estate, announced today that they arranged financing for the acquisition and refurbishment of the Hampton Inn & Suites, Eugene, OR.The total loan amount was approximately $5,600,000."We are excited to have helped our client build their portfolio with the acquisition of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Eugene. Utilizing our expertise and broad network of lender relationships, they were able to secure funds to not only support the purchase, but also a significant property improvement plan," said Greg Morris, Managing Director of Premier Capital Associates.Jeff McKee, Managing Director at Premier Capital Associates adds, "Interest rates remain at historical lows, however the strong April jobs report coupled with recent rate hikes suggest that the Fed will stay on a steady path of increases. Hoteliers considering purchase, refurbishment or refinance, would be smart to take action now."

RobertDouglas Advises Luxe Hotels on Strategic Refinancing of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel in Beverly Hills, California

RobertDouglas - 21 June 2017
Los Angeles, CA -- RobertDouglas announced today that it advised on the refinancing of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The low-leverage, ten-year, fixed-rate, interest-only financing was provided by a leading real estate finance company and will ultimately be contributed to a commercial mortgage backed securitization pool. The terms of the refinancing were not disclosed.The 84-room boutique Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel is the flagship of the Luxe Hotels brand and boasts the distinction of being the only hotel located on the world-famous street, Rodeo Drive. The property is situated in the heart of Beverly Hills' famed "Golden Triangle" on the 300-block of Rodeo Drive and includes 6,800 square feet of fully-leased ground floor retail space on Rodeo Drive.Set amongst couture fashion houses and restaurants, the hotel provides its guests with the sense of being in a private club, with exclusive access to the Luxe Club on Rodeo lounge and the Rooftop360 spa, fitness studio and outdoor cinema space which are exclusively available to guests staying at the hotel. Known for conveying a stylish blend of the relaxed Southern California spirit and the elegance of Beverly Hills, the hotel's wrap-around Rodeo penthouse terrace and open rooftop deck are part of the many indoor/outdoor meeting spaces at the property."This was a highly competitive process with lenders responding enthusiastically to the financing request," noted Stephen O'Connor, a Principal and Managing Director of RobertDouglas. "Without overburdening this flagship asset for Luxe Hotels, the Sponsor was seeking to consolidate debts across their portfolio while lowering their average cost of capital and fully mitigating interest rate risks over the long term.""We sourced a lender who delivered maximum flexibility at highly efficient pricing with a smooth underwriting and closing process; thereby ensuring the long-term financing security for this truly irreplaceable asset," remarked Lindsey Whang, Associate at RobertDouglas.About RobertDouglasRobertDouglas is a real estate investment banking firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco that specializes in the sale, financing and equity capitalization of hotel, resort and gaming properties throughout North America. Founded by two of the hotel industry's pre-eminent finance professionals, Rob Stiles and Doug Hercher, RobertDouglas offers exceptional domestic and international institutional investor and lender relationships. RobertDouglas combines the capital markets sophistication of top-tier investment banks with detailed hotel underwriting and asset management experience, providing the firm with unique capabilities in an underserved market. For more information, contact or go to

Manufacturers: Stop Drowning in Your Own Content Digital Asset Management (DAM) Cuts Costs, Speeds Workflows, and Saves Time

Adobe Digital Marketing - 21 June 2017
Zebra Technologies has solved a tremendously difficult problem that many manufacturing companies share — the organization of thousands of digital assets into one, easily accessible system. Zebra, which makes mobile printers and computing devices, needed a digital filing cabinet capable of managing everything from product specs and images to catalog entries and sales slicks. What’s more, all of those assets had to be readily available in different languages, and for various markets, customer segments, and device formats.

What's my system for creating financial information in my hotel? - 21 June 2017
When we are creating financial leadership in our hotel we’re focused on the system we use. When I say “system” in this context I am not talking about a computer system. We may use a computer and software when we construct the forecasts and budgets. What I’m talking about in this article is the financial communication system. What’s my system for creating financial information in my hotel? How does it work and how can I enhance the system and get a better result? This article focuses on creating and maintaining an effective business system in your hotel.

Top Hotel Management Company Implements Aptech's Execuvue(r) Business Intelligence System

Aptech - 20 June 2017
PITTSBURGH -- Aptech Computer Systems, a leading provider of hospitality enterprise accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and business intelligence systems, announced today that TPG Hotels & Resorts has deployed Execuvue Enterprise Business Intelligence System.TPG Hotels & Resorts is a top-ranked hospitality management company and fully accredited operator of the industry's most respected brands including Marriott (Starwood), Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and others."With a national portfolio of more than 50 hotels operating multiple brands coast to coast, it is essential that we have reliable tools for gathering real time hotel data in a seamless single-source manner," said Michael Brown, vice president of business intelligence for TPG Hotel & Resorts."Execuvue automatically gathers the hotel data from all our properties."It and enables us to easily create customized daily roll up analysis for our entire portfolio which streamlines the entire reporting process."Through Execuvue's powerful automation, the time needed to compile data should be greatly reduced and provide more time for thorough analysis and timely decision making." Aptech Computer Systems is an IBM Premier Business Partner that offers Execuvue web-enabled Business Intelligence, Targetvue Budgeting and Forecasting, and PVNG Enterprise Back Office systems that are 100% hospitality specific. Aptech is the only company that provides a complete suite of financial management and analysis solutions for the hotel industry.About TPG Hotels & ResortsPre-approved by all the leading global hotel brands, TPG Hotels & Resorts is an operator of hospitality assets across all chain scales with an historical operating platform of over 150+ branded, independent and boutique hotels comprising more than 25,000 guestrooms in 30 states. Today, TPG Hotels & Resorts is the 7th largest hotel management company in U.S. generating over $840 Million in annual revenue (ranked by guestrooms - Hotel Management Magazine 2016). TPG is a fully integrated hospitality management company actively engaged in hotel operations, renovations, development and acquisition/asset repositioning across the country. For more information please visit: Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.Aptech Computer Systems, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the only provider of a fully integrated enterprise accounting, business intelligence and planning ecosystem to the hospitality industry. All of its clients are companies like yours, which own or manage hotels. Its solutions help customers at both the corporate and property levels understand their financial and operational data for faster goal achievement.The company is renowned for introducing business intelligence into the hotel industry, and offers a solid resource of hospitality professionals. Aptech is an IBM Software Value Plus Partner and Premier Solution Provider, as well as a Prophix Premier Business Partner.Incorporated in 1970, Aptech's state-of-the-art back office, true business intelligence and enterprise planning solutions are 100% hotel specific. Solutions include PVNG, Execuvue, and Targetvue. Clients comprise over 3,500 properties - including large chains, multiple-property management companies and single-site hotels. Execuvue is registered to Aptech Computer Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are owned by their respective holders. For more information please visit

Nor1 to Host Three Information Packed Workshops at HSMAI ROC 2017 In Toronto, Canada

Nor1 - 20 June 2017
Santa Clara, CA -- Nor1, the leader in hospitality merchandising technology, is pleased to announce it will host three free workshops as part of this year's HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference in Toronto, Canada on June 27, 2017. "I am extremely gratified that Nor1's commitment to education has allowed us these opportunities to share leading edge ideas with the best and most innovative in the hospitality industry," said Jason G. Bryant, Nor1's Founder & CEO.Filled with timely and compelling content, all three workshops will offer invaluable educational opportunities to hospitality revenue and operational professionals looking to drive incremental revenue while providing superior guest experience. The workshops will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, SOUTH Building (222 Bremner Blvd), Room 711.Workshops hosted by Nor1:Successful Merchandising: The Happy Confluence of Revenue Management and Digital MarketingIdentifying upselling opportunities and creating compelling offers is only half the merchandising battle; guests must be presented with offers to be able to buy them. Revenue management must work hand-in-hand with digital marketing to ensure compelling offers are displayed to prove the value to the guest and the hotel. Where do guests want to see offers and what's the best way to present an offer to enhance CTR and conversion to prove the value of the offer?Workshop details:Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 | 1:30 - 2:20pmModerated by Pavan Kapur, SVP Global Gaming, Nor1Speakers:Chris LaRose, Vice President, Marketing Support Services, Hilton Hotels & ResortsAlex Kadota, Director of Revenue Management, Downtown Grand HotelLori Kiel, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, The Kessler CollectionA Great Guest Experience: Successfully Operationalizing Upselling and MerchandisingA revenue management commitment to a merchandising program is just the start. Now revenue management needs to work with rooms, reservations and operations to make sure the brand or property keeps its promises to guests. What does it take to successfully deliver great guest experiences and drive revenue in the cross-functional world of hotel merchandising?Workshop details:Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 | 2:30 - 3:20pmModerated by Sharon Duffy, SVP Global Business Development, Nor1Speakers:Sue Murphy, Director of Revenue Management, Pinnacle EntertainmentColin Jones, Director of Revenue Management Development, AccorHotelsImtiaz Ali, Regional Director of Revenue and Distribution, Highgate HotelsWho Buys What? The Impact of Market Segment, Source of Business and Loyalty Programs on Upselling and MerchandisingDirect-booking leisure travelers aren't the only guests who respond to merchandising offers; third party bookers, business travelers, group attendees and members of loyalty programs all want to enhance their stay, and are willing to pay for it too. How can a successful merchandising program design offers for different segments while taking into account contractual obligations and program entitlements?Workshop details:Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 | 3:30 - 4:20pmModerated by Valyn Perini, VP Strategic Relationships, Nor1Speakers:Kathleen Mallery, Senior Director Revenue Optimization Americas, Carlson Rezidor Hotel GroupMichelle Woodley, Executive Vice President, Preferred Hotels & ResortsFor further information, contact Valyn Perini at for our free Pre-ROC Workshops here.Visit us at Booth 21 during ROC on June 28th.Meet with us during HITEC June 26th - 29th. Contact to schedule an appointment.About Nor1, Inc. Nor1, Inc. is the leader in hospitality merchandising technology. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Nor1 provides data-driven pricing and merchandising solutions to maximize incremental revenues for hotels and resorts worldwide such as Hilton, IHG, Carlson Rezidor, Accor, and Wyndham. Nor1's patented, dynamic decisions intelligence engine PRiME(r), powers Nor1's Merchandising and Intelligence Platform including its signature eStandby Upgrade(r), eXpress Upgradetm, CheckIn Merchandisingtm and eReachtm products.Nor1 is creating the fusion between technology and guest experience. It's that combination of expertise and skill that have set Nor1 apart and continues to attract technology's most distinguished investors such as SAP, Goldman Sachs and Accel Partners. For more information, please visit

Top 10 Questions About Cash Operations Management and Cash Recycling

Evention LLC - 20 June 2017
Do I still need a general cashier? How can my property leverage the time savings and other operational efficiencies? How do I calculate the ROI? In this white paper, Evention LLC shares the top 10 questions that hotel and retail professionals ask about Cash Operations Management.

New Luxury Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, Implements the InvoTech RFID Uniform System for the Most Efficient Uniform Department Operations

InvoTech - 20 June 2017
LOS ANGELES, CA -- InvoTech Systems Inc. announced the recent implementation of its Uniform System at the new Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills that opened June 1. InvoTech Systems is the leading provider of advanced Linen Management, Laundry and Uniform Systems that integrate the latest RFID technology to increase profitability for hotels, resorts, casino operators, sports arenas, convention centers and theme parks. The InvoTech System installed at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills manages the uniform inventory for 400 employees, and joins InvoTech System's extensive client portfolio of Hotels & Resorts worldwide. Click here for more information on InvoTech's Linen, Laundry and Uniform Systems.InvoTech's Uniform System establishes a perpetual uniform inventory and has extensive reporting capabilities to determine and forecast appropriate uniform purchases. The system provides significant cost saving benefits by cutting labor costs, eliminating losses, reducing purchases, and lowering laundry expenses. The uniform cleaning costs are entered into the InvoTech System and reports are provided to audit laundry expenses."The InvoTech system is reliable, easy to use, and establishes an organized system for managing the uniforms. The system maintains our employee uniform assignments and tracks uniforms to and from the laundry giving us complete control and accountability of our inventory," said Jeroen Werdmolder, Hotel Manager at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills.The RFID technology allows for multiple uniforms to be processed simultaneously and automatically, and the recordkeeping is also automated. The system integrates with automated uniform conveyors to distribute the uniforms to employees, and to automatically record which uniforms are taken by employees.The system includes an electronic signature capture terminal that records each employee's signature when uniforms are assigned. This increases accountability for the uniform department and facilitates a paperless "green" system."By installing the InvoTech Uniform System prior to the hotel grand opening, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills can ensure that its uniform assets and PAR levels are properly assigned to each employee and the entire uniform inventory is tracked from day one" said Oswald Lares, Director of Sales at InvoTech Systems, Inc.About Waldorf Astoria Beverly HillsLocated adjacent to The Beverly Hilton on the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica boulevards in Beverly Hills, the 12-story hotel is the Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts' first new build on the West Coast, joining the legendary Waldorf Astoria portfolio of 24 hotels and resorts. This luxury 170-room hotel is a 12-minute walk from posh Rodeo Drive and 6 miles from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Amenities include the signature restaurant, Jean-Georges Beverly Hills, along with al fresco dining option, The Rooftop by JG, offering 360-degree views. The hotel also houses the only La Prairie Spa in Los Angeles. To find out more visit

Is your Cardex helping you to save time?

Experience Hotel Blog - 19 June 2017
Independent hoteliers often complain about not having enough time to accomplish certain tasks which they nevertheless consider to be very important for the future of their hotel. Indeed, between upgrading to comply with safety standards, classification, marketing, “special” guests, equipment and logistics problems in the hotel, accounting, human resources, appointments with suppliers, etc., it is simply and physically difficult and sometimes even impossible to manage everything.

Video: Ian Carter on Hilton's global growth blueprint Featured Articles - 19 June 2017
Hotel News Now sat down with Ian Carter, president of global development, architecture, design and construction at Hilton, at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference to talk about the company’s ongoing strategy for global development. NEW YORK—Much like 2016, Hilton’s Ian Carter expects 2017 will be another record year for development for the company. Hotel News Now had the opportunity to sit with Hilton’s president of global development, architecture, design and construction at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference to talk about the company’s plans for global growth. Hilton added 27,000 rooms to its pipeline in the first quarter for a total of 325,000, he said, with about half of those outside of the United States and roughly half of those under construction.

How to Start your own Independent or Boutique Hotel

Xotels - 19 June 2017
Especially if you have never worked in the hotel industry you will be faced with many unexpected situations and complications you might not have imagined. The international hotel business is highly competitive and achieving good financial results is not as easy as it seems.In my experience in dealing with entrepreneurs and investors I have found that there is no shortage of creative ideas for innovative boutique hotel concepts. The challenge however lies more in the strategic and organizational areas of the business.Where to get started if you want to open your own independent hotel? What kind of hotel should it be? How does location influence my business? How to attract guests? How to control operational costs and run a profitable business? These are all important questions that should be dealt with prior to getting into the business.It will be extremely important you prepare yourself well, do a lot of research and develop a detailed business plan to ensure success. Unfortunately I still see too many startup hotels fail due to little planning. In my previous articles I already pointed out some common mistakes made in the pre-opening phase of hotels.In the next few articles we will be covering various important aspects and steps of how to open your own hotel. Topics we will coves include:Innovative Hotel ConceptsHotel Business PlanHotel Market ResearchHotel Feasibility StudyI hope these tips will help fellow entrepreneurs start successful new hotel businesses!Also look forward to your input, ideas and feedback ...Cheers,Patrick Landman @ Xotels

Brexit: Its Passing and Reverberations

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration - Research & Publications - 19 June 2017
The most significant financial and economic news story in 2016 was the June 23 decision of the British public to terminate the U.K.’s membership in the European Union. Polls and bookmakers in the days leading up to the vote had constantly maintained that, while the vote would be close, a “Brexit” was unlikely. As we now know, that position proved false. Financial markets around the world reacted quickly and sharply to the unexpected news.

The Ever Present Threat of a Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

Hotel Business Review by - 19 June 2017
Given the increasing number of disability discrimination lawsuits, it is imperative that employers know and understand an employee's rights to leave and reasonable accommodation when injured or disabled. A workers compensation injury is not only covered by rules in the workers compensation system, but is typically also governed by requirements, obligations, and limitations under other important statutes.


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